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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 32 Review: Fruit Basket! (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

With the Red Overlord, Demushu still on the run and Yggdrasil have finally become more open with their plans as they protect the city. Things seem to be at an end for Yggdrasil though as the Beat Riders will have to step up now. Can Kouta even stand up to what is happening?
The first thing I want to talk about is Kouta as he made a big step in progression in this episode. Sagara returns to Kouta and there things do not go well. Kouta starts realizing that Sagara has been toying with him as he had Kouta believe in him just so he can continue fighting. The thing is that Kouta did take Sagara's word too lightly as he did tell Kouta that the Overlords were only the rulers of the forest and nothing else. With what has been said, high chance Kouta doesn't see any hope for the Overlords anymore as they are just Inves to him. What's odd is that Sagara speaks about Demushu so casually just like how he talked with Roshou in the previous episode. Again I think I may have discovered what Sagara is with what he has been saying. Now the reason why Sagara told Kouta about the Overlords is that, yes they do have the power to save the world, but with how they are there isn't any hope of that. Sagara directly tells Kouta that only an Overlord has the power to save the world, but Kouta has to take that step. Yes, Sagara tells Kouta he needs to become an Overlord to save the world and the only way of doing that is to defeat the trails of the forest and obtain the golden fruit. Sagara even mentions that only one can obtain the power to rule which reminds me of what he told Kouta before about destroying the old rules and making new ones. Basically Sagara is back to tell Kouta the same thing, but to be more blatant about it. Sagara even tests Kouta by putting the new Lock Seed away from him and seeing if he would go for it. This makes me believe that Sagara could be some sort of hybrid being of both human and Overlord since he has powers unlike a human, but still retains his original form which is something that changed for the Overlords. Also this would explain how he knows so much about the forest and the Overlords. The question now is how he became the being he is now or if I'm even correct (please don't tell me!).
Hearing all of this news and seeing the new Lock Seed, Kouta has no choice as he starts to head for the Lock Seed. For some reason Sagara held him down with some force like magic which reminds me of Roshou a bit. Sagara even tells Kouta on how to obtain the fruit and it's pretty much a fight for the fruit as there are many other takers. Now Mai did bring up a good point, Sagara is clearly keeping somethings a secret and again we don't know what those are or why he is even hiding anything. Sagara is simply giving Kouta a fighting chance for his best interests. Now Sagara does clear a little bit up of why he is using Kouta and it's simply because he's a wild card in the whole situation. By what the other Mai has said before things seem to be following some sort of path like fate controls the events, but Kouta could not be a part of that. Kouta changes things up and Sagara realizes that so he wants him to be the most powerful one. Then Kouta's reasoning for wanting the new power is simply because he knows what he has now won't change anything. Again Kouta does have a desire for power, but is using it for a good thing and not like what some of the Overlords want. Kouta is taking a dangerous path of taking Sagara's gifts and he has gotten a power stronger than Kachidoki Arms.
Now some other interesting developments were with the Overlords. There was a quick scene with Reduye the green Overlord and Roshou as I bet they were talking about Demushu entering the human world. Reduye even notices that Takatora is holding onto a certain hat and takes it. Now the scene with the two Overlords seemed interesting, I bet Roshou knows how what Reduye is trying to do and is keeping a close watch on him mostly by the final look he gave to her. Then she reacts to Sid's death as like it was nothing as she just passes the hat along to Micchy. All Sid was to Reduye was a tool and sadly Sid is now a broken tool. So continuing on Micchy starts to ask Reduye why she wants the fruit. Reduye simply wants to take control and be king of a world. Sadly her own world is nothing now so she wants to try to see how Earth is. There was even some discussion about how the Overlords prepared for the forest compared to how the humans did it. It also seems the Overlords has an interest in the humans now because of how they prepared for the forest. Reduye now has a plan though and thanks to her servant being in the human world she can prepare a connection and make her own rift. She makes the rift where the one for Yggdrasil tower was and sends an invasion to Earth! Yggdrasil tower has been taken over by the Inves and even Ryouma retreats leaving everyone in the tower to be killed. Well that sure escalated fast!
