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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Top Fourteen Favorite Kamen Rider Series

It's been almost a year since I did my previous rider list and I am very surprised on how much things changed. Thanks to finding out my T.V. has a USB Drive all I need is the right file and I can watch Toku on a bigger screen. So I went back to some series and still watching some, but I think I got more and better criticisms for the series I have watched. The total is fourteen and I won't count the three showa era movies since they're only movies. So let us begin on another countdown on the Kamen Rider Series I have seen so far (quick note I have been watching more Showa, but a lot of those series are not finished with subtitles).
14. Kamen Rider Decade
Last time the traveling rider was at the number ten spot. My reasons were that there are good parts of Decade and I still like some parts, but when things got ugly they are very ugly. First is the main character himself he isn't really that special. All he has is all the past Hesiei rider powers. The character is very boring though as I really hate the superficial heroes as he can act very cocky. There is also Natsumi who barely does anything and the AU Kuuga and we don't need to talk about him. The only main character I enjoyed was Daito, Kamen Rider Diend because he was just awesome in everything he does. His back story was pretty good as well while Decade's back story isn't much. I think Decade could have done better if they didn't do a cliff hanger and just have the series tell the story and not let a movie finish it. Even though the movie makes more questions! I still want to know where did the Decade powers come from and why is Tsukasa given it? All I can say this series inspired me to make my own crossover rider called Gatekeeper and I will make sure to have an actual story with him. So I probably would give Decade a C+ back then, but today it's a D+
13. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
"Whoa the American series is on this list!" Is probably what you are thinking, but it does feel like a Kamen Rider series. First I liked that this series did it's own story and didn't rely that much on Ryuki. Sometimes they used their own fight scenes and did many things different. Still the story is a little bland and not all characters are great. The series also holds the usual bad acting from an American Toku. There is light though in this series as they do make some good connections with the story and characters. I remember back then I was just hating this series, but that was just because it was in the beginning of my Kamen Rider obsession and I was just mad that it got adapted again. One more thing I am not putting Masked Rider on this list because I haven't seen it in a long time and it will be a while before I torture myself watching that. So Dragon Knight is still a pretty good series to watch as they do pull some shocking things in the story and some characters are great. I give it a C it's average, but that's a step up compared to the last time a rider series got adapted.
12. Kamen Rider Ryuki
How fitting that the original comes right after the adaption. Ryuki was in the number eight spot back then since I liked the Rider War and seeing a good amount of death in the series. Some characters still stand out as popular favorites like Ouja, but looking back there wasn't that much to the series. The fights are okay with some great suit action in only limited amounts. This series used a lot of CGI compared to the last two rider series before it and I know it was made in 2002-2003 and it's low budget, but it's still a flaw. They just use it too much so soon you will get used to some good effects. Some effects are just not that good at times too and it doesn't fit Kamen Rider. The story is better than Dragon Knight it's just the pay off is not worth it. When everything is found out it doesn't feel that well and it follows a big cliche. If the villain has a sibling the sibling is somehow involved. I mean Kenzaki who I like still don't like why he's doing it. He is very smart, but finding out why he's doing it disappoints me. Also as I said before Ryuki's characters can be great, but there are more good and bad. The minor characters are just good between bad as I don't care about them and some of the acting is ehh. Then the ending....... it just sucks. So I would give Ryuki a B- back then so now it's a C+
11. Kamen Rider Den-o
Remember when I said I didn't care for Den-o that much back then? Well it's been a while since I last saw it and some of the hate is just because of the movies that are made for this series. Going back to the story there are nice things that put it in the number eleven spot and topping past series I ranked above it before. First the story still doesn't fully reflect, but there are tons of hints and nods to it in the dialogue. The Imajins are nice villains and the hero Imajin are very good characters. The series does hold some nice comedy here and there. It's just there are some bad designs in the series that mostly prevented it getting on the top ten back then along with many other things. The designs were great like Zeronoes, to good like Rod Form and Wing Form, to bad like Gun Form and Climax Form. Also they used some of the same Imajin designs a couple of times. Then the hero Imajins acted like jerks in the beginning and weren't heroes expect for Kintaros. Then they do most of the fight which is something I don't like, but Ryotaro does fight on his own so there's that. Also I didn't like how they saved things for the finale. Things were still unraveling even when we got closer and closer to the finale which is something I am not a big fan of. I like everything to be revealed and then have the final episodes be the finale as they try to defeat the villains. So Den-o hits a personal bug of mine, but it can be funny at times and the story is nice. Still though Den-o did hit a rut and Zeronoes saved the series. Yuuto was my favorite character in that series because he had most of the funny scenes for me and he had a good part of the story. So I give Den-o a C+ mostly because it did get stuck in some spots here and there.
