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Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Games of 2015

I will say for gaming, even though this was a pretty good year, I still personally loved last year better. There was just more for me that year since Bayonetta 2 and Smash 4 came out which have became some of my favorite games in general. This clearly was the year that indie developers got to shine again as there were some big deals going on with Shovel Knight since he got an Amiibo which was a surprise. For once it did feel like some indie developers were dancing with the bigger and way more established companies. Now I will be saying this, I do know have a Playstation 4 and I never have gone Microsoft, so there are things I’m going to miss. Either way, I still have plenty of games to play since the Playstation 3 is easily not done yet and Nintendo always knows how to make me happy in many ways.

Honorable Mentions

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
As I said before, I did get to miss out on some titles. I still did not get to play this game personally yet, but come on this is first time we got the real Devil May Cry back since the original 4, that was 2008! So seeing Capcom care about the original and clearly better Devil May Cry was a big thing for me. Where I thought Bayonetta would be the only real continuation for Devil May Cry action, Capcom re-releases Devil May Cry 4 with ten times more content. There are more challenge modes and the best parts comes with three new playable characters marking the first time Lady has been playable in the series. Then there is Trish, who is fine, but Vergil is back… somehow, but who cares its Vergil! I do know my brother has a Playstation 4, but it just feels weird just showing up at his place just for that game, but a good friend of mine is getting one as well and he is one of my recording partners… hmmm.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
For those who do not know, Xenoblade Chronicles is what I feel is the best RPG around. It takes ideas of the new, old, and even its own to create a blend of perfect ideas. The action/turn-based combat was genius and with moves having special properties and abilities, it made the fights fast paced and kept you thinking. Now if you told me this was going to be on a handheld system, I would say no way. At the time the normal Nintendo 3DS is about a bit stronger than a Gamecube I would say. Now with the New Nintendo 3DS we got something more on a Wii powered system, but not still quite there yet. This is why Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was a big surprise because this game already used most of the Wii’s CPU and again people bog the game down because it could have been on other systems. Personally I feel this was made more of the game’s original image and just having the better CPU could have toned that down a bit. Still porting Xenoblade to a handheld was no easy task and it is amazing how it was done. Now the character models got a bit bleaker. The game still runs the same though and the environment look as lovely as the Wii game and add that little 3D it actually helped out some of the visuals. So overall this was a well done port to a handheld system as I am happy that something like Xenoblade got to get another chance to be released.

Tales of Zestiria
Now this could have been number ten because I simply do love the Tales series in general. Xillia 1 and 2 were some of my favorites and I could was on par with my absolute favorite, Symphonia. So when Zesteria was coming out, I was actually a bit disappointed. Now I still do enjoy the game, but the reason why it is not on the list is because of how it is in the end. The story is a tad bit off with characters just kind of flying around as this sort of reminds me of Symphonia Dawn of the New World where characters in your party would just leave. Now there are times where it was done well, but there were points that I felt ripped off. I can say the story of this one did bog down the game a bit because of what it establishes with humans and these spirit like beings. Also for the most part the game feels too easy! I give credit that the new mechanics are fun and it does help some of the exploration which Xillia could have had, but the fights felt like nothing at times. I do like a bit of difficulty with my games and mastering RPG’s or even action games feel satisfying. Zesteria is still a fun game and I still wanted to talk about it, but it seems a step backwards for where the franchise is going. At the least I can say there are still technical achievements with this game and how fluid transitions can be and how many models the game can run at the same time. So maybe for the next game is can follow more of Xillia, but keep the achievements Zesteria had.

10. Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend

Now onto the top ten list itself and I know this is simply an extension of an existing game, but the thing is that is great for fighting games. Blazblue and Guilty Gear get extensions just like Street Fighter does, but the content that is added really helps justify why this is a new release. For Blazblue they added many more story scenarios and two more fighters one being new and the return of a veteran. There are even great character changes like Makoto got the really great buffs so I’m happy to see her finally have a better chance against top tier characters. Then the added gag endings were fantastic as the previous version really did not have as much as the series previously had before. This still doesn’t reach that similar number, but the new gag endings were all fun. There was even another gag ending on the Vita version as well. So it may just be an extension, but it is a great one still and I cannot wait for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator.

9. Codename Steam
Codename Steam pretty much continues an idea that Valkyria Chronicles had with real time and turned based strategy mechanics. Now the good news is that Valkyria is continuing, but for the time being I thought it was dead. Codename Steam finally gave me a proper Valkyria game on a handheld system because personally I only loved the first one which was on the Playstation 3. The other two were PSP games and they fell flat compared to the console version in my opinion of course. What Codename Steam does right is that there are many unique characters to use and all have their own special abilities that can help in the battlefield. You can even go back to previous maps and play them with different units because each map has tons of collectibles and getting them can be hard while you are trying to get the best score as well. So having new allies to help out with that ordeal does help the game with how long you can play it for. The overall theme and tone was really out there and it felt fresh compared to other games that can fall in the similar category like XCOM. The game even knows when to bring in new and awesome moments like the time President Lincoln brings his giant mecha to the fight. Overall it was a fun and unique title that I hope can be worked with again to tweak out some of the issues.

8. Undertale
I bet everyone is going to be talking about this game as even I am. For the most part I tend to stay away from the PC gaming, but I got a bit more into it this year. Undertale got my interest because of the overall tone it had. This felt like Mother (Earthbound) and there hasn’t been any new one since Mother 3, which we still cannot get, legally. So Undertale continuing that legacy of unique RPG’s is something pretty important and it knew how to make itself stand out. First off, I love the combat system and by that I mean the “do not fight” combat system. You are dodging attacks and many attacks have different properties so the game makes sure to keep throwing new things at you. Then the overall story is quite funny and touching at the same time. Now I’m not going to talk about the game being a bit open about certain topics because that is not I want to focus on. The game simply keeps an open and yet silly story that can easily drag anyone into its world. Then there are many secrets to find and having optional endings is also a nice touch. Undertale is different and even though it easily takes inspiration from the Mother series, it clearly establishes its own image.

7. Huniepop
Now here is the other PC game I got to this year. At first I simply watched people played it because a girl like Luchajin makes the best commentary for a game like this. Now I have to make this statement here, this is not a game for everyone. First off, it is M-rated and you can even get uncensored versions for it, so it does get to an A rating which does not even exist anymore. So yes the game can be quite pornographic and people bash on it for some misogyny. The thing is that, the game knows it. The game creates a feeling of self parody to itself and sometimes the dating world is full of that, people who just want to get some action. This thing does happen and with the game itself knowing that quite well, it makes some really funny moments and really lets the characters feel as loose as possible. The in game characters do not feel generic even if they play around with stereotypes, they all got something special about them and it really does make its own impact. Also to give credit the puzzle game itself is interesting and with what it adds, it is pretty much a great new edition of Bejeweled. This was simply a fun and silly game and man it was interesting to show to other people because of what reactions can occur from it. For the most part I always have people laughing along with me.