So with Yggdrasil pretty much being destroyed the only people left to protect the city are the Beat Riders! I really loved this change of pace as Jonouchi and Oren do appear randomly, but it's done so correctly that I really didn't mind. The Beat Riders have taken a bigger stance on the situation and thanks to Kaito they can already act like a fully fledged team. What was also cool was how much stronger they seem now as Zack literally fought alongside with Kaito against Demushu! Then Jonocuhi easily became a better fighter as he can take out more evolved Inves and Oren is still strong like before. Again even those moments like these are random they give the character some new light and just make watching the show a bit more surprising and fun. I mean even Oren's reason for fighting is nothing much of a common hero, but it's just more fun to actually be enjoying this character now for a better reason compared to how he was before. Even Marika takes a step up as she gives up on Ryouma and sees that Kaito and the other riders have more potential than Ryouma, also there is the fact he completely abandoned everybody! So I am liking this huge change of pace for the show as we are getting more heroes in the series some are just simple characters, but having them along with everyone else just gives more to enjoy, it's like having a side dish with the main meal.
Before the invasion there was an interesting little scene with how Yggdrasil has been more out in the open now. The civilians are all inside just pondering about what exactly is happening and then without any way of communicating there is pretty much this barrier around the city. Then seeing how the Kurokage troops were dealing with Inves attacks was interesting. Now if the invasion didn't happen so soon there would have been an interesting change of pace with the city itself. Yggdrasil has taken a more direct measure of protecting the city and it would have been interesting to see more done with that idea, but the invasion was more of a surprising touch so I'm glad they went with that earlier than expected. So the question now is how living in the city will change with a complete invasion of Inves! Also could this mean that the forest could now start to expand more into the Earth?
Another question would be what will Ryouma do next?
The action in this episode was awesome as it was more action packed compared to other episodes. The beginning was sweet with Baron and Knuckle fighting Demushu and even getting him a couple of times. I'm more surprised by Knuckle since he is a Armored Rider with a prototype belt and yet he still got some good hits on Demushu. I even love how the two fought together, Knuckle has to go for close combat and during that Baron was using his Sonic Arrow from afar. The two then perfectly moved together and got some great hits on Demushu. The second fight was nice with the sudden appearance of Jonouchi and Oren as these two helped out the three other riders. For once Gridon can finally hit Inves with his hammer and actually do damage as well! Kaito even unites them quickly as they just tore those Inves up! What's nice to see are some little quirks from Jonouchi and Oren as the boy still has some training to go, but at least he has learned to still keep going at it. At the end there was even a nice united attack from the five riders as they take down the five Inves. Again things like this are just fun, seeing heroes team up and defeating monsters is simple and yet good television.
Then there was Demushu who came back with more power since he ate some fruit that grew on Earth. Kaito was even worried about this as he knows the Overlords are still Inves so they can easily power themselves up. Sure enough Demushu shows up with a new look and more power. The changes on Demushu are pretty simple, but they are nice touches. Mostly his horns just grew longer and that alone gives him this more menacing look. There is even the fact of how he shown off his new strength. First of all he can just take hits and bounce them back! The five riders all try a finisher as Demushu just takes them, absorb them, and use those attacks against the five riders. Demushu's fire attacks even improved as he can spread them out unlike before. This was a really nice way of showing a change of power and it's too bad this was Demushu's last appearance, but he does go out on a big reveal!
Kouta returns to the battlefield as he quickly shouts out that he has no time for any regrets as he has to fight and protect the city. Kouta enters the fight with Kachidoki arms as he quickly slashes Demushu and gets ready for his new power. As he activates the Lock Seed, all of the past fruit appear out of the sky and attack Demushu. I will have to say this reveal reminded me a whole lot of Blade's King Form. There was even a similar way of how the riders got their powers. Both Kouta and Kenzaki were giving warnings about their new powers and yet they had to proceed on with those powers. Even how the fruit were summoned reminded me of when the cards appeared around Blade. So Kiwami Arms have been revealed and it's a nice final form. I will say I do like the Shogun look along with the complete change of color for Gaim. Every color gets replaced by the bright silver armor as that really screams out final form right there. I will say I do not like how the form is activated with it connecting to the Kachidoki Lock Seed since it looks a little too big for the standard belt he has. I will say the chest plate has a nice design with all the fruits being shown off showing what fruits Gaim can access now.
As for how Kiwami fought, I did like how he kept a great presentation while fighting. His stances and movements reminded me of a Shogun at many times. Then with how he summoned the many weapons that belonged to other riders was great as well. The weapons can even just float around and attack when they are summoned just giving Gaim a whole new way of fighting. Gaim uses his Orange sword, the Durian Saws, Melon Defender, Grape Gun, and Banana Spear while at the same time using them his own way not like the other riders. Then Gaim can even do special attacks for all the weapons as he does this with Banana and keeps a hold on Demushu. Then here comes the big finale as he summons the DJ Gun and equips it to his sword as he goes for an Au Lait special. Holy crap the effects around the big sword look glorious as there are many colors that blend well together while looking like some sort of flame. It was a pretty good reveal fight as with it resembling to Kamen Rider Blade gives it some more positives for me.