10. Kamen Rider Faiz
Faiz was number seven on the list back then because of a good dark story. It's the same problem with Ryuki though as looking back it's not as great as I remembered. I did like the Orpenoc who I should have put on my favorite rider villain group list because how they are humans still. They keep their memories and some try to live a normal life. I have to say the series did have good twists and the series did make some nods at them so seeing those again were nice. Sadly somethings are not worth it. There are some deaths in the series and it doesn't really affect the series at times. I really think they just wanted to put so much death in so it could look edgier and darker, but no. There has been death in Kamen Rider and done better. There are a lot of characters, but it's not worth paying attention to some as they are killed off in the first episode they appear in. The ending of Faiz is bad because it was really rushed and even though things seem over it ends at a sort of cliffhanger. I do really love Kaixa, but then there was Delta. Not saying Delta is bad, but he has nothing special. Some random characters become Delta here and there and when the permanent user is found he still isn't shown that much and he only came in the series a little while ago. So yea Faiz is still a dark series, but it's darkness just feels forced. So I give it a B- since there are really good characters and plot points. Even the action is nice and there are nice effects that still look good even now.
9. Kamen Rider Fourze
Call me lazy if you want, but this is going to be quick since my previous post is a review for this series. Fourze was good it had a nice friendship motif along with partners. The designs were mostly great for the monsters of this series and Meteor. Fourze looks good, but his character is amazing. The other side characters are nice as well. The series does soon push a little too much at the viewers when it gets closer to the end, but it's a fun series and a good one so it has B.
 8. Kamen Rider Kiva
Yea Kiva, the series I said I should put in the number six spot. I'm sorry if I seem I am changing my mind too much, but Kiva's flaws do take a major toll on this series. I did like the story being in different time lines and their characters had a good balance. Nago was great as IXA and he should have stayed as IXA even though it was nice to see Miu be IXA. Wataru is a good character, but he's Ryotaro. The shy personality and then changing into a dynamic hero it's exactly like Den-o. Still Wataru did it better since he had to decide on some really big things like siding with his the Fangire or still fight for the humans. There are annoying characters like Kengo and Mio. The designs were very good though and each and every suit had something nice to look at. So yea Kiva's flaws do take it down, but the main story is still a blast and the characters help as well. As it still earns it's B
7. Kamen Rider Hibiki
Hibiki is still the most under-rated Kamen Rider series. It may have fallen two ranks, but it still deserves more love than other rider series. Even though Hibiki isn't that much story driven there are very good character plot points. There is a change of a director and yes it's sad that we couldn't see how the series was supposed to be, but I say critic on what you get. When people complain on what they didn't get makes them look like a child crying because he didn't get a certain toy. People should shut up and deal with what they got. I'm sorry if I am rude about this, but this topic gets me mad. Even with the change it's not that big of a change. The nature motif is still around and the characters still mostly remain the same. Then the most important part is that the message is still around! Hibiki really explored into something different than the usual rider series and I respect it for that. There are great arcs like the Zanki arc and amazing suit designs. Also the monsters of the series are still good. So it keeps it's B+
6. Kamen Rider OOO
OOO was another good series. It did use the partner motif like Double did, but it took a lot of different routes from Double. I failed to mention this in my review for the series and I noticed this thanks to TJ Omega. Eiji doesn't learn how to use his powers. This really bugged me when I started to notice it because he actually does learn some medals at times. At one point Ankh is not with him and he trains with medals and then he starts to stumble around and is completely useless in battle. This was the biggest thorn in my side as even though Eiji is still a good character his fighting experience was lacking. The Greeed as awesome as they were they weren't used to their full potential. Their spotlight got robbed from a really great villain who I talked about as he is my favorite villain in the franchise. Also how they used their secondary rider Birth was sad. The characters Date and Gotou were a very good combination it's just the series treated them as weaklings. OOO also shares a flaw that Fourze had which was with some of the action scenes. I was sad to see how little on different medal combinations there were. The series mostly uses the main combos, but that's what made the fights OOO great at times when they do different forms. So OOO is good, it did waste it's fighting and villain potential, but the story is nice and there aren't any characters that I hate, a B+
5. Kamen Rider Black
