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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goseiger Adaptation: Megaforce?

Well Saban has announced another Power Ranger series called Megaforce which will be the Goseiger adaptation properly. Still what kind of name is Megaforce?! Will this team even be angels or even have that motif or will Saban actually change that. I would be shocked to see another complete different series with this one because Goseiger is my least favorite sentai series its boring and only has some good things like Goseiknight. Now will Saban show the new team when they have the Samurai and RPM crossover like the Shinkenger and Go-onger teamup movie did? I know some people may go wait isnt the new rider movie called Megamax and why arent you bashing that title then? Well first its a movie and not a series you actually have to call the team Megaforce. Its a completely stupid name and sounds like they just pulled it out of a hat and went with it. This dumb name though could mean the series could be a lot more different than Goseiger compared to Samurai to Shinkenger.


  1. That title is just fail. xD

    Seriously, talk about unimaginative. It doesn't give any indication of a motif at all. Heck, this title could pretty much describe any PR season. It's like calling it "Power Rangers Power Ranger Force." xP Since we know the word "mega" is used consistently all throughout the PR seasons.

    Just wow. If this is the kind of effort that Saban is going to put into it's title, then I hate to see what kind of effort will be put into the show itself. And I dislike Goseiger (and I actually thought Goseiknight was one of the characters that killed the show for me)! lol. Well, I'd watch Goseiger over something like Samurai any day, since it looks like freaking Jetman next to it. xD

  2. @FL

    Is samurai really that bad? I mean, I'm aware of the distaste that Power Ranger fans have towards the show, but your comment that it makes Goseiger look like Jetman is... well... strange. (I've yet to watch it, but I don't think I ever will).

    I don't care for Gosei either, (it's probably my least favorite sentai alongside Shinkenger), but I'm eager to see what Saban will (or will not) do with a Goseiger adaptation.

    But that title... >_>

  3. Megaforce REALLY?!!!, At least with Miracle force it acknowledge the source of the powers and made sense, you know what, I'll just do what I hope others do, ignore that dumbass title, and just call them the Angel Rangers.


    You're not exactly trading up on watching Goseiger over Samurai, that's like saying "I'd rather be knocked upside the head with a 2x4 than a baseball bat" I guess the only thing Goseiger has over Samurai is that there are more likable characters, like 2 or 3 more, but other than that, it's your choice.

  4. That description of your's, Bslim81, is probably more accurate to how I feel. lol. No, I would not watch Goseiger again. Yes, I do think Goseiger is better than Samurai. But of course, that's not saying much. lol. I just used the Jetman comparison due to how I feel towards Samurai.

    rescuesoldier24, Bslim81, I hope what I said didn't bother you. If it did, then I apologize.

  5. @FL

    No problem man, I'm not pissed, but it sucks for me more because Goseiger was the first legit Sentai I watched. After I was done, I thought to myself "I'm sure Sentai has had it's share of hiccups in the past, granted not as big as these here, but still." IMO, the most accurate way to describe Goseiger is rushed. Seeing how much effort was put in Gokaiger (which BTW I love) it seemed like once Shinkenger was finishing up, the writers went "CRAP, we have to make a Sentai for THIS YEAR!" and looking at the series, it showed how rushed it was: giant continuity gaps, Big Bads who were as one-dimensional as their foot soilders (except the yuuma beasts, who I just wanted to stab to death with a large and infected knife), little character development that goes nowhere, the main characters weren't fleshed out, also and even magic wasn't portrayed well.

  6. @FL
    Not at all, man.

    (At least we can agree about Goseiger, though :P)

  7. @ Bslim81

    It's okay dude. ;)

    @ rescuesoldier24