The show easily just had another surprise to it as things have changed once more. Yggdrasil is no longer a concern as I feel the major fear will be the Overlords and Micchy. Along with that we got some more heroes in the mix and seeing them team up is just simply awesome. Then there was Kouta getting another offer from Sagara as these two have a much different conversation than before. Kouta though takes the risk once more and will take his power to use for his heroic deeds. I will say the only flaw I would say would be Marika as her character got a sudden change in this arc overall, it just didn't feel right to me. Other than that this episode gets an A.
Next Time: Micchy and a new Overlord?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Toku Warriors!

I have posted a couple of videos on this site before, but this is actually the first time I am going to talk about the Toku Warriors. It's a podcast that I have become a part of last year and while I was more of a guest in the beginning, I have easily become a regular in the group. We talk about Toku shows like you would expect, but we also did some other side things like E3 coverage or other video game things. It's something that I have fun with and it got me to meet great people as this really made the blog feel worth it, finding people that I can truly call friends and talk with. Sure time will move on like usual, but who knows what the future holds. All I know right now I am absolutely happy to be in this group and that's what matters to me. The Toku Warriors have recently brought up a new Youtube channel as I hope you guys can subscribe and help us out! Spread the news any way possible!

The video here is my first appearance. Then here is the link to the new channel.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 31 Review: So Much Red! (Major Spoiler Alert!!!!)

For those who are wondering I decided to skip on episode thirty because it's just a movie tie in episode. There is a reason why it took me a while to review the Gaim and Toqger crossover and that was because I had to catch up with Toqger. I needed to know what the other show was about and how the characters were portrayed. This is the problem I have with episode thirty, it's a tie in with the new Kikader movie and sadly I don't know all that much about Kikader. I have seen little bits of Kikader like the live action show and the animated series, but not to a full extent yet. Also episode thirty is a bit bare to do a fully fledged review on so for now I will skip it, sorry for anyone who wanted my full thoughts on it. I will say I did enjoy the episode though. Going on though, episode thirty one continues the story where the Red Overlord appears in the city as Kouta, Kaito, and Yggdrasil try their best to prevent him from destroying the city. Meanwhile Micchy and Sid meet up with the Green Overlord who will lead them to the forbidden fruit.
The first thing I want to talk about is the depth they put into both Kouta and Kaito for this episode. Kouta was still thinking of keeping the Overlord alive because of how they could help with the forest even though the red one just wants destruction. He fights because it's fun for him as he loves to test his might. Kaito kept telling Kouta about how this monster could even help out. Kaito even sees he's just a power hungry fool who just aimlessly swings his blade. Something funny to note is that Kaito does share something with the Overlord which is something I will get to later. So when the Overlord tells Kouta about how much fun he has with destroying and fighting Kouta realizes what Takatora has just learned recently. Kouta sees what really took down the Overlord's past civilization based on how the Overlord talked. I love the parallels we are getting here as looking at this in a writing viewpoint really makes the show seem grander. It's an easy observation to have, but the thought of planning things out for the whole series is an amazing task. I am highly impressed on where the show keeps going and now Kouta himself is taking a stand against the Overlords now as he sees one of them is nothing, but a barbarian.
Kaito in this episode was my favorite part as his character got a lot of great moments. First is how he was talking with the Overlord as he talks like he already knew the Overlord. What Kaito said was right, he was learning things through fighting and his ideology seems to be fitting more than Kouta's ideas at least for this moment. Also Kouta ends up fighting in the end so in a way Kaito was right. What was really interesting was how he reacted to the other events. When Yggdrasil shows up they try to take Kouta down and in the process, the Overlord knocks him out. When Kaito got his chance he transformed and saved Kaito from the chaos. He talked back saying that Yggdrasil could have gotten Kouta on their side since they came out to fight the Overlord which is what he was doing. Kaito is actually more observant than I thought he was. Kaito is really in the middle of the opposing forces in the series. Sure he is working for Yggdrasil, but at the same time he helps Kouta and even protects the man. Kaito has taken information from both sides and I bet he knows how to find common ground which I have a feeling could be happening soon.
