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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 7 Review: Steaming Mad

In this episode we get more conflict, but this time it's because of the villains. A monster that uses steam to make clones and Chaos is on his own for some reason. Meanwhile our King, Daigo heads back to an island to find his precious things.
Now I have complained when Souji and Ian were fighting with each other in episode five. That could have easily been avoided since they could have known each other for a month by now. For this episode it works because it's what the MOTW does. He can make clones and thus making them do things that the real person wouldn't. So the monster creates fake Kyoryugers and have them give the team bad compliments. This was well done as the team isn't perfectly together yet, but they are more positive with each other so having the monster trick the team was smart. Also the clones have their memories so they can bring up things up like Nobuhara's bad puns. There was even a creepy moment when Ian is looking at Amy's thighs as we get some odd camera shots. Then Souji was being called a coward and finally Ian was being labeled a liar. So this leads the team being distorted and Daigo wasn't around either so when Dogold and his monster attack it went well for the villains. So yea this plot point works better for the whole team conflict since it was the monster himself and not the actual team itself.
This episode was looking to be an Ian and Dagio episode and it does as the series starts to make some connections. It's with Daigo's stone that he got from his dad when he left. The stone resembles the stone that Ian and his friend found at the ruins before. That stone is with Sorrow as I wonder what exactly connects the two? Going on Daigo had a fun role for this episode as he forgot his things on the island from episode one. Sheesh how long has it been? Luckily he found his stuff and there he meets Chaos! Sadly, he doesn't get much time with him as he just learns that he is the leader as Torin sends him to help the others. When Daigo returns we see Ian getting ticked off by Daigo and actually destroying the stone! Now of course that was a fake Ian who did it and we soon find out it was a fake stone as well. Still how Daigo reacted all to this was not with anger, but sadness. He was wondering what exactly he did wrong as he was more worried about that so he can make Ian more happy. This gets the monster made and gets him to yell out loud revealing himself, even though he wasn't that well hidden in the first place. Daigo had a good moment in this episode as we see why he is called King once more since he worries about his actions and how he can do better.
Going on with the villains as I was very happy with how things turned out for them. The MOTW was a monster based on steam which is different and how they connect that to clone making is even more unique. I was thinking the anger monsters would just be fighters, but no this one was more tactical. He stayed in the background and had his fakes do most of the work. The design is odd, but it stays true to the motif he has. Dogold had strong moments in this episode as he got more fights in this episode. Chaos is taking a step up already as he summons a sealed Zyudenryu. The Pteragordon is summoned and now Chaos has control over it somehow. He used Dogold and his monster as a distraction as Torin couldn't stop him. I give credit to Torin though he did more than what he usually does. Something odd is up though since Chaos has the battery for the Pteragordon and when he hands to Dogold he can use it! I bet many know why he can and I can predict why as well, but I'll keep it secret until the series pulls that plot twist out. Still I was very happy on how the villains were as they got things done and got the heroes in a corner.
Going back to some of the other plot points in this episode as I said the comedy really did work well. The MOTW's week really did well and seeing what the fakes said to the team was funny. The whole thing with fake Ian telling Amy she is picking up some weight reminds me of Carranger and Megaranger as those jokes weren't really used for the 2000 era series (remember I haven't watched all Sentai series so be nice on telling me if I was wrong.). Then another thing I am liking is how the plot is getting a boost before the tenth episode mark. Now with Kamen Rider Wizard I am fine with how it's doing in plot wise. It's giving us elements of what is connecting to the story as it's a build up method. With this I can tell the whole Pteragordon arc is going to be for the sixth warrior. Also the series are making connections already to the stone we saw before which is like Wizard in a way as we know many things that connect to each other, but don't know about the origins and how they connect. Again I am happy that there is some good investment to take into with the plot in this series right now as I hope they just don't use the plot twists quickly since it will ruin the build up.
Also I have a feeling I know who Chaos is
Now for the action of this episode, there were no disappointments this time, except one though. The action was mostly saved for the end as the first fight was quick since it cut away showing the heroes in danger and having us know they were going to lose that fight. Then when the monster and his plan are revealed the big fights begin. Daigo takes on Dogold and that didn't get much attention that I was thinking. The real focus was with the other four taking on the Steam monster and his fakes mixed in with Debos soldiers. Ian solves this problem by putting flowers on the real members so that he can tell them apart. There we see some great gun skills from him as he should team up with Haruto as those two can pull off some sick shots. With the mech fight we had Steam make a fake Dogold in giant form as Kyoryujin had to fight two foes! There was a new battery used as it makes a fart attack........ you heard me right. Then they get Ankydon and take down the fake Dogold by smashing the fake identity and then piercing the monster with the drill! Finally, Steam is taken out by the hammer. The mech fight lasted longer and the new power is dumb, but how the team reacted and how Torin told them to use it in pride was funny. So that fight actually leaves us with an impression thanks to some comedy.
Overall I was very happy with this episode. Daigo had really good moments as he confronts Chaos and showing why he is called King once more. Ian was taking interest with the Daigo's stone and wondering if that has any connections to the stone he found before. Torin actually did more things and I like his rivalry with Chaos. The comedy was well done and the same for the action as many moments left me remembering them for once. Also the villains were in top shape. Finally some nice plot points are begin introduced well so I give the episode an A.
Next Time: Get ready this is going to get punny!

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