6. Splatoon 
Now onto to even more porn we got squid boys and girls spraying ink everywhere… I mean this is Splatoon a brand new IP from Nintendo that takes on the multiplayer shooter genre. I can easily say people were impressed by it since critics are calling it the best shooter of this year and one of the most unique ones in a long time. My experience with shooters is not the best, but I do remember the early days of Quake, Doom, and even Goldeneye 64. I can say Splatoon really brought back that special love I had for shooters in the past. Sure it is not gory as the others I mentioned, but it reminded me of why I loved shooters back then, they were doing something brand new. That is the thing when some shooters were beginning; they had to make sure to stand out. Splatoon simply takes that image in a more kid friendly area and add in many cool mechanics and a great online connection. For the most part whenever I played the game, the online worked perfectly and I had many great matches. Teamwork is key and being able to have different weapons does give tons of room for new things to happen. Now it does suck you cannot have parties or anything like that so you can keep playing with the same people, but I do love how things keep getting switched up meaning you have to adapt to what you got. The the single player campaign may have been easy, but the level and boss designs were fantastic for showing what the game can do with its mechanics. I can easily see Splatoon becoming a much bigger IP in the future, especially if sequels get made.

5. Yoshi's Woolly World
Another game that is a bit on the easier side, but again this is where level designs just work so perfectly. This new Yoshi game crammed in many things that made previous Yoshi games good and added in some stuff from Epic Yarn to make Yoshi Wolly World. Many levels had something new to them and it was fun figuring out what to do by simply playing the game and not having the game force feed you. The best example would have to be the Chain Chomps in this game. They are yarn monsters that you can trap by using yarn balls and use them as wrecking balls. The thing is that you can let them free whenever you want and they will follow you. This just made many levels open up with what you can do and there are many more examples of how the game works like that. Also the game is simply a great time for just relaxing and enjoying the cuteness that are Yarn Yoshis. Each one is way too cute and being able to play as many as like 50 or more just makes picking your favorite Yoshi so hard to do. Even the boss fights had some fun little puzzling things about them so overall the game is the perfect example of learning new mechanics and having a blast with it.

4. Under Night In-Birth Exe Late
When I first heard of Under Night I was not expecting much because the two main characters looked generic and not that special. Then I got to see more of the characters and I was sold when I kept seeing more of the game itself. The mechanics in this game are fast, fluid, and easy to pick up. I will say it combines the great beginner feeling from the Persona fighting games, but mastering it felt like Guilty Gear levels of difficulty. There are many moves which can be evolved into special moves, so remembering special moves is easy since they are extensions of motions to do the normal variations of them. Then there is the system where you can perfectly cancel your frames and move onto more attacks to finish combos off with. Even when you activate it then it can create more damage for those attacks. The EXE bar is interesting because you fight to get the more energy from your foe. It can be done by who is clearly winning or by how you move on the stage. There is then your usual energy bar, but you can combine that with the EXE bar to unleash much stronger attacks that follow the same motions for every character so again remembering moves is not hard if you want to change characters. I am happy to see this game even getting published under an official company and it is even getting a sequel so I hope the best for this new fighting game franchise.

3. Transformers Devastation
For a long period of time I have been waiting for an awesome Transformers game. Personally I am only okay with previous games like the 3rd person shooter games. When I heard Platinum of all companies was making a Transformers game I was ecstatic. Now the game is short even for a usual Platinum game, but man the content in the fighting engine was amazing. It combines the best of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising and even adds new things that I hope Platinum can add to their franchises. You get to choose between five playable characters as each one is unique in how they fight. This is also based on generation one Transformers which is my favorite era of the franchise. We even get to see the old designs again as I love them! Even the characters we get to see in this game were most of my favorites like, Wheeljack, Grimlock, Optimus, Megatron, and Soundwave. Now you only play as Autobots which I hope there will be a time I can play as Megatron, but overall the five playable characters had enough already to satisfy me. The boss fights were intense as I got to finally have the fights I always wanted against Devastator and they made an awesome fight for Soundwave, Shockwave, and Megatron. The weapons customizing and changing was the best part of the game because you can really change up the variety with these different types of weapons. They even have shooting mechanics which remind me of Vanquish with fast and fluid shooting.  Again it may have been short, but I can easily keep playing it over and over again because this is what my childhood has been waiting for!

2. Super Mario Maker
The Mario franchise is the single most important thing in all of gaming. When the series started on the NES, it saved gaming in general. Now we can finally celebrate the 30th anniversary where people can create their own Mario levels. Now I am not the best creator as most of those types of games do not get my interest. Mario Maker though really shows how easy it is to make levels even if they are short you can still make some magic with that. Even if you are not that great at creating you can still experience the game thanks to people being able to upload their levels online. Everyone is making amazing levels and experimenting with many new things. The game is even adding more content which means the lifetime for this game is going to be longer than Splatoon. The game even adds some nice touches of Amiibo costumes and sample courses so you can get the feel of the game and soon add your own special touches to some. The level of freedom with this game is large and I cannot wait to see what more awaits the many creators making levels right now.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles X
Now everything comes back to Xenoblade. As I have said before Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii is my all time favorite RPG. The spiritual sequel for this game finally came out and I have been waiting for this longer than Bayonetta 2 and Smash 4. Now I can say it will not top the original Xenoblade, but it does hold a lot of great content since this is my number one here for this year. The combat system is completely upgraded and the AI for both allies and foes will keep you on your toes. Allies can help you with recommending moves that can topple foes and leave then wide open. They can even just work with other allies in your party, so not everything is tied upon you. The freedom of class changing is great as you can go to any class on the tree and switch at any time. This then opens up what moves you can have, but thanks to certain missions you can have certain skills be attached to certain weapons types. Personally I love the Raygun classes because I can be a hard hitter with my big blasters, but also be a great support unit thanks to having a knife and keeping some great healing moves. Then there are the mechs in the games called Skells and this just opens the combat up even more and it helps with exploration. By the way the exploration is as open as the first Xenoblade and exploring is way more rewarding thanks to setting probes. You can get money and another type of currency which helps out shops so you can get better gear that way. There are many story missions, affinity missions, normal missions, and even basic missions where you do many task. Now I will say getting stuck in story and affinity missions do stink a bit which can force who is in your party, but the game does warn you about that. This is still a pretty hard RPG to master, but picking it up and having fun is easier than the original. I can definitely say that I’m really feeling it!
Next year I know my big games will be Fire Emblem Fates, SMT X FE, and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam since I love Intelligent Systems and knowing I am getting four of their games for 2016 really makes me happy. Persona 5 will be coming out which is going to be a big deal for many people including myself. Some other ones would be Star Fox Zero and the new Metroid Prime game. Also the final Smash DLC will be out then and I know I’m going to try hard to be a great Bayonetta player! Guilty Gear gets a new version of its game as I really want to play as Jack-O the most. Then I am really interested in what Zelda Wii U will have to offer along with the official announcement of the NX.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kamen Rider Ideas Part Three

I'm simply just bored again so I'm going to cover all of the secondary riders that my first ten main riders have.