Later on there was a scene where Kaito drops off Kouta so that he can heal up, but before he leaves Kouta asks him something. Kouta asks him if he has the same viewpoint as the Overlord. This viewpoint being about power and the meaning of fighting, for the Overlord he sees that the crushing the weak is right for the victor and Kaito even responds with a yes to the question. Kouta gets mad, but he can barely even stay awake to do anything. What's amazing is that Kaito tells Kouta that he needs to get stronger and soon him and Zack head out to fight the Overlord. Even though Kaito does believe in the strong conquering the weak it's because he has learned that from experience and it's more like he wants to prevent people from being defeated and most importantly himself. Kaito wants to be strong so that he can never be crushed and I think he wants others to be like that as well. He wants people to be strong so that they can continue on and the discussions he had with Mai easily show that. Kaito takes in consideration that Mai's strength could be stronger than what it seems as he waits to see if she is right. Kaito is not like the Overlord as he wants to help a person become strong which is something that was apparent since his first reveal and it's amazing how he is used in the series. Many characters have changed their thoughts many times and yet Kaito remained the same. He still develops and moves along with the series, but he keeps his views. Kaito is still heavily enjoyable ever since the series started and this is why he's my favorite character.
Going about other people who tried to fight the Overlord, Yggdrasil took an interesting stance on how to do things. First of all, there was way more destruction compared to previous Inves attacks as the mayor of the city calls Yggdrasil. How he was talking really made me think that he knew about their operations. The mayor literally says that the causalities would be low and easy to cover up. So does he know about Project Ark then? With the mayor in flames though, Ryouma takes control of the city, literally! He shuts off any communications in the city so that the news wouldn't spread out and sends his men to take the Overlord down. Marika and Kurokages appear and surprisingly their tactics were smart. The Kurokages are easily out matched so they had to set smoke bombs and get some aerial coverage on the Overlord. Sadly, they couldn't stay strong the whole time as they are all taken down as Marika pretty much as to fight alone. Ryouma doesn't even care for these deaths as it seems Yoko is having some second thoughts on everything as she talks to Ryouma in a different tone. Luckily, Kaito and Zack show up to help as the episode ends around there.
Alright that's the end of the review then, nah just kidding there is much more to cover here. First off there is the fact that both Micchy and Sid have their part in the episode. The Green Overlord appears as she does fight the two and is almost outmatched by them. She thinks of a plan though as she tells the two where the forbidden fruit is. Now Sid just follows the path and Micchy does as well, but he catches on what the Overlord is thinking. When she takes the two to the place Sid heads off as Micchy gets a chance to talk with the Overlord. Micchy sees what she wants and that is the forbidden fruit. What's funny is that this Overlord is pretty much Micchy. The Overlord is trying to keep it's hands clean and tries to use both Sid and Micchy to get it for them. How many of Micchy's plans had him out of the conflict? Or whenever there was a plan Micchy was usually in the background so these two have some interesting common ground. When Micchy yells at the Overlord she takes an interest in him. These two are going to have more with each other I bet as this was an interesting pairing as both these two are masterminds or I should say one is trying to be. The Overlords have shown before that they're not that smart and this only makes Sid look a bit dumber in comparison then.
Now before I get to Sid I think it's time to talk about the forbidden fruit. It has been discussed about in the previous episode where Takatora talks with the leader. This time however the leader tells Takatora that the fruit won't be used for humanity. This is when Sagara comes in as Takatora wants to know the Overlord's reason. As he appears he talks to the Overlord in a casual sense even speaking his name out, Roshou. Sagara says that Roshou has already intended for the fruit to be for humanity. Sagara gives him some news though, that having one species fight for two forbidden fruit is against the rules. Roshou tells him otherwise though and says he will use the fruit for a better purpose. What Roshou wants is to save one life that is precious to him and he will let seven billion lives die for this cause. We then see a flashback of probably when Roshou was given the fruit of knowledge and I have a feeling I know who gave it to him. What's cool is that in the flashback we clearly see a shadow of Roshou before he transformed into the Overlord we know today. It such a little touch to have, but again this is world building! There is back story to learn from this series as it creates a sense of wondering. Gaim clearly knows how to use that element and it's mostly thanks to the Overlords right now.
After that scene Sagara tries to bargain with Roshou as he is trying to even the playing field once more. Sagara even thinks there is still hope for humanity, as he could be talking about Kouta. Roshou wonders if Sagara is trying to help the humans a bit too much, but Sagara again is just here to balance things out. Seeing Sagara again just makes me wonder of who he is. He has said before he is an observer and is simply trying to make things interesting, but why? Also he clearly has connections with people including Roshou the leader of the Overlords! Sagara easily has something about him as the series is constantly teasing this at us. It's a good tease though as we get more ideas of what Sagara could be while the show continues on. So Roshou agrees with Sagara and gives him an item straight from the fruit itself. It's a new Lock Seed, but it's far different than the others as it's a key for some reason. All I can say is that I know who Sagara is going to give this to.
