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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kamen Rider Zecter Knights?

Recently this picture has been making rider fans confused or angry. For me I'm both because I am not a big fan of american toku that much. I did like Dragon Knight at points mostly for being different than Ryuki, but the show was only ok because of some bad acting and bad edits. Well if this is true I saw that Kabuto would be next because it was the first rider series in HD. Also Kabuto has a good amount of riders including three movie riders. The fight scenes are still some the best of the franchise because of the slow motion background. The name Zecter Knights is not good because its not a name for one rider, it seems riders of this series will have a class sort of. Also having knight again isnt that nice, because I think keeping the name would have worked better I mean they keep Kamen so why not call him Kabuto. The word is not really that japanese because of the Kabuto beetle. High chance though this is fake though and I think it is because of the logo. The logo is for the original kamen rider series in japan from 1971. The thing is that he was a hopper not a beetle. So im not 100% sure that this is fake or not, but it seems interesting because Kabuto is a good rider series that will easily get people's attention with it's fight scenes. If it is real then the plot seems ok, it seems similar to the original, but will there be Zect involved or are the zecters just free?

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