Kamen Rider Inferno, Gale, Zero, and Tremor
These four riders come from Disaster and at first these guys don't become riders till the middle half. Originally there is the villain named Storm, but when the true god comes forth and gets rid of him he gives three of these riders human bodies and then can use their powers like the main rider does. So the four are villain riders and one changes side when the second villans comes into place. Tremor experiences a change of his powers when he tries to fight the god and his former friends with their new powers. All of these riders have a single element as Inferno is fire, Gale is wind, Zero is ice, and Tremor is earth. Inferno uses an axe and a bow for his main weapons. Gale has a staff, Zero uses hidden weapons like knives and shurikens, then Tremor has a great sword. This then connects to Disaster because he has a similar ability with his form changes to these four other riders. Also for the first villain I did think of making him a rider and calling him Kamen Rider Storm, but for story purposes I didn't have him be one. The same goes for the god known as Disaster, I was thinking of calling him Kamen Rider Calamity. Pretty the main deal with most of the powers in Disaster's world is that they are shared powers because the main story deals with a race of beings.

Kamen Rider Heaven, Aybss, and Kamen Rider Hellfire
These three appear along with Kamen Rider Satan and I want to do a story like Kiva, but actually get things right. Heaven is like IXA, a rider that has to fight with the opposing side. The problem with Kiva it was not well represented well. With Satan and Heaven there is an obvious reason why they fight each other. Heaven follows the words of the angels and Kamen Rider Satan is their number one threat. He is sadly played as a puppet when he appears. At first I thought of the generic bow and arrow concept, but I changed it for something else. I was thinking about Monks in RPG's and they use their fists! So I changed Heaven into the Heavenly Boxer where the arrows are his fist. Heaven also gains a final form called Gateway just like Satan, but it increases the speed and power of his punches and he can materialize energy arrows from his fist. Kamen Rider Aybss is a dark magic rider that uses a magic staff. He originally worked with Hell itself, but escaped and became a wanderer trying to find peace with himself. Kamen Rider Hellfire is then a final villain who appears as he is a stronger version of the main rider's default form. Hellfire's story is that he was a last minute resource to stop the main hero from suceeding as his character was originally a wandering zombie kind of being that got loose from Hell.

Kamen Rider Stardust, Kamen Rider Comet, and Kamen Rider Blackhole
In Kamen Rider Cosmos there are three other riders as the first two are allies and then the last one is a main villain. I will talk about Blackhole first then. He is a leader of bandits that had battles with the Cosmos kingdom before and he tries to attack once more with a new plan. He attacks the king and when he kills him, he takes his sword and powers. With him though the powers change into dark energy to better fit his dark matter powers. Also the sword he takes will soon go to Kamen Rider Cosmos when he achieve his final form. When Blackhole uses the sword he can cut the matter around him to make tiny blackholes where he can suck people in and make them pop out where he wants them to. Originally Kamen Rider Stardust was one of the royal guards for the king, but due to the recent attack he is forced to leave and before he dies, he sends his gun (transformation device) off to the Earth hoping that someone can help the prince. A police officer who wants to help the Cosmos empire ends up finding the gun and learning of the attack through a message from the device. Stardust gains a final form where he can use wires to trap enemies and this is called Constellation form. He can shoot in patterns that represent the different constellations. Kamen Rider Comet is a different race from space that went berserk before the Dark Matter Bandits attacks the kingdom, where the king had to seal him into a passing comet. Blackhole uses this comet and breaks the man free as he goes berserk on Earth. Cosmos helps him gain his sanity back as he remembers the king saving his life because he could have been easily executed for what he did in his past. Comet is a strong brawler type and his final form is called White Comet where he gains higher speed and a bit of fire element.

Kamen Rider Wave and Kamen Rider Absorb
In Kamen Rider Infinite, the main hero helps people that are being killed by strange natural creatures being created by Absorb. Their aims are to steal elemental powers from the people and to make Absorb more powerful so that he can get his human body back. Absorb has a natural look to him along with a bit of mutation as well. His main weapon which is a club, is attached to his body. The club can even change into a claw like weapon. He can also change natural enviroments into what he thinks of. He even finds a way to use people to make monsters by combining them with nature. Kamen Rider Wave is then one of the people that Infinite saves and through long training and mediation, he can summon his elemental powers. He is a water rider that can freely use water for attacks and many other purposes. He can take water from many resources and use them to make slashing attacks with his punches and kicks. The rider can even use water for transportation uses.

Kamen Rider Jewel and Kamen Rider Construction
With Kamen Rider Totem, his story takes place before Infinite's as his villain is Absorb before his sudden change of appearance. Kamen Rider Construction was a man who used alchemy and machinery to improve his city, but at the same time he was forcing it to change. Through alchemy he can create homunculus to do his bidding. He even goes as far to use citizens in these experiments to make stronger ones. He created his own rider armor to defend himself as I took idea from Birth for his weapons. He has a drill, crane, wires, and to change it up a wrecking ball to fight. Kamen Rider Jewel is similar to Totem and Infinited as he gets his powers from the spirits of the Earth as well. Also Jewel will appear in Infinite's story. Jewel worked alongside Totem to take down Construction. Jewel is based on many different crystals like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, etc. Jewel will have the same amount of forms as Totem as they are the four as mentioned before. Ruby creates a shining effect where he can use solar powers. Sapphire makes his body bigger and stronger. Emerald increases his defenses. Then Diamond is his final form which comes with all previous powers.

Kamen Rider Bullet, Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, and Dealer
Kamen Rider Greed faces off many foes and at the top of the ranks there are people with belts similar to his. I got this idea when Gaim introduced the Genesis Riders and wanted a force of strong riders for when he gets at the top ten. Dealer originally called himself the new Greed since Greed left the ranked battles. This is how Greed gets his final form from battling this rider. So Dealer has similar powers to Greed's final form. Then the secondary rider is Kamen Rider Bullet who is a mysterious man who wants to get rid of the ranked battles. He always appear in his armor for he is keeping his identity a secret for some reason. Bullet uses a gaunlet weapon where he can perform many attacks with it. It has boosters on it, can actually shoot shotgun rounds, but it's range is not long at all. Bullet has a second gaunlet that can summon the Double form, but it hurts his body everytime he uses it. Kamen Rider Pride is a rider that uses pride as a power. He makes compeitions in his fights and the more he suceeds the more powerful he becomes. His main weapon is a great sword similar to Tremor. Later on, Pride ends up becoming Bullet later on and even combines both systems together to make Prideful Bullet. Wrath is the main villain he is only power is rage. He uses his anger is increase his strength and that it is, he has no weapons, he is an improve fighter that depends on strength alone, but that got him to be number one. Lust uses her desire of love as her strength and she used to be with Greed and Wrath before the story of now so when both are back her powers become much stronger since she sees herself in a struggle and picking which one. She is a fast fighter that depends on her small swords and knives to rack up damage. Gluttony's power makes him a glutton for punishment as he can take damage and redirect it back. Sloth uses his sleep like state as his power where he can make people enter his dreams where he can do whatever he wants. Think of it like the strange dimensions that Metal Hero series loved to use. He has two large claws as his weapon of choice and when someone breaks his sleep state, he goes berserk.

