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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts on Kamen Rider Fourze

I am hearing a lot of ppl hating this rider already, there was a fan who even said this could bring the end of kamen rider. First ppl at first hated the designs of double and ooo and what happens, those people get used to it when they see them in battle. I am already fine with this design expect for one thing, but that will be brought up later. First you can tell that this is a space themed rider because of the rocket helmet. The helmet's size could have been reduced a little, but im fine with it mostly because it doesnt look bad, it looks serious to me so I can take it seriously.

The body looks great for this rider it fits the helmet greatly with white, black, and some orange, but icons like the "x" and the triangle are a little odd. Also in  this picture we can see one of his attacks, now i find this awsome that he can punch monsters with a rocket! Imagine the damage that can do. I really cant wait to see him in action and using that rocket punch.
The belt is where I have to cross the line though. I really hate the belt right now, its big a bulky and sort of works with the suit, but it stands out too much! I really have to wonder how the hero will carry this around. Maybe it has to do with that fact that this is a prototype rider that rumors have been talking about. Still I just cant accpet this belt, the logo for Fourze is awsome though.

Fourze has an awsome bike though and rumors say it can take him to space! The bike reminds me of Kuuga's mixed with Super-1's bike. I bet this bike will be used a lot more than previous rider series. For those people who are hating on this rider right now I bet you will be fine with him when he fights.

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