Now for Sid, oh now I get to Sid. He was truly an evil character as he kept fighting for what he wanted. It didn't matter if there was any sense of wrong, for Sid everything is right as long as he is happy. When Sid comes for the forbidden fruit he decides to fight Roshou as things don't go well for him. Sid is outmatched as Roshou clearly as more power than him. Sid only gets one chance of attack as it's blocked with ease and then Roshou holds him down with some force like energy. Roshou gives him once chance to leave, but Sid yells out that no one is giving him orders anymore. This is actually something interesting about Sid as he took orders for a long time, he's been probably waiting for a moment to break free for a long time. Sid even wanted to be more than human as his lust for power mostly had with him wanting to be in the lead to be the powerful one so that no one can boss him around. In the end, Sid keeps fighting for the fruit as Roshou gives him the gift of death. He breaks opens a cliff and sticks Sid between the crack as he crushes the man in the cliff. This last moment of Sid gave him some more character bits to analyze and it's makes me wonder why he had this lust for power. Sid did take things too far though as he does deserve his death as he didn't even try to save Hase from before, he just killed him with no problems. I have mixed feelings on his death since he was one of the closest things we had to evil in the series, but at the same time he just felt like a person who wanted more in his life and knew the price he would have to take for that. Finally, Sid's death shows that the show is getting on a more serious path as we have our second rider death in the series as this could soon happen to other riders.
This was just another powerful episode in the series as the last moments really surprised me. I can't really recall a death like Sid's in the franchise in such a long time. The closest I can think of was Ryuki since those deaths were brutal. Gaim clearly is taking notes from the history of the franchise and is using them to their best potential. Along with that, the use of characters are great and the action in this episode was a bit lower so that there could be more drama, but there were still strong moments like when Kouta takes a stand against the Overlord. It's just another perfect episode for me, I can't really think of any flaws other than little nit picks, A+
Next Time: Dai Dai Dai Shogun!
Also for a quick update, I did a further analyse on the recent Smash Bros news. (

Monday, July 14, 2014

Super Smash Bros: Another Surprise!

Sorry for being inactive for a while guys, I haven't been myself lately along with the fact I just had some surgery last week. I'm still recovering, but I do feel a whole lot better. Sure getting four wisdom teeth isn't much compared to other surgeries, but this was a first for me, so I was staying cautious. I will becoming back tomorrow with more Gaim episode reviews and maybe I could start my other episode reviews for another series soon. For now Nintendo made another surprising debut with Smash Bros as we got three characters revealed today! This was my initial reaction ( Later on I looked more into the trailer and did an analysis since there was a whole lot to digest in the recent news ( I have to say though this has become my second favorite trailer along with my second favorite newcomer so far in the series as Fire Emblem got some major love today!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Three Divisions Has Started!

The beginning of a new Let's Play is among us! Again this is myself with a friend of mine as we are just beginning. I promise things will only get better as things progress. I am starting with No More Heroes which I have discussed on this blog before. It's my absolute favorite game and I want to share the experience with many other people. Please just try to spread this out as much as we can and subscribe because I really want to make this a permanent thing. I love entertainment as I'm not going to act fake or anything, that is actually what I want from my let's play, a natural feeling to it. If there is a mess up you will probably see it. I want to be as real as I can be for comedic effect. So again please support us as this could be the start of a glorious new LP!

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 29 Review: The True Destroyer (Spoiler Alert!!)

With how Toqger has been boring me lately, I am going to focus on with catching up with Gaim in the meantime. Gaim is a series I can easily talk about more and I think it will help me out when I get back to Toqger reviews. Anyway, last time on Gaim, Takatora has been back stabbed by his own people and now Micchy becomes Shin Zangetsu as he will try to kill Kouta with it.
In the beginning of this episode it seems Ryouma and Kouta have to work with each other once more because of Sid. Sid destroyed the alternative crack and even destroyed the Lock Seed vehicles that Yggdrasil had. Also Ryouma cannot let Sid go by himself so he needs Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy to help since they are the only ones with vehicles that weren't destroyed. I do love how fast things got out of control for Sid as it's easily karma biting back and I have a feeling that the others will get some karma on them as well. Kouta makes a promise with Ryouma if that he helps, he gets a chance to talk with Takatora. Sid makes up a lie telling him the best way to Takatora would be with Sid. It's quite amazing to see that Kouta is too trustworthy and Ryouma is not even his friend. It's funny to note that Kouta thinks Takatora is being affected by Ryouma and yet he believes him. Now this isn't a bad thing for the episode because Kouta's trustworthiness is brought up and is talked about. Also I do feel that Kouta believes his story because of all the destruction that just happened in Yggdrasil. Reminding me of that, I guess it would be good to talk about Kouta then.