Kamen Rider Data, Virus, Security, Plague, Worm, and Scan
Kamen Rider Circuit deals with computer motifs so many of the other riders will as well. His three allies are Data, Virus, and Security. Data is a dual gun wielding executioner that can combine his guns into one shot gun, think Deka Red pretty much. He gains a final form called Ram where he gets a crossbow weapon and can send energy arrows out and change the rate of fire and the speed. Virus is a sword wielding rider that can use viruses as poison type attacks. His sword is large, but works like a rapier mostly because his style works well with stabbing. Virus gains the Shut Down form which creates a near instant kill attack for him when used properly. Security was originally used by another squad leader, but after being killed the boss of Circuit and the other two takes charge and becomes Security. Security relies on reflective barriers as his main weapon. He can summon then from his hands and can deflect projectiles and can even trap people inside of them. Plague is an out of control villain rider that has a rivalry with Circuit. Both are fast and while Circuit relies on storing energy, Plague focuses on taking energy. He can change his arms into two sharp blades and if he gets direct contact with someone he can take energy from their bodies. Worm is an assassin rider with one trusty sword. He has similar powers to Virus where he can use poision like attacks. Unlike Virus though, his poison cannot kill as it only stuns of weakens his foes. Worm gains the Infected form which gives him more power if he is further infected with a special type of virus. Scan is a rider that uses scanning to his advantage, he usually will stay far away from his foes and point out weakpoints to get the upperhand.

Kamen Rider S.W.A.T and Kamen Rider Berandal
With Kamen Rider Hunter we got a purely good rider and a purely evil rider. Since Hunter starts out more like an anti-hero he has two opposing forces that he has to fight. S.W.A.T is pretty much my version of G3-X. It is heavily police inspired and can be armed to the top with weapons. His standard weapons would be a stun baton and a powerful rifle. Later on he gains better weapons like stronger gauntlets since in the beginning hand to hand combat was not the suit's strongest area. He even gains a tazer like weapon that can reach muh longer than a usual one. Later on he gains the Riot form which gives him two shields on his arms that he can use for both offensive and defensive options. The defense is quite obvious since they are shields, when the two form together they make a much stronger version of the shield. When separated they can still deflect attacks depending on how strong they are. The offensive side of it comes to when they are separated as well since they act like side blades and even if the shield is together as one, it can be used as a great shoving tool. Berandal is literally a thug where his main thing is fighting like a thug. He relies on one weapon, his long knife and relies on his overall power. He focuses on completely destroying his foes as his style of fighting is brutal and would handicap many who fight him.

Kamen Rider V2
With Kamen Rider Prototype most of the people he fights are people aiming to make the completed version of the suit. V2 is a near perfect recreation of Prototype with many improved functions. The big difference is that no man uses the suit, but the suit itself is a robot. For a majority of his appearances he is known as Proto-2 by his creator. V2 gains his own identity and learns about his own independence by the end of the story. Originally though he was made to fight Prototype and destroy the original production of the suit. V2 has the same charging gimmick as Prototype, but V2 focuses on dual weapons. He can equally spread his charges to mutiple weapons at the same time. When V2 gains his new name he also can use the Upgrade form just like Prototype and with his dual weapons makes the form more terrifying than Protoype's version of the final form.

Kamen Rider Realm and Kamen Rider Creator
With Gatekeeper there is other traveler he must worry about and that is Creator. Originally he does not start out as a rider and is just this slime like creatue. He calls himself Creation at this point, but the more he fights with Gatekeeper he starts to get a power he originally lost. Creator is even a big cause of a majority of the supernatural in the many worlds that Gatekeeper travels to since a freak accident happened with the Gatekeeper system, the same accident that destroyed Gatekeeper's world. When he becomes the Creator, he can freely create certains types of things since like Gatekeeper he is connected to the powers of the other worlds. Overall then he was originally another Gatekeeper so when he gains his rider form it is a dark version of Gatekeeper with the gate motif looking rusty and broken along with a broken key blade. Realm can be a traveling rider as well, but for the most part there is one Realm in every world. They defend their worlds from outside powers as some can be good, bad, or neutral. With the outsurge of Gatekeeper then, some go right after him to kill him and end things while others try to help him because of the Gatekeeper system itself. There will be one Realm that gets the main focus and he even fights other Realms, but what makes him stand out is that he gets two versions of his transformation device which is a gaunlet that can use summoning keys. With two together though he becomes the Traveler which is the final form as his powers are increased and can summon up to six riders, originally he could only summon three at a time.

So those are all the riders from the first ten ideas I have thought of. Later on things get more interesting after Gatekeeper as rider powers become worldly bounded unlike most of the previous riders that had completely different powers in comparison to the other worlds.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Special: Army of Darkness Review

Halloween is today and while I could cover a Toku with a haunting theme to it which would be… uhh… Kiva? Well I already reviewed that, but I do have some new thoughts on that show. It is still the first rider show I saw, but it does not hold up at all. I still want to say in my personal feelings it is a “C” or “C-“ and then my critical views is probably in the “D” or high “F” area. Anyways I want to talk about something that I love that actually can be a spooky scary movie or not… Screw it! While I could start with the first Evil Dead which is my favorite horror film around, but I just want to talk about Captain Supermarket!
Army of Darkness is the third film in the Evil Dead series and man what a change of pace for the series. Now Evil Dead 2 did have more humor compared to the original film, but it still kept the horror fashion the same for the most part. Army of Darkness is a whole different beast where Ash is sent to the middle ages where he continues his fight against the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Now even though I can say Evil Dead 1 and 2 are stronger films in the terms of the horror concepts, but Army of Darkness is just my type of fun.
So what does Army of Darkness have over the other two films? First off the action is way higher with an amazing final fight where Ash rides a moving table while firing his boom stick like a mad man. While the Deadite pulls off amazing acrobatic skills while getting shot up. Also the Deadite bounces off a trampoline, why you may ask, because it’s awesome! This film just pulls me in with how insane it can get because things will just happen. Ash will fight an evil version of himself where it can make tiny versions of him. Again Ash is dealing with the Book of the Damned; this thing will pull any feature to stop its foes.
Another reason it is fun is because of the many lines of dialogue. I can remember some quotes here and there from my favorite films, but Army of Darkness just carries some of my all time favorites. “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun.” “Well hello mister fancy pants, I got news for you pal you ain’t leading but two things. Jack and Shit, and Jack left town.” “This is my BOOM STICK!” “Shop smart, shop S-mart.” The list can go on which it will. “Name’s Ash, housewares.” “Come get some.” I can't forget about, "Groovy" either. The lines are memorable to the highest value because of what is happening in this film. I don’t want to spoil most of the scenes because spoiling them will get rid of the surprise factor for those who have not seen this film.
Now this is a factor that all three films have, but I still have to mention it or him to be exact. It’s Captain Supermarket himself, Bruce Campbell. There are many actors who had to start with the silly and fun films and soon moved onto doing films of the higher art. I mean even the likes of Stallone and Schwarzenegger have done many different films compared to what they are famous for. Bruce though likes to stick with his A-game though which are mostly the B-films. Now he has done a show like Burn Notice and Xena, but in the end Bruce stays true to what he loves to do with any project and that is to have fun. He has said before that doing lawyer, cop, and that usual type of stuff would just bore him and I can see why he says that. He also loves the feeling that being a B-film star that he doesn’t have to please everyone, but he knows there are many who still do. Bruce is simply one of the actors who loves showing off his fun and to spread that to as many people as he wants to and it clearly has paid off. Army of Darkness is simply of those films where he is having a blast doing nearly everything in this film, even if the copyright policies got weird with Evil Dead. The character Ash Williams has been one of his key roles since it was the beginning of his acting career and he will be playing the character again in Ash VS Evil Dead.
Overall, Army of Darkness is pure fun and there is nothing wrong with that. Pretty much it is the Spiderman 3 of the Evil Dead films, but actually good. It may abandon some of the usual elements of the original two, but it makes a brand new image for itself and that image will continue in the upcoming series, Ash VS Evil Dead. I will probably do a review on that show or the first episode itself, either way though “Hail to the king baby!”