Black is still the only showa era Kamen Rider I have finished and it's still in the top five for great reasons. First is the action it was very good even if it was the 80's. There was a lot of attention to the detail of the fights and good direction. Black also took a step into something different which was more story driven. The villains were interesting with the three bishops being supportive of each other at times, Birugenia being a good rival character for a while, and then Shadowmoon who still lives on in the memories of rider fans as the first pure evil rider. Kotaro is another great feature as his personality completely glows in the series as he faces hard decisions and that affects the drama of the show greatly. It does focus on children like other Showa series and kids can affect an episode positively or negatively. The ending was also really strong and still holds a strong impact. So Black stays on the list with an A-
4. Kamen Rider Kabuto
Last time I said Kabuto is the most over-rated rider series and that is still somewhat true, but going back to it I negate some of my previous sayings. First I would have to say Den-o is now the most over-rated and I think I should have said that in the first place. Kabuto was very good when I saw it again. I have mentioned how I hate cocky superheroes and Tendou can be like that. He does show more emotion though and he does get thrown around a couple of times. He is given amazing powers, but the series still gives him challenges to overcome. I have then talked about Sasword as he is one of my favorite riders of the whole franchise probably number two or three. Kagami is also another big and memorable character for the series and there are really good characters. The only thing that keeps this series from being third are the Hoppers and I won't say anymore about them. I have to say though the story did come in play earlier than I remembered and somethings I got confused did get cleared up when watching it again. So it's mostly my fault that I missed somethings in the story. The series still holds the best action thanks to a higher budget as the clock up fights were amazing. Debris was slowly falling in the background and there was a fight in the rain where the rain drops were slower. Kabuto is even my favorite comedy rider series as it had great moments like Tsurigi and his famous sword, Discailbur. Even though Thebee and the Drake were wasted the series still holds a fierce torch thanks to a strong story, action, comedy, and characters.
3. Kamen Rider Kuuga
Warning, my top three still haven't changed so you can just stop if you want to. Back to the list then, what hasn't been said about Kuuga. It revived the franchise, took it in a new direction, and it's still one of the best. Kuuga held a great mystery thanks to the Grongi and their scenes. The series had nice dark elements that are similar to the Showa era. It was a single hero series and heck Kuuga had allies. There was the police officer, Ichijou who helped him in battle. Sawatri who gave him new information about Kuuga, and many others who kept his secret to help him improve. It's funny that Kuuga had all these partners and the recent three Kamen Rider series are called the partner era. Kuuga had that element and also gave us the many forms which got very popular. Kuuga IMO used the forms in the best way since he grew with his power making the progression of the series feel strong. Again there are some odd scenes, but are still nice to watch since there are strong messages and have good direction. Overall Kuuga will never be forgotten for what it has done for the franchise as it keeps it's A.
2. Kamen Rider Blade
Blade remains number two with an A because of how great the story progressed. At first things were at a good pace and then things went boom in an instance. Things are becoming clearer and everything gets more and more intense. We even find things out about the main characters and yet things are still a mystery. I love it when the riders learn something, but are still skeptical to believe or not. This is personally my favorite story in the franchise since there was always a good twist here and there. Also the ending of the series still remains my favorite. The characters were great as we saw them go through a lot with themselves. They faced tough enemies and fought them with all of their fighting potential. I said this before, but these riders really fought with their true strength as they took down big enemies without flashy finishers every time. So overall Blade as one intense of a story and I will always remember it for that.
1. Kamen Rider Double
What haven't I said about Kamen Rider Double? It set a very high bar for the next Kamen Rider series, it has some of my favorite characters, the action is short and sweet, the story was amazing, the acting was top notch, and everything works perfectly. The best thing about Double is that there was always something going on which made the story easy to follow and helped the progression. The series still isn't one hundred percent perfect because of the ending. Still that ending is still good and the only reason it was around was because Toei wanted the Double X OOO movie. There was Kamen Rider Accel who is still my favorite rider of the whole franchise as he had the perfect look and even when his story was done he still had a lot to do with the overall story. The twists were very good and some were unexpected, the forms for Double were well balanced even when Xtreme was shown. There are really only little things that can hurt this series, but for me I can ignore them. This series perfectly uses past Showa and Hesiei elements along with brand new elements. Kamen Rider Double will easily stay as my favorite for a long time as it stays at number one with an A+ I thank you for reading through the new list and yes I will keep my old list still since it's fun to compare and contrast. Also I am watching Agito right now it's just hard for me to watch more episodes in a row since I got classes and work. I am hopefully going to finish Agito before the next year.


