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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 46 Review: A Nasty Gremlin (Major Spoiler Alert!!)

Going back to Kamen Rider Wizard we left off where the best Gate Kumagi helping Haruto realize what his true purpose while this gets Koyomi to try harder herself even with her in an unknown situation. So continuing on we have Sora acting on his own as he starts to unravel this puzzle and his target is Koyomi.
I have to say from the series is having a major pick up right now. There are some big character moments happening and we are getting closer to solving the mysteries as well. We have Mayu getting a chance to defeat Medusa if she follows the White Mage's orders, Haruto trying to protect Koyomi and to discover what Fukei's plan is, Sora is on his own and he has different intentions for Koyomi, while Koyomi is having issues with thinking that she needs to do more for herself, all the while we still have a Phantom chasing a Gate. I'm surprised how much is in this episode and it doesn't feel like too much. I will say it's thanks to how much the characters are being used that each scene feels different from another. Kousuke was just in for the fights this episode, but we still had a good amount of screen time for some other characters. I am very happy with this balance as it's great to keep strong character interaction while having some strong plot points, so I hope Wizard can keep this up for the last episodes.
Kousuke still has great entrances though, keep those dive kicks coming!
The first thing to talk about would probably be Mayu in this episode as she is getting desperate for her chance to fight Medusa. She is even getting mad at herself since she cannot send the finish blow. This is when the White Mage appears before her and gives her an agreement. He will hand over a new ring to her if she follows what his orders. Then by how Mayu acts later in this episode she is doing what the White Mage wants. She lies to Haruto about not seeing the White Mage and wants to see his rings for some reason. I have a feeling that the White Mage wants some or one of his rings, probably the Infinity Ring since he said that power could cause issues. As for the new ring, it looks rather angelic as it has a white center with wings engraved in the gold around the white jewel. Will this transform Mayu into something else or is it a new attack? I am going to guess it will be a new attack and it could be like Holy or something like that. Either way I am hoping this will lead to a big battle with Mayu and Medusa.
With Koyomi she overhears Haruto talking with Wajima about Sora having some sort of lead on Koyomi. She feels like that she has to do something for herself as she wants to not be a burden. I can feel for her since in the previous episodes she has been having issues and Haruto is focusing too much on her. It's not her fault of course, but she feels like she has some responsibility in this. This is her problem as well and she also has a curious mind about who she is since she remembers nothing about herself and is an empty shell. Knowing that she was a normal girl before just boosts that desire even more. So she tries to find Sora and ends up being captured as Sora wants her to be with him for some reason. Now will Haruto be able to save her?
For Haruto he realizes what Koyomi is doing and heads off quickly to find her. I have to ask what was with the scenery when he was looking for her. It was all dark and muddy, I guess it's to represent something like the Underworld maybe? It did get me a little off track, but thinking about does make more sense. It easily shows that Koyomi is what keeps Haruto's hopes up as she is important to him. The two were together when he first became a Mage and when she was an empty shell. The series has worked on their relationship and this episode also works on that well. When Haruto finds Koyomi and he apologizes to her about worrying too much. Then having her run off her own is what will make others worry more and Haruto even tries to use force to save her. I barely see heroes actually take the forceful step as most of the times they just submit to the hostage situation. Sadly though Haruto gets kicked around too much before he can transform. Still it shows a lot for Haruto, he will take the initiative to save the person he cares for, which has been easily seen in other episodes. Haruto dealt with thinking too much in the last arc so now he is going to do what is important.
Now for Sora, what exactly is he thinking. Well for one he is still aiming for the stone only, but it seems Koyomi could have a bigger connection to the stone. I am only guessing right now since there is really no proof. Yet when Sora sees Koyomi's hand he realizes something he said he wished he thought of before. If Koyomi has connections to the stone does she have connections to Wiseman? Is it possible that Koyomi is developing into a Wiseman like creature since Wiseman has the stone inside of his body. Could this be falling into Wiseman's plan to not create more Phantoms, but the ultimate Phantom? We have seen stones appear from his body so is it possible that there is a stone developing in Koyomi's body, maybe even the Philosophers stone? Again I am keeping things as a guess since there is no hard evidence for this. Still it's good for a series to make me think of many possibilities as my attention for the show keeps increasing.
Going on with Sora, he is also taking more steps to his true goal to become human again. He is fully going against Wiseman and Medusa and that is a rather bold thing to do. I bet he is still unable to take on Wiseman with the fact that Wiseman can easily capture him. Wiseman is actually worrying about Sora though as he is catching onto his plan, so I have to ask why isn't he doing anything? The White Mage appears, but Wiseman doesn't, I would think he would want to get Sora back on his side. Maybe Wiseman sees no way to getting him back since Sora could be getting to close to the truth, so why not kill him then? I guess Wiseman is waiting for the right moment for some reason. So Sora easily has some freedom as of right now, but the White Mage steps in as I said before.
Fukei, the White Mage appears when Koyomi was in danger and fights Sora one on one. I will get to how that fight scene went, but after the fight it is confirmed that Fukei is Koyomi's father. We even find out why he wanted Haruto to stay with Koyomi because of his magical power. Even Haruto is confused since Fukei is Mage himself and very powerful one. Fukei thanks Haruto for what he has done though and he promises to save Koyomi as he teleports away with her. Fukei is a very strange character right now, he has attacked Beast, kidnapped Yuzuru, and attacked Kizaki. While he protected Koyomi and is even promising to save her. He is even helping Mayu with her revenge, but I have a feeling he has some evil motif to this. He is good and yet he is doing all of these thing that makes him look evil, what is his stringing along here?