Also for a special bonus a spooky scary LP video from my channel!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kamen Rider Ideas Part Two

I'm bored again so why not have more random ideas from my head. That's the intro so let's move on!

Kamen Rider Greed
For those who do not know one of my favorite things of just ever is the No More Heroes franchise. So of course I wanted the idea of ranked battles in Kamen Rider and done properly, I'm looking at you Ryuki! Still the major thing about Greed is that he works with the concept of the sin greed. His default form can make weapons out of different types of coins and I am sticking with American currency because they sound better in my head. His weapons would be, the Penny Darts, Nickel Sword, Dime Guns, Quarter Disc, and Half Dollar Shield. With Greed then he can only summon a limited amount of these weapons which is why the Penny Darts can actually be more useful than the Dime Guns because there can be more darts than the dime bullets. Later on he gets the Silver, Gold, and Platinum forms which are based on credit cards and the higher he goes the more power he is and the more he can summon. The final form is called Dealer where he can gamble his powers to the extreme, but all of his attacks have changed. There are the cards he can deal and if he gets a blackjack, it causes an explosion where they make an impact. The Slot Wheels are three wheels he can summon that can be aggresive weapons on their own, but when they land there are different attacks with them. Cherry Bombs, Jewel Laser, Bell Counter, and Lucky Sevens. The first two are strong attacks like the Cherry Bombs are a near end barrage of bombs, Jewel Laser is a small yet powerful laser that can pierce nearly anything. Then comes the Bell Counter and when summon hits him it causes a loud vibration that disrupts the foe's ears. Finally the Lucky Sevens give him the strongest attack boost for a short amount of time. There is even the Chip Sword where different colors can change the swords abilities. Green is weak, but fast. Red comes with fire projectiles, Blue is the default form of the sword, White is the most powerful and the heaviest.

Kamen Rider Circuit
This idea came to my head from when I thought of my Megaman stories and some of my favorite ones come from the Battle Network series. I always loved creating new net navi's, but the idea of Circuit is that we have the digitized world. This time it is more experimental, but criminals have found ways to use it for evil purposes. This leads to a new division of police being invented where they terminate major threats in the virtual world. Circuit is a close combat fighter and is the fastest of my riders. His whole gimmick is based on computers as he is based on circuitry. He is a fast puncher that can constantly keep barraging foes with his fist. He gets an upgrade form called where his speed is increased. Then comes the Download form where he can store enegry for a certain amount of time and during this he can release attacks and release that energy. If he keeps it in for a long amount of time he gets the Download Complete form as his speed in on par with the Ram form, but his power is heavily increased, but he can use it for a limited time (similar to Faiz's Axel form). His final form is called the Master form which is a perfected body that can control the virtual world and his speed is at lightspeed levels. Also by the way the riders in Circuit's world can fight outside of the virtual world as well.

Kamen Rider Hunter
This is pretty much plan B of Greed because Hunter is a bounty hunter and his whole scheme is based on the different type of hunters. His default form has a western design to it where he wield his single pistol. He carries special types of bullets with his gun as these bullets are Spread (similar to Luna Trigger's finisher), Double (causes another hit along with the impact), Burst (Single file giant blast), Curve (Hunter can control when the bullets move), and the Deadshot which can only be used at a further point. Also he can pull out a small dagger out of the pistol. Each form Hunter gets comes with a different type of weapon like the shotgun which represents Poachers, by the way the form is called Poacher. With this gun he can use two bullets at the same time causing different effects. Like the Spread Curve combination is exactly like Luna Trigger's finisher. Then this form comes with a machete like weapon. His final form will be the Deadeye form which gives him his sniper rifle where he can use three bullets and this gun can take the power of tripling the same power while the shotgun cannot do this with two of the same bullets. This is then where the Deadshot bullet comes in as it counts as three bullets and can kill nearly anyone in one shot.

Kamen Rider Prototype
Prototype has a large similarity to the original Kamen Rider where he is part Cyborg because of the main hero was forced to implant his invention to his body to save it. The suit is a prototype in creating a powersuit that can be used for mutiple purposes, a similarlity to Super-1 as well. Prototype is a legit prototype though which is his main disadvantage. The hero keeps creating weapons to improve his powers, but on the default he can only use his fist and kicks. The invention is a charger that can be moved to different parts of the body which causes charging. There he can release powerful blows if the charger is set to that body part. He cannot do this in high repetition though as the charge loses it powers. The first invention he makes for his suit is the Charge Sword and the Charge Blaster where he can extend the charging powers to weapons and release Burst Slashes or Burst Blasts. Another invention is a small unlimiter that can cause his Charge weapons to constantly release mutiple bursts attack with no decrease of power. He even makes guantlets and boots that can do the same thing, but for his physical attacks. The final form is the Upgrade form and it is the upgrade form where Prototype does not have to move the charger anymore to release powerful attacks.

Kamen Rider Gatekeeper
With the failure of Kamen Rider Decade I created my own traveling rider and I took some ideas from Kingdom Hearts for the key motif for this rider. He uses keys to unlock new powers and before anyone says anything I thought of this idea before Gokaiger. His default form is a closed gate with chains around and such with a grey and silver color scheme. Now Gatekeeper does not transform into any riders, he can only use their powers, but this makes it possible for Gatekeeper to put his personal touches with these powers. His main weapon is a keyblade, but much larger compared to the original one. This is my personal favorite idea because of how I thought about the worlds he goes to and how they work. All previous riders are their own respective world/universe. There he has to discover their powers to move onto the next world as he is aiming to redem what he did to his own world. His final form is the Unlocked form where he gets two keyblades and can use the final form powers of the riders. The design changes to the gate being unlocked as those parts are on the side of his body. The middle has a pure white color revealing the light of unlocking the gate. He still has some default powers like how Decade has Slash and Blast, Gatekeeper has Stab and Burst. His main finishing move is stabbing his sword into his foe and unlocking their soul.