  1. I am surprised Decade is even in your list as it failed alot of fans as it was a gimmick and the characters where arrogant and underdeveloped. This series should have lasted 51-65 episodes not a mere 35. As a fan I prefer the Rider series start at Feb of the new year not Sept.
    Faiz, I thought highly off until the main plot of destroying Smart Brain corp.that was the cause involving the Orphenoch massacres was ignored and the new focus was the Arche Orphenoch that only appeared for 5 short final episodes and nothing was explained of him. Kuuga is the Rider series that resurrected the whole franchise. Dark and violence is what is all about and all us Rider fans in 2000 wanted to see the Ultimate form more and the ill fated 1st duel between Kuuga and Dakuba. We all got cheated with a dream edited scene. Hibiki meant well but it was in a inner turmoil between writers and what was even pathetic is the story is about Isamu and his everyday dilemma as a teenager. The ending of the series was also about Isamu as it was about him deciding to be a doctor rather then a Rider. If you into heroism and action we want to focus on Hibiki and the other Onis not about Isamu. The show that should be in the list Agito.

  2. these are the series I have watched so I haven't seen them all. Decade is my least fave rider series so far and it will stay there for a long time. Also I have also explained this I havent seen Agito fully yet. I am trying to watch it, but I got classes and I could need to cut somethings away which is something I am going to mention in my next post.

  3. Well I for one am glad to see Ryuki further down on the list. Though counting both the characters and the action as strong points doesn't sit well with say the ending was the series' low point, but in my mind it's the only redeeming factor. The characters were static, unchanging, and worst of all...stupid. And the suit action felt more akin to Power Rangers than KR. Sparks flying everywhere and big reactions from the characters but no sense that it was a FIGHT.

    In Kuuga, Agito, Blade, and even a bit in OOO you saw the Riders organically adapt to battle conditions, get hurt, and show signs of wear. Agito to my mind has the best fight choreography of any of the series I've seen so far in that respect (though they aren't nearly as flashy as in other series).

    The other spot I don't understand is Blade...I'm 10 episodes into Blade and it's feeling like another Ryuki. The emphasis on cards doesn't help. I imagine the series gets better as the story starts rolling, but at least in the beginning once again the characters are *IDIOTS*. Truly below-average intelligence across the board. Every last one of them has jumped to at least one obviously wrong conclusion so far. It's enough to make me want to repeatedly slam my head on the desk. Let's see some examples shall we?

    Kazuma: That Tachibana opened the seal. Why would he think that? There was NOTHING to suggest Tachibana opened the seal WHATSOEVER. So why did he leap to that conclusion?

    Tachibana: The scientists maliciously put him in a suit that's killing him. 1) It isn't. 2) The boss told him as much with minimal prodding.

    Tachibana AGAIN: Fighting more while in the suit will cure him of his illness. Why would he think this!? He's dying BECAUSE of the suit (or so he thinks) so the solution is to wear it MORE!? I get that he thought sealing monsters would help...but this is just moronic.

    Kotaro: Assumed that Chalice being undead meant that he wanted to harm Amane or her mother. But he protected Amane twice and brought her an antidote for a poison that was killing her...sound logic there.

    Shiori: Her father was the one to release the seal! What POSSIBLE evidence did she have for thinking that? Because her father had motive to research immortality? Because her father was on the team that they suspect released the seals on the word of a then thought-to-be traitor that might be trying to save his own skin? And even though he turned out to be ONE of the scientists that did it...why would she think it was HIS fault in particular? There's no logic in it!

    I could go on...but I'd be here all day. Maybe the series gets better I don't know, but so far it's feeling pretty dumb.