Now for some other things before the action portion of the review, we had a new Phantom named Arachne. In Greek mythology she was a spider like being that was even stronger than Athena. I am wondering why the creature is a man since the usual look for the creature is a spider woman. Still I do see a heavy spider look for this monster. Also for some reason I get a bat vibe off from his as well, mostly with his ears. They also took more liberties with this creature as it had a cameo effect. He made himself seem like he ran away, but he just stayed in the same place in hiding. Again there is no evidence of that mythical creature having that type of power and we didn't even get a sense of a spider attack either. So far this Phantom is a weak link as the idea for him could have been a lot better, but I still give him credit for how he dealt with the two heroes in their final forms.
Now for the action as the best part was easily White Mage facing off with Sora. The fight was really well done with the two fighting in a small amount of water, but just enough for some nice splashes around them. I have to wonder though how he shot Sora since he doesn't have a gun weapon or maybe the flute spear has even more uses? The best part about this fight was how praticial it was, yes there were still special effects in, but not as much as one would think. There were quick light effects for White Mage's slashes and when he used Explosion on Sora it didn't make the big explosion, but the use of the little handmade explosions and how they shown the range with the water, so very good work there. Now for the other fights they were rather good compared to that fight. The first one our heroes went to their final forms rather fast and this is where I liked how the Phantom tricked the heroes by becoming invisible, but making it look like he ran away. Then Beast had a fight with him for the second time and Beast was using more of his wrestling moves on the Ghuls which was impressive to see how they have that suit move around the Ghuls like that. Also Beast was very much into physical combat. Also there was a nice moment with Infinity where Wizard knows he cannot be hurt so he let's the Phantom hit him to get him off guard. So the action was very well done.
This is yet another episode I am very happy with. Wizard is doing very good in this climax period right now as there is some nice character interaction and good twists. Even some nice development points for Mayu, Koyomi, Haruto, and even Fukei. Now Kousuke did get ignored for this episode and the Gate was barely a character yet along with the Phantom so there still are flaws. Nothing too big though as there is a lot more to love so I give this episode an A.
Next Time: Koyomi's past revealed?

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