I still got other main riders to list down, but in part three I will cover secondary riders to these ten main ones.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kamen Rider Double: My Top Eleven Favorite Dopants

You all know that I love Kamen Rider Double, it is not only my favorite Kamen Rider show, it is just my favorite Toku show and just one my overall favorite things in general.  Recently, a friend of mine has been watching Double and for the most part he loves to talk about the Dopants. So that got me thinking on what are my favorite Dopants in the whole franchise because there are many Dopants. First we got from the show and then there like five movies that had Dopants as well. For the most part what I enjoy about the Dopants the most was how creative some of them got in terms of designs and powers. What is also great about them is that they were people using Gaia Memories so we also got characters along with cool monsters.
11. Money
Starting the list off is the Money Dopant as he is not all that powerful, but what made me like this monster was how he did the money concept. First of all, I think I mentioned this before; this guy puts the Greeed to shame since he does the greed concept way better than them. Taizo Kaga used this memory to take people’s souls and use them as his own currency. Along with that he devised a scheme where he can lure people into a casino where they bet everything, literally. Then for him not being a fighter he was still a major threat with how he kept the coins in his possession so if he dies, they can down with him. Another cool touch was that he got fat when he had souls in him which just created this little goofy image for him. This guy had a sense of humor which made him stand out and the literal person he was made him memorable as well. He was this small man with silly hair and eye brows as he does not look threatening at all even his voice was silly. He ends up being a bigger threat than what I expected.
10. Puppeteer
This was another one of the creative ones that I really liked. In the beginning this guy was using a doll to do his bidding and man that was some tricky string work he had. The whole idea of using a doll was weird and I enjoyed it for that reason. Then we actually see the Dopant himself and he is a father who is struggling with the loss of his daughter. Isaka then helped him out and started to show what he could actually do with his powers. Puppeteer can take control of people and do anything with them. He even got Accel to be his puppet! He even had a clarinet to use to continue his mind control. This is then another one that is not the best for combat on its own, but with clever ideas this one became a threat as well.
9. Luna/Trigger
These two come from the A to Z movie and the reason I made these a tie was because I cannot dterine what I liked more. Luna was insane and I loved him for that. He took so much pleasure in what he was doing and I really enjoyed the bits of character I got to see in the Eternal movie. Also the Luna Dopant itself was awesome with how he used the illusion powers. The design for it too really stood as well with the wavy arms that would look terrible for combat and thanks to good special effects work they make the design work amazingly. Trigger is then this blank slate who simply focuses on the mission at hand. With him I just like this character a whole lot as a fighter. Even without a memory this guy is a threat with his experience with a gun.  Trigger also had that great fight against Accel which was my favorite of the movie. So Trigger I just enjoyed as a fighter which is great!
8. Spider
Being one of the first Dopants he is clearly one of the best ones thanks to an interesting power and a strong presence of character. I still stand strong about the Skull portion of the Double X OOO movie and that is still one of the best examples of modern Kamen Rider. Anyways what helped that portion was the Spider Dopant who had the usual abilities of a spider with crawling around and webs. Then there was this absolutely horrifying power where he can make living bombs inside of people and it does not matter if he is alive or not, once that spider bomb is in you, it is there for as long as you live. Then whenever someone touches someone dear to them, the bomb goes off as both of them clearly die in the explosion.  The user of the memory was Matsui who was the first partner of Narumi. The two were given a task to protect the opera singer, Melissa and he went as far to use a Gaia Memory to do so. In doing that he was driven to madness and had to be stopped no matter what. He even caused the biggest grief for Narumi which was implanting a bomb into him and causing him to never go back home to see his daughter and wife. Also in the end when Matsui was dying he was still Narumi’s partner which just creates a depressing end for this character who was doing good, but just fell into the wrong hands.
7. Terror
Ryubei was a great villain and of course he had one of the best powers around. The Terror memory was is a real nail bitter because of what he can emit. Literally his presence can just bring this sludge like substance that can hurt anyone. Then for those who thought Terror is not a fighter, he can summon a giant monster out of his own head! Terror can even make people fear him even when he is not the Dopant form. This man was terrifying even without that since he betrayed his own wife and started to use his family for his aims. In the end though he just had this odd idea of what his family was to him as he still did love them, but he wanted to make sure they were higher than any normal family. Ryubei’s fantasy really took control of his mind as when everything around him was crashing down; he decided to dance in the burning building and did not escape from his fate. That scene was just amazing to watch as it shown what his family was and yet gave off some regret at the end as he was remembering the past and kept that with him. Ryubei simply wanted to move museum higher for a grand purpose, but he had many evil means to it and in the end he paid for them.
6. Arms
Arms Doapnt is a simple idea, but damn he is a great one. First of all he is played by previous red warrior, Kōichirō Nishi so that is sweet! I love the fact he was calling himself a Kamen Rider as well since he rode a bike and technically had a mask on. Arms had this huge biker design to him and his multiple weapons made him a constant threat. The guy also lost his marbles and simply enjoyed the carnage as I still remember how he was planning to kill Shotaro. I mean my goodness that is a brutal way to kill someone and the fact he was forcing someone to keep hold of the rope was just so wrong in a morality sense. He also had the honor of fighting Fang Joker when the two could actually control the power and that is a memorable fight. Arms even helped out the Sonozaki’s so this guy was a competent villain as well. He was effective at what he did and that what makes his awesome.
5. Hopper