    The rest of the list I can pretty much agree with. I'd put OOO a little higher. 4 or 5 maybe.

  4. Trust me Blade will pick up and it's not really odd that they though Tachibana was some sort of evil.Because he was clearly at the scene where BOARD was attacked by the Undead and he did nothing. Also in rider series monsters have shown good sides, but then stab people in the back. They have other motives to their plans so suspecting a monster staying as a monster is not dumb. Also SPOLIER ALERT her father did open the seal which you will find out later because he wanted some great power to revive his wife. The Garren suit was the first rider system so it's not really impossible for it to have any negative effects. The fear just came from Tachibana's mind and the human mind can be easily tricked and then leading anyone to believe anything. If you are having issues that will be fixed soon I promise you that.

  5. Nice to see that Black, Fourze, and OOO is on the list... However, what about Amazon? Amazon was a great show, even though there are no CG effects, they made it work. It's got superb acting, good fight scenes, and it's got one of the best character development out of the whole Rider series, from berseker fighting to a more refined fighter... and it's got MOGURA-san! What else can you ask for in a Kamen Rider Series?

  6. I haven't seen all of Amazon that is why. I am very busy and as I said in the list Black is the only Showa rider I have fully seen. I have seen like ten episodes of Amazon and I do like it a lot. Also trust me I can respect any series no matter how old it is.

  7. Den-O because of Ryotarou and his imagins, Hana, Owner, and Naoimi, and because they depicted what real family and friends were like. They were an amazing team. The characters really shone, especially Ryotarou. He was weak, average,and had bad luck but he fought on not because he understood or because he wanted to be heroic. This guy just felt that he had to and in his gut he knew it was the right thing to do. What can be more amazing than this type of character development in a story? And the imagins also became so much more than just characters in suits. They had their own characters, flaws, and egos, but they even surpassed themselves and fought on because of their bond with Ryotarou. What an amazing series!!!!

  8. Yea I really did the character moments in Den-o at times. It's just at some points some characters got overshined by others. The Imajins really did take the spotlight a little too many times and also most of the humor didn't work for me. The humor followed a similar path many times. Fell free to love it though cause I can see you enjoyed the parts that I did as well.

  9. hi
    imo,i think decade is the worst kamen rider franchise ever made
    it made me feel sick as the story is so sick
    the actor was very worst
    it made no sense as how the other kamen rider such like kazuma kenzaki was defeated so easily at movie war 2010

    1. I really don't get on the actor cause he did well, it's just some people didn't see how he was portraying the character. TJ Omegma brought this up once and it's the superiority complex which the actor did well with.

  10. kamen rider decade was the biggest mistake toei ever made
    i dont think decade was for honouring the last heisei rider
    rather decade was thrasing them
    some kamen rider fans will be mad watching their favourite kamen rider like kuuga,agito,ryuki,faiz,blade and etc being trashed around

    kamen rider decade is such a scum ya

    1. Decade was a bad series, but I still had little enjoyment with it at moments cause the series did pull off some memorable events. Like Hibiki's and Black RX's world. The movies were good it's just one made no sense since it had nothing the trailer had.

  11. Well, I've finished them all now. All of the shows and movies that currently have fan translations plus X and RX (I.E. Not KR1, V3, Stronger, Skyrider, or Super-1).

    This is how I'd rank my Top 20:

    20: Black
    19: Decade
    18: Ryuki
    17: Blade Episodes 1-25
    16: Amazon
    15: Wizard
    14: X
    13: Black RX
    12: Kiva's 2008 Arc
    11: 555
    10: Kabuto
    9: Den-O
    8: Kiva's 1986 Arc
    7: Fourze
    6: Hibiki
    5: OOO
    4: Agito
    3: Blade Episodes 25-End
    2: W
    1: Kuuga

    It was a hard choice in spots. Den-O and Kabuto both vie for 9th, as there are things I like and dislike about both series. W and Blade's latter half also vie for 2nd place as they are very nearly equally excellent.

    The Top 7 and Bottom 5 are pretty well cemented in place though. Everything in between is kind of a toss-up. And really, the only reason anything in the top 7 isn't #1 is by the sheer coincidence of there happening to be something better. In the same vein, those in the bottom 5 are only saved from being the worst by there being, by some miracle, something even more worthy.