As I said before, Kouta's weakness is brought up in this episode just like last time. Kaito straight up tells him that, this all could be a trap since Sid does work for Yggdrasil. While Kaito tried to put some of his logic in Kouta's head, it all just gets bounced off because Kouta is again trusting people too much. Kaito literally puts the idea that someone he knows could be working for Yggdrasil and he just says no to that possibility. What I loved in this scene is that Kaito is giving Micchy many quick looks and even taunts him. Literally Kaito is showing Micchy that he is correct about Kouta. When Kaito is leaving then, he says he will work alone since even when they team up, Micchy will just tell them to split up. What Kaito said did stay in Kouta's head though as he didn't want Micchy to leave at the moment. Micchy convinces him otherwise and he straight up leaves the forest and works with Sid. I really do love the pacing of the show, the show itself is giving us clues of what is going to happen and then the series can easily pull something on us. How they are using Kouta is great at this point, because he still has something to overcome and hopefully he can before anything worse happens to him.
Now let's go on about Micchy as he is clearly just working for himself now. I should have been realizing this earlier on because when Micchy started to snap he is only focusing on Kouta. Sid even notices this and that's why he wants to team up with him because they have a common enemy. With Micchy though it just feels like he just gained a pawn and will use him however he likes. There were many hints with this as Micchy talked about the power of influence before as he thinks he has it. Micchy even mentions something about gods that really took my interest. Sid is talking about having the power of a god as he wants it. For Micchy though becoming a god would makes things harder for himself as he would rather have a god work for him. That line made me realize that Micchy is doing things for himself and no one else and I can feel that part of him will easily get bigger as the series continues. Micchy is even feeling more like scum to me, like he is getting to Sid's and Ryouma's level of evil because he's becoming this twisted little fiend. He has no problem with his brother being dead and is straight up using his powers to try and kill his former friend. Too bad his brother doesn't know what is going on, but there is more for him.
Takatora does live as he is saved by an Overlord! Takatora himself is confused on why a monster like him would even save him. It ends up though that this Overlord is far different than the rest. What's really interesting is that this Overlord is like Takatora in many ways. The king had a similar plan to what Takatora had which was to have a select amount of people survive what the forest brought to them. Now the difference is that, everyone was embracing the forest as they wanted a new world. This was a truly ground shaking moment as we find out that the forest isn't even evil itself as the past civilization was destroyed by the Overlords themselves. There were power hungry fools who ended up killing others and those who remain don't even want to rebuild their civilization. 
The Overlord then asks about the drivers that they have and wonders if it is really a tool to defend the weak. In the end, even Takatora sees that the drivers will just cause the same end that the Overlords had since he just had that happen to him. This is probably why Takatora was saved by the Overlord as the humans are going down the same path and could this Overlord be trying to prevent that? Later on the two talk about the forbidden fruit as one will appear when the forest consumes a new world. The Overlord himself was a chosen one and he sees that the humans will be going down the same path as they are not worthy of the fruit that could save their world. It's a great parallel to see and this is world building right here! The whole back story with the Overlords is amazing since the whole time we thought the forest just killed things off and yet it's the opposite. Then how they played things out will probably be the same fate for the humans as Ryouma and the others clearly show that.
What's great is that we see a character that is pretty much was describes how the Overlords reacted to new power, Sid. This guy is in it for himself just like Micchy as he just wants power because it's power. Sid is a smart man at the same time, but again it's that blind desire that makes him seem dumb. Sid thinks things out well and even gets someone to team up with him because he knows that Kouta has more enemies than Sid himself. What's cool is that he fights the red Overlord who easily has an interesting parallel with him. The both of them are power hungry warriors. The red Overlord already has his powers and now wants to use it to fight people and then when he gets disgraced he goes on a blinding rage. Sid can be the same as he blindly attacked Kouta at many points even if it wasn't part of the job. Sid even wants to get back at him for defeating him before which is similar to the red Overlord wanting to fight Baron again. I will easily say, Sid doesn't give up as he powers through his problems. He's an interesting character to look at even with more important things happening as I now I have to wonder how the Overlords will be reacting to him.
A great moment for Kouta happens though as something surprising happens. Micchy thinks that Kouta will not fight back if he uses his brothers Genesis Driver as this was proven before. What he forgot though is that he had that one moment of fighting back in the previous episode to stop the fight. So Micchy pretending to be Takatora attacks Kouta as he tries to talk sense into him. Even when Kaito seems right about how Kouta trusts too many people, in the end Kouta doesn't want to lose that since that is how he got here now. So he decides to fight back as this is his way of ending the battle and trying to get Takatora back. For Micchy this was bad news as he is completely devastated by Gaim using the Jinba Lemon Arms. So much that he couldn't even fight again when the red Overlord appeared. Again this just proves my point that karma is biting back at people like Micchy and Ryouma as the same could happen to Sid at some point. In the end, Kouta is taking his higher ground like before and is not giving up no matter who his foe is.