Hopper is up there with Trigger as just being enjoyable. First there is the fact that is she is played by Minami Tsukui who soon became Kamen Rider Marika in Gaim. I enjoyed her performance as a hired assassin and the whole Gothic Lolita look really helped that. She has fun doing what she does and she actually does her own stunts so that is a big plus! To be honest this is the closest I will have to see Margret Moonlight in a live action series. I loved how she actually ate grasshoppers as well because it is such a strange touch to have. Reminding me of another strange touch she had tazers on her footwear. Then the overall Hopper memory was powerful, it was basic power of increasing jumping, kicks, and speed, but I think any assassin would want that power. Another reason is that she has one of the best fights with Accel with how the two faced each other with their kicks! The Hopper Dopant has a good image and she can really keep your memory jogging with good performances.
4. Liar
Liar is such a bizarre monster. You think Money and Puppeteer was a weird one, this guy takes the cake. His power was to make people believe his lies and he can do that to the highest possibility. He could make people believe an ally was a foe, he can make attacks feel like nothing, and can survive finishing attacks! This guy even had an interesting weapon which was with staff with a giant mouth that spits out energy balls. Liar is simply a weirdo and even his normal personality was weird to begin with. He was a man who got the title of the Radio Clown and swindled people out of their money, but he aimed for those tears the most. This guy was simply bizarre and that is why I enjoy this guy so much, he the best of the weirdoes.
3. Weather
Reminding me of some strange people, Isaka the Weather Dopant is right up there with Liar. He is a doctor who has a fascination with Dopants. This man even goes has far to use multiple memories on himself to make him even stronger. The Weather memory on its own is powerful enough with all the elements of weather like fire, ice, lighting, and even more. What also made this guy awesome was how much of a threat he was. His first fight he single handedly takes down Accel and Double then he even survives the Twin Maximum Drive which almost killed Shotaro when he used it. Isaka even used test experiments all the time and even helped other Dopants with their abilities. His whole reason of being around is interesting as well as this was because Shroud thought he could take down Ryubei which lead to anything, but that. The actor for him as well was one of the best villain performances I have seen since Yutaka Hirose. Tomoyuki Dan always had this scary and creepy presence towards him which was thanks to how he talked and what he did. I will never forget what he does with his tongue, that just makes me twitch.
2. Nasca
Now I am basing this mostly on the original Nasca user, Kirihiko, but I won’t lie and that Saeko was a great user with it as well. The big reason why I want to focus on Kirihiko the most because of what an amazing character he was. Kirihiko was a character that was simply showing how a majority of the villains were going to be like in the series. Kirihiko was the newest member of the Sonozaki family and he thought he was protecting the city of Fuuto, but he soon learns that he was doing the opposite. Kirihiko even shows what Museum was really doing even with himself entirely as he just was another test subject that was tossed away. What made Kirihiko strong as well was the person he was, he protected the ones he loved and even improved for them. He risked his life constantly to do protect the city and for the people who live in it. Now he was still assisting in some evil deeds, but again this is because he was part of movements that were going to keep the city what it is. Kirihiko was just sewn into the wrong part of the quilt. Going on the powers of Nasca were strong with the flying abilities, strong sword play, and super speed was an amazing touch for it. Even the design was great showing off the Nasca Lines and I personally liked the blue more than the red. Not only was Nasca one of the best Dopants in design and combat, it also had a great user.
My absolute favorite has to go to the one that surprised me the most. The user Kazu was part of Foundation X which was supporting Museum and when they went down, Kazu was not happy with it. He wanted to continue their plan for Foundation X and he made sure he came with a powerful memory to do that. The Utopia Dopant is just amazingly powerful where he can cause changes in gravity, stopping attacks, and even making powers backfire on their users. The overall power is hope and the memory can take power out from others and hence making him more powerful. His design just gave off a monarch like feel to him thanks to his weapon of choice and the cape. Utopia felt powerful and knew he was powerful as there was some major cockiness with that. To me even the design shows that off so well. The whole concept of Utopia is done perfectly in how it is presented and how it works. Kazu was also an interesting character with some interesting quirks to him like his love for Saeko. Overall this is my favorite Dopant because to me it is highly creative in so many ways.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kamen Rider Ideas Part One

I have been talking with my friends here and there about Kamen Rider and sometimes we get to the discussion of our own ideas. Ever since I was a child I have been creating characters, my brother and I would make our own stories up and while he stuck with one character, I had to be everyone else. Many times we would base it on things we already knew about, I remember doing the most with the Megaman series and creating many Robot Masters, Reploids, or even Net Navis. So thanks to creating characters for a long time, ideas just pop in my head and so I want to share some of these random thoughts I have for Kamen Riders. Now I am not focusing on stories, but I have been trying to make them as I go. I want to focus on the themes of the riders themselves and their gimmicks.

Kamen Rider Disaster

Disaster was the first one I have thought of, at least from what I can remember. Originally I called him Storm, but I soon changed it to Disaster for well a natural disaster theme. His default form is a lightning form with a sword that is similar to Black RX. Disaster's powers comes from the god of calamity, called Disaster in his world. A ritual is performed on him to posses these powers and become the god who punished the ones who abused this power. Pretty much I kept an idea from the original Kamen Rider which was the who process on how he was created. The big difference is that Disaster is more organic while the original was a cyborg, still both of them are forced into accpeting these powers. Disaster picks up forms from types of enemies he fights as there are many elements. First would be the Wildfire form which is fire form and along with each form comes a new weapon he can materialize and the fire form comes with a throwing axe. Next would be the Tornado form which comes with a lance which creates pirecing winds and when dashing with the lance can make a tornado cover him, and of course he is strong with air combat. Then there is the Ice Age form which comes with knives and daggers as he becomes more mobile on the ground as he creates ice around him. Quake would be next as there is no weapon that comes with it, but the strength is enough as he is slower. With all the elements together he can soon gain his final form, Chaos which can combine the elements as much as he wants.

Kamen Rider Satan (Devil)

I know this is a risky name for a superhero, but this has been one of my favorite ideas for a long time. I play JRPG's a great amount of the time and there is usually religion playing in the story. Most of the times it is showing that some of these religions are not what they seem and that is how I thought of this rider. Satan's default form comes with hellfire and a pitchfork like weapon as he wields it like a halberdier. His has three forms which two of them are making contracts with other spirts of Hell. The first one is Hellhound which is bestial form with claw weapons as this form gives him better speed and abilites to perform combos. The other spirit is the Reaper which gives him a scythe and he is weaker in this form than the others, but it's big focus is dodging and deadly attacks. The final form will be the Gateway form which makes his armor stronger and gives him access to the gates of Hell. He can open the chest part of his armor to summon new attacks like the hands of Hell. He can even redirect attacks if he catches it.

Kamen Rider Cosmos

Cosmos is a space rider as you can tell and Fourze had me thinking of a space rider. I wanted to focus on the whole solar system though. There are powers he must gain from the planets, but not all of them will be form changes. Some of these will be weapons like Saturn will give him chakrams. His defualt form has a heavy star design and his default power comes form Earth which gives him the ability of gravity control. His default weapon in a fencing sword and with the gravational changes he can make faster or slower and stronger attacks. Now an issue I had was thinking of using the Sun or Mars for the fire form, but I went for the Sun as this will be before his final form. With the Sun he can control solar flares and can even make blinding lights. The Mars spirit can give him bombs though can cause chemical reactions and he can create different types of bombs with these reactions. The Pluto form gives the power to make any projectile smaller and he can use this to even hide some weapons he decides to throw. Now the power will still be kept intact which is what makes this a tricky form. The Neptune form is a parry like state where he can bounce off attacks when timed correctly, I got this idea because the planet is the most dense. Mercury gives a small knife, but when whatever it stabs will experience a major change of temperature. Venus will be another form which creates a double hit ability for Cosmos making each attack more powerful. Jupiter then gives Cosmos two gaunlets to use in combat. Uranus is a form change that works well as it can create projectiles of both ice and rock. Finally there is Universal which gives him a King's Sword that can freely combine the powers of the planets.

Kamen Rider Infinite

Infinite is a energy based rider that can also use the elements, but heavily differs from Disaster. First of all, Infinite does not use weapons, except for his final, but his form changes require him to change his combat style. Infinite's default form uses the energy around him to make stronger hits and when he does get hit he can sap from energy from his foes to increase his attacks. The fire state makes his attacks more powerful, but it burns his energy quickly. Wind gives him an additional attack with his fists as the gusts become stronger around them. The Water state gives him the ability to slow down attacks as the water flows around the foes. Infinite's final form is called Soul which gives a short sword where he can focus the most of his energy there to create strong slashes. When he stabs foes with this sword he can use the Soul Burst to use his enemies' energy to burst out of them.