    I despise ranks 16-20. They are boring and poorly written with inconsistent characters, poorly defined themes, and some impossibly stupid moments and actions. Amazon put me to sleep, literally. Blade's first 25 are an utter mess with no direction and awful characters. Ryuki is....I'd need more space than I have to describe my feelings on Ryuki. And Black....Black...there are no words.

    Now you may have noticed I left Decade out there. And that's because I actually LIKED Decade. It was fun, exciting, interesting, and a neat look at how the old riders' worlds might have been. It was also more terrible than almost anything else on this list. I recognize that, but I still enjoyed the crap out of it. Plus I *love* his suit.

    You may also have noticed that I split apart Kiva and Blade. That is because I felt it would be unfair to judge their component parts as a whole series, inevitably ranking them much lower than some parts of them deserve.

    Blade's latter half (post writer-change) is fantastic. Fabulous. Every bit deserving of the #2 spot it gets in the blog post I reply to here. It has far and above the BEST ending of any Rider series.

    In much the same way, Kiva's 1986 arc is awesome. Not as good at the top 7, but still awesome. Otoya and the story that evolves around awesome. Wataru, and his story, however, are not awesome. In fact they are quite awful. I don't dislike Wataru as a character but his supporting cast and giant gaping plot holes that surround him...I very much do.

    And if you've been paying attention you'll also see that Hibiki is NOT split. And that's because I, amazingly I know, think that the later episodes of Hibiki actually consistently follow its theme and do a more than adequate job of wrapping up the story despite the stylistic differences. That's right. I actually LIKE the end of Hibiki. A lot, actually.

    And that's my list. It's been damned fun. Here's looking ahead to Kamen Rider Gaimu!

    P.S. All the movies are terrible. Really, all of them. Some are less terrible than others, but they're all bad.

    1. Wow the most shocking thing for me is Black for you. You are like the only person I know who hates Black. I have seen half of Black RX, and I like the original series more because of the character moments for Kotaro are less and really whenever he does get one it was already established in Black. Also I wouldn't say all the movies are bad, the Double movies were really good. I liked the what if movies like Faiz's movie.

    2. from what little I've seen of Kiva I'd switch 1986 with 2008 1986 is boring and Oyota is way way way overplayed for my tastes

  12. Black, even more so than Ryuki, holds a special place in my heart. I've written plenty about it on forums, where some people agreed and some didn't.

    I dislike it mostly for the same reasons I dislike Blade eps 1-25. The story is nonsense! Utter, complete, nonsense. I realize that it had serious production issues, and I've heard people tell me over and over again that those excuse its faults. But they don't. The problems only EXPLAIN the faults, not excuse them.

    There are two things I like about Black: The music and Shadowmoon. Everything else is terrible.

    Kotaro has some charisma its true, but the situations he's put amount of charisma can fix that. Gorgom's plans make no sense for their goals, the high priests are idiots (truly, idiots), the show abandons its plot in favour of episodic parades of hideously annoying children in increasingly disconnected "stories", and the fights are extremely repetitive with every single one ending in the same rider punch/kick combo using canned footage. Amazon, X, and even RX didn't do fights anywhere near as poorly. I will say, however, that the pre-finisher stunts were often above average. They weren't so amazing as to make up for everything else though.

    Child actors are awful. And they've got a new one every week in Black. I've been told this is something of a commonplace occurrence in toku from that period of time (Zyuranger is apparently even worse for it). And while I feel the other showa era series have their own issues (mostly with pacing and simplistic plots), Black is a whole other kettle of fish.

    I swear I could feel my brain melting watching Black. Perhaps it doesn't help that I tried to marathon it, but I enjoyed RX so much more. RX had a consistent story with villains that, while incompetent, kept plans within the scope of their greater goals 95% of the time. It also spent a lot more time creating real characters for the villains, with intrigue. They tried to do that in Black with the High Priests and Birugenia but it basically amounted to "I don't like you and will betray you if I can!" back and forth for 20 episodes.

    Honestly, I just don't see what there IS to like in Black. Not the story, not the action, not the characters, not the messages, not the episodic structure, not the acting (oh my gods those kids...), not the effects, and CERTAINLY not the pacing. It's a complete failure on nearly every level. And if it weren't for Shadowmoon I'd have nothing but bad memories of it. Every second I spent with it were spent wishing it was over.