The action in this episode then was far better than the previous episode as he had three moments of some great fights. First is that Sigurd fights Baron and I love that Baron still stood a chance even before he uses the Genesis Driver. Kaito easily picked up some skill as Sid just uses power to be his skill. Then we had more of the insanely awesome laser arrow fights. I just love these fights way too much, sure the actual arrows are special effects, but it's the camera and stunt work that really brings it to life. Sigurd uses the trees as cover most of the time and tries to get to a new one at a time. Baron on the other hand though keeps moving and waits for the shining moment to strike, again this clearly shows the difference of skill the two have. Baron then beats Sid in close combat as he can take more blows than Sid can. Then there was Gaim's comeback against Zangetsu as he uses the Jinba Lemon Arms to fight back. It's interesting to watch Micchy fully pretend he is Takatora as he tries copying his style, but he doesn't have the skill to back it up. Gaim just takes him down with ease which was the opposite when he actually fought Takatora and then the song for the Jinba Arms is becoming my favorite insert song in Gaim so far. Then there was the ending fight as the red Overlord appears along with Baron and Sigurd later on. There is a lot happening in this fight and I love how Gaim and Baron deal with it. They first focus on Sid since he's the problem so far and there are moments when Gaim protects the Overlord and also both him and Baron know how to work with each other. The third fight had a great flow as in the wrong hands it could have been hard to follow, but thanks to allowing the camera to focus on certain parts first helped to see what is going on and not just having everything be a big far zoom shot.
Episode twenty-nine is just another impressive episode in Gaim and I know I sound like a broken record for this, but I just can't say many bad things about the series so far. Everything is going along greatly and with new plot points there is still a great amount of character focus being done. Even Sid got more focus in this episode which is something he hasn't had for a while. Then the best part is the interaction with Takatora and the Overlord since seeing the Overlord react to how the humans are fighting the forest and telling his story really just brings more depth for Gaim. Then the action was at full glory pretty much. This episode gets an A+
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 28 Review: The Sweet Smell Of Betrayal (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

For this episode of Kamen Rider Gaim, Takatora is starting to be more positive and putting more work into the Overlords, but will his team actually help him out in the end? Also Kouta looks for a job...
The beginning with Takatora was absolutely my favorite part of this episode. It's amazing how much knowing about the Overlords has cheered him up. For a long amount of time, he has thought sacrifice was the only way to save humanity and he easily backed up his ideals. Thanks to Kouta giving him some new hope, he starts to put more efforts in catching the Overlords. What's great is that we still see Takatora telling his team about the information in the usual way that we have seen before. He is still strict and forceful as it reminds me of a serious worker more than anything. What really helps though is that we got to learn about him and now seeing him a new light really makes him more heroic than how we saw him before as he fought Kouta. Takatora even says that Kouta is not their enemy as this could have been the end of Yggdrasil fighting the Armored Riders, but sadly all good things must come to an end.
Ryouma finally decides to betray the man he has stuck with since the beginning of the project. What's interesting is how Ryouma tried to hide his true feelings when being told about the Overlords. He knew this information for a while and is trying to seem skeptic about the whole thing. Takatora is even surprised as he would think a man of science like Ryouma would be amazed right now. This really shows how much Takatora didn't know Ryouma's true intentions as he couldn't he even read his personality. It really makes you think of how these two even knew each other? How much did Ryouma have to deal with a man who had opposing views and how hard it must have been to keep things a secret? So Ryouma has Sid and Yoko attack Takatora during a search for an Overlord and Ryouma himself appeared. He transforms and attacks Takatora while the man is confused and angry. He just realized his own people have been betraying him and now even Ryouma who started everything with him is trying to kill him. Takatora yells out that he thought Ryouma wanted to save humanity as Ryouma replies that Takatora never did know what he really wanted. Ryouma is a man who is just aiming for the forbidden fruit and only one person can have it and sadly Takatora was a hero and not someone who wanted to gain great power.