Kamen Rider Totem

Totem and Infinite have a similar bond which I could get to in another post. Totem's theme is the animal spirits. His default form has Totem only focus on his strength as his style has a bit of wrestling with it. Out of the fighters, Totem is the most brutal in his style. There is the Bull form that gives him two sais and he can cause ramming attacks with these swords as he can equip them into his head and use his like a bull. The Crow form gives him the ability to fly and gives a bow and arrow. The Deer form makes his kicks much more powerful than before. Salmon form gives him a staff that creates splashing attacks. His final form is called Gathering where he can use the full power of the spirits. Here he can summon a giant totem to use as a weapon and even materalize the animal spirts.

This will end part one then since there are ten more I have thought of, again these simply can just come into my head. I am just trying to keep a solid memory of them as well and simply typing them down will be helpful. If you enjoy these, I can easily continue to do more. Also sorry about the lack of posts, there is just too much personal shit going on, but doing posts like these really does help to make me type some more.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Carranger Episode 4 Review: It's Time To Eat!

Super Sentai is known for the giant monsters and many series have different ways of changing that. Carranger though still has the most bizarre concept for making a monster grow the size of a building. Even how this episode starts out is just odd. Usually we see the villains planning things out, but things start out with a fight. Not the usual type of fight though, the villains have a strife with themselves. Gynamo gets hit by Zonnette again and this causes all of the other monsters to laugh and for some reason Grotch laughs the hardest. Gynamo gets mad and tries to attack Grotch and it causes him to run to Earth and that is how things start. I was just at a loss here, but again this is Carranger so things will keep on getting strange. So the villains here are not organized at all and for this episode they just happen to stumble around on a way to defeat the Carrangers.
When Grotch gets to Earth he decides that he wants to test out Earth food because he was hungry. Again these are the villains and one just wants to settle his stomach. This then leads to Grotch finding the kid from the previous episode, Ichitaro. Now kids have had different reactions to the monsters of the series, but I can’t really remember the last time the kid stuck his tongue out and smack the monster with a stick! Grotch does not even attack the kid then, he simply just asks the kid for some good food. Ichitaro treats Grotch just like a normal person then and gives him some ideas. What is going on with this show, so far there is no action or even villainous action happening at all in this episode. While at the same time this is too enjoyable. Now an act of villainy does happen when Grotch takes Ichitaro hostage when his mother comes around. All he needs though is the delicious Earth food that Ichitaro told him about. This is all for food here! Now I want to eat, I’m going out for lunch!
Well I got back from lunch and now the mother just got back and gives the food to Grotch. The best part is that Grotch is clearly not holding Ichitaro hostage anymore and is sitting right next to Grotch as he waits for his food. The mother even stays around and so does Ichitaro as Grotch just hogs down the food that was given to him. This was just the creature that just held your child hostage, take that child and run for it! Watching Grotch eating is amazing though so I do not blame them for just watching. Something happens though, Grotch starts reacting to the food and he grows gigantic! Somehow Earth food can make these guys grow to the size of buildings. This is part of the same franchise that had monsters grow giant because of the villains have some sort of technology they had to make and plan to use. In Carranger it is just food that Grotch just found because of an angry dispute.
Things keep on getting better because this episode brings back the gag from the previous episode of Ichitaro just going to his father about the situation. Alright I get the last time why the kid would get his father and the father tried to fix things himself, but there is a giant monster in the city right now! When the father even hears of this news from his child, he just takes it like there is bully at his school. All logic is really thrown out the window for this show and that is why the writing for it is amazing. How does one write nonsense like this and make it work out? That is thanks to the show just accepting this sense of reality and not really trying to explain it or be serious either. This is parody and it could be one of the finest forms I have seen.
So the heroes also hear about the giant monster and when they arrive things do start to play out more like the usual. This is the first giant monster appearance and the heroes really do not stand a chance since there is no mech around at the moment. The heroes try to blast the monster with their blasters and even the Formula Nova. Nothing works out and my favorite part is when the Carrangers try to bash Grotch! They know the lasers are not working, so get those melee weapons out and keep slashing and hacking! This does nothing to Grotch and he even grabs Red and I love the use of props here. There is the giant hand that is grabbing Red and I miss those days when these giant props had to be made. Also the show had to use camera angles to show that Grotch is a giant and even the use of green screen and zooming out. Again it was those tricks that made me love the creative process of these shows. The tricks made the shows have style and personality.
So with Grotch’s recent discovery he now has a plan to defeat the Carrangers and it is to find more of that Earth food! Gynamo calls for the number one eater of the gang because that is an important title to have. Literally this show shares the absurdity of the assassins from Zubat with their gang members. So there is MM Mogu and together they catch Ichitaro and unlike last time, the poor kid is actually scared. This is only because of Mogu as Grotch gets the same treatment from the kid again. Ichitaro calls home to get the same food again, but this time it is his father who has to get it. Again this is literally a hostage situation and the pay is food, just what is this show? Then the father even treats thing normally, first of all I’m surprised this father is so easy to convince to get food, well I would guess Ichitaro told his father he was held hostage. For some reason I do not think that though since the father does not freak out or anything like that. He is a man who did just try to walk into a situation that deals with a giant monster, so he is a really calm man.

So the villains are clearly going to become big again and this is going to be a huge problem for the heroes. Even if they are thinking for a long time, they cannot find any solution to take down the large enemies. You get it! I’m using as many words as possible that mean tall, big, huge, etc! One part about this scene that confuses me is why are they in their suits? I guess not all the actors could show up for a shooting so I guess they had to voice it over. The only choice they got is to somehow get on their level and I love how Pink literally thought they would have to get huge and she found that embarrassing. What ends up happening is that the dream cars the heroes have are identical to the ones of the great constellations. Since they have that connection all they have to do is dream that those cars become big and hence those cars can literally be the great car spirits. Then when that is done they can transform into the great fighting god!

The cars become large and meanwhile the father has gathered the food for the villains. So everything is coming together, the episode is almost going to end and the heroes and their mechs. High chance the episode will end with a cliffhanger as the next episode will begin with the first mech fight of the series. All the monster has to do is eat the food and become large enough to destroy the city. Mogu eats the food and it seems he is getting the same reaction and then he actually shrinks… Wait… why did he get tiny? This is where the episode ends and it leaves on the question on why it failed this time. Also the show literally found a counter to the villains’ plans will it ever be used… maybe? Still that is a way to end an episode by giving a surprise, sure the hype for the fight is gone, but I am left with laughter so either way I am happy.
I keep saying Carranger is strange and the show just knows how to keep making that true and even stranger at the same time. We had an episode that only started with the villains being moronic and somehow it leads to giants appearing in the series. Even how the mechs appear in the series is pretty much by chance as well. The heroes just happened to have cars that looked like the great car spirits. Still this was a very different episode in how things were being presented here by making things happen by chance and what also helps is how the characters react to the situations. It’s a strong A episode in my book.