    But I needed to watch it, X, Amazon, and RX for their context in Decade. So I did. And were it not for being able to appreciate that, I'd regret ever watching Black.

  13. I will agree with the kids in Black were mixed a lot because they're kids so I let that by. I was a fan of the story, the action, the messages, and the acting from the main characters. Shadowmoon is one of the best things for the series, but there is a reason why people really love Black. Kotaro was a very good main rider and he shows the great theme of the powers being a burden while being something in a new direction. I was a fan of the fights because Black's style was different and they did great with it with really good camera direction and knowing when to cut around. Black is also one of my favorite endings in Kamen Rider because it was a bitter sweet ending done really well, not as strong as Blade, but still strong. As I always say though opinions are opinions and everyone has their own, there is always somebody who stands out against the general decision, the fan favorites, or the shunned series.

  14. Thank god, i thought im in the minority who enjoys kamen rider w, i like w, its my favorite rider of all time, i watching decade vs dai shocker when w shows up, i was curious, 2 people in a kamen rider suit???, and i googled the opening song, and i fell in love with the series, all of the cast, shotaro, philip, terui, akiko, the irregulars, even the enemies are interesting, nazca was my favorite and i was actually hoping to see terror vs weather, but that didn't happen

    Den-o wasn't really that bad, i think its just bad because of how the show is getting rubbed in your face, i actually got pissed when they replaced hana with kohana, wth is that? Zeronos is one of my favorite second rider

    Decade, i guess i was expecting more, i was actually going to watch all other 9 riders before jumping to decade, but i guess i dont have to since most guest stars on the tribute episode (except for den-o, hibiki and black) didn't showed up

    Im now starting on kabuto, hopefully i will enjoy it

    1. You are not part of a minority for enjoying Kamen Rider Double, I know a lot of fans who love it, probably as much as I do. Also there is a reason why OOO and Fourze followed up on the partner motif that Double had because Double did it the best and it really did well with the fans. Well the problem with Decade though is that it does spoil many of the big plot twists from the other Kamen Rider shows. So I think Decade is a series that should be left for later or just not watch it at all.

  15. could you do a top 10 kamen rider movies?

    1. Easily, just got to add that to upcoming lists.

  16. As of now, where does Gaim stand on your list?

  17. Can I get your opinion about Agito?because I think Agito is almost as good as Kuuga,dark-story,strong villain and very rather complex for children to understand though.

    I like W because Shotarou and Katsumi are very damn cool,maybe if katsumi is a good rider he will be a great rider alongside W and Accel

    1. Agito is one I never got to finish. Every time I tried to watch it, something comes up and with how things are now, I probably won't be getting back to it either. Anyways, always keep the Double love strong and get ready for next month!

  18. if they are going to remake a kamen raider series, I would love to see black. With the technology today, they can make it a darker and better kamen raider series... but hopefully they don't over "effect/gimmick" it like some kamen raiders today

    1. I don't think Black needs to be darker... The series already had a dark tone to begin with. High chance a remake will get rid of more of the kid related plot points. I don't think remaking Black will make it better than the original though since the charm of the original is hard to replicate and whoever the next actor is has to deal with the previous actor's shadow since Tetsuo Kurata is one of the few rider actors that makes it clear that he is Kamen Rider Black.

  19. So it has been almost three years since you made this list and I'm a bit curious; now that you have watched more rider shows how has your list changed?

    1. The list always changes, but I want to see more Showa riders before making a new list. I will say this though, Kabuto is going to be placed much lower, I was too nice to that show.

    2. So just out of curiosity what's your opinion on the Showa you have seen (Besides Black since I already know how you feel about that series)

    3. Sadly my progress has been rather slow... I really need to start picking up a watchlist or something during the summer.

    4. Well if it helps any kit subs finished subbing kamen rider stronger and have subbed most of skyrider.

    5. I was thinking of Stronger the most since I did start it and was having a blast with it.

  20. Decade didn't ended at a cliff hanger, you gotta watch the movie to find out the ending. It clearly said that on the wiki :P

    1. Oh I know, still really did not explain anything, but the series in question ends on a cliffhanger. Having a movie finish the "story" is just pandering for money, but hey that business.