What happens afterwards really starts to highlight that with Takatora gone there is going to be less control around Yggdrasil. Micchy takes his brother's belt and Sid goes on his own. It's amazing to see how the real evil starts to appear after they think Takatora was killed. It's more messed up with Micchy because this was his own brother he saw get killed. Even Sid has to say that Micchy is screwed up for just standing around after seeing his brother die. Micchy easily puts an act for Takatora as he tells his younger brother that he should save the world with Kouta as Micchy acts sad seeing Takatora in peril. With him gone though, Micchy picks up the Genesis Driver and just has this dark and blank look in his eyes. It's like he wanted this to happen and yet still feels despair for what he has done. This is easily a stepping stone for Micchy as he continues to do what he wants and with Takatora's driver he transforms into Zangetsu and decides to get some personal favors done with it.
Another surprise in this episode was at the end since Sid has started his own betrayal. Without Takatora around, Sid has no fears anymore since Takatora was his greatest threat. Sid attacks and kills many men near the Crack as he destroys everything. The man even step into the forest by himself and with what he has done causes the Crack to vanish. What's really funny is this happens after Ryouma says that the forbidden fruit can only go to one person and Sid knew that already. This really made Sid look like a villain since he never really did care about Project Arc or anything of that sort. Sid was just around just to find the forbidden fruit as he betrays both Takatora and Ryouma. Sid is even crazy enough to enter the forest by himself and have one of his only exits vanish. Sid easily got a major step ahead of everyone now, but I do have to wonder how the Overlords will react to him?
A strange thing in this episode then had to do with Kouta as he tries to find a new job. Kouta starts to realize that his sister is having tough time getting money as he needs to start helping out. Thanks with Takatora being on his side now though, he can start to relax a bit more and actually look for a job. Sadly the duty of a hero calls first as this ruin his chances to get a job. Luckily, Kouta gets a job at the cafe; I do hope this means we get more scenes with Bandou! A trap is set up for Kouta though as he delivers a fruit basket to a barren area as Zangetsu appears and attacks! Kouta is shocked to see Takatora attack him an Kaito comes to fight and protect Kouta, but he cannot deal with the fighting starting up again. Kouta thought things were going to get better, but the fighting never ends and now Yggdrasil doesn't even have Takatora anymore so what is going to happen? At the very least, Kouta got a job... I will say it was an odd plot point to have what seemed to be Takatora's death, but I guess this shows how Kouta can be too trusting at times. Even Kaito says that Kouta is too trusting and that is going to get a knife in his back someday. Which is funny, because Kaito knows a certain someone who would put that knife in his back?
Back with Micchy, he tries to silence Kaito by himself, but Kaito says there is no point in this. Kaito tells Micchy that Kouta would never believe a word he says if it's about Micchy. Kouta has been friends with Micchy for a while and Kaito is easily not a friend. Micchy tries to tell him that Kouta his is enemy, but again Kaito tells him off like he did in the previous episode. I will say having Kaito not even going to bother telling Kouta about Micchy is easy plot convenience. Still, it does fit the characters well though since Kaito tells Kouta that the only way to learn from his mistakes is to have something backfire at him. Then with Kouta that weakness is his trust in people as one of his closest friends is trying to kill him! The best part about this though is that the people who got to be riders first now all have upgraded powers. Kouta has been getting powers like Jinba and Kachidoki, but both Kaito and Micchy have Genesis Drivers now. So the main three riders have their own things as this could lead to more happening with them. This is easily one of my favorite character paths as these three are progressing differently while at the same rate.
The action in this episode was mostly good, I will have to say Kouta's fight with the weak Inves was pointless since the comedy bit at the end wasn't that good. The more impressive fights were with Takatora. I loved how it began as Sid just surprises him with an attack. Again the audience knows that Takatora is really the only one who wants to help humanity so seeing him being trustworthy in his team is sad since we know what's going to happen. I just stumbled onto something here now, Takatora trusted his team and that ends up being his fault and now Kouta is having the same problem. Again Takatora and Kouta are similar to each other as both of their progress shows traits in both of them. Back to the action, Marika appears and does the same thing Sid did to Takatora. We then got a nice far away shot of the three riders fighting each other as the energy arrows fly around and even Takatora was having trouble. He got hits here and there as he tries to dodge attacks while blocking others. Ryouma then appeared and performs the finishing blows. The fight later on then wasn't much, but this is the first time we have the three upgraded riders fight each other. Also the place looks similar to when Kouta and Kaito first met Takatora with his Genesis Driver.
Episode twenty-eight had an interesting idea with dealing with Takatora's downfall since there was Kouta who was just trying to get a job. Personally the whole job plot line seemed a bit like filler since the major meat of this episode was Takatora and his team. With that in mind I do love how betrayal continued on after the big betrayal. There is Micchy who is trying to kill Kouta because he sees that he is ruining great people and Sid who is out for the fruit for his own. Still with some odd scenes regarding the whole job thing, I would give the episode a B+
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