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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sentai Month: My Top Ten Favorite Super Sentai Series

Well the time has finally come, I have did many top ten list for Sentai, but I never did a list of my personal favorites. Now I haven't seen every series so don't flame me for not having your favorite. Also if there is one not on this list you can send me any information on how to find them. So let's start!

10. Liveman
Whenever fans talk about the 80's what usually comes up is Bioman, Maskman, and Liveman. I only finished watching one of the three, but I promise to watch Maskman when I get more free time. Another thing with these three series is that they are known for being dark and I mean dark. There are great members, but I actually only like the first three. The other two are okay, but just never got much attachment for me. Then there was that ending which fans mostly do agree was pretty bad for being very rushed. The filler episodes are okay at times, but it was mostly the main story plots that got me. Overall it's a good series and many fans love it, for me I don't love it as much, but I can easily see why people adore this series.
Gekiranger was a very interesting series I will say. The main hero was very hyper active and you think some of the fans would hate that. Jan was well done as they really made great character moments for him, but that is a flaw as well. Jan did take too much of the spotlight. This is not the worst example of red focus though as the others do get big moments with the other two main getting most. Geki Violet to me really got ignored at points and the same for Chopper. Oh well the series had a nice story along with one of my favorite villains Mele. The action is a big saver for the series as well as the mecha battles are so great. It didn't do much of the clustering that we saw in the series before and after it. The biggest flaw I find with this series though is some of the filler episodes as the comedy for them just hit the ground. If it kept a darker feel which it did for main story plot points, it would be higher on the list. Not saying comedy is bad, but blending them is very hard to do.
8. Sun Vulcan
Look guys a Sentai series that actually had a spy motif and didn't change! Sun Vulcan is a very fun series as it's very fast paced for it's time and it doesn't feel it's lacking anything. Also even though I haven't finished Denjiman I love seeing how this Sentai is a sequel to it. It brings a classic villain back for another go. This series has some of favorite designs as I love how the three members look and their robot is another big personal favorite of mine. It was the first three teamed Sentai and it gave a path for many to follow as this a common trend for beginnings in Sentai. Then that opening, oh that opening theme! Finally as I said for it's time the action was well done and it was more of a comedic series so it got some laughs from me. Sun Vulcan is a classic and the series still shines brightly in the franchise.
Shinkenger was very big for when it came and many fans still go back to it saying it was one of the best during the 2000's. I easily agree with this, Shinkenger shows more of a blend with humor and comedy. There are very comedic moments, but it doesn't hurt the serious feel. I mean Geki Gold is an overall comedic character yet he is the smartest and easily one of the most helpful ones in the team. Now the red focus was here, but not like Goseiger though. It makes sense for the leader to be the main focus and it makes more sense here since it follows a samurai and his retainers. The characters were well used and easily work as supporters so they worked around with the red focus. One thing that bring this series down though were the mech fights. I personally really hated the mechs they were big and clunky, they even moved in odd ways. Overall it's a series that holds a strong story and cast, but the mech action is not that good in comparison.
6. Go-onger
Now you probably know that I love Go-onger. This was my first Super Sentai series so of course it left an impact on me. First I will say that the series is more on the random humor factor. I personally love random humor and with the high energy the series has it works very well. I could never guess what was going to happen so that always surprised me about the series. Also with there are running gags, but they done correctly and aren't just occurring when it just did a couple of seconds ago. The heroes are still some of my favorites as their personalities really jump out. Now the robots did get clustered, but that was closer to the end and it was really only G-12 that bugged me. The villains are fun, nothing special though, but I still love them. Overall the series is more of a guilty pleasure for me and it holds many memories for me. I guess I got some blindness for Go-onger, but I really love for what it is. Go-onger is very humorousness and yes the series does hit dark parts, but they come at good times. So yea I love Go-onger, but it's not in the top five for many reasons.
5. Dekaranger
Now if you're not a fan of police shows this series could work for you or not. Personally it works with me a whole lot. It's a different turn on cop dramas as it still sticks to the Sentai tropes. Now I will agree there is really no big story and in ways that could lose some investment. Each episode though really highlights on the traits and bonds for the characters and that really keeps me invested. Tons of great heroes in this series as Deka Blue is my all time favorite Blue Warrior. Then finally for me this is the second best blend of humor and comedy in the franchise. There are many moments where I laughed too much I was coughing. Going back to the lack of a big story then this connects to most of the villains just being fun to watch. They are criminals and that's it. So there are some things lacking for Dekaranger, but it really saves itself thanks to one of the best casts.
4. Jetman
Onto the beginning of the 90's there was Jetman. This is probably the biggest Sentai still since many fans get interested in it when hearing it was originally going to be the first Power Ranger series. It was not used since it was too violent and boy it is violent. Then the villains called the Vyram and one of the best villain groups as this series holds my all time favorite villain Grey. Each character goes through hard times and learns something from it. There will be many feels for this series as the characters do go through a lot. Then I can't forget about the greatness that is Gai! Oh he is so awesome! Easily one of the most badass warriors. Finally as I said before the Jetman go through a lot and they help each other to go on and continue their fight. It can be dark, but the series is also very uplifting.
3. Boukenger
Ready for an adventure? Well if you want one Boukenger is right for you. Again this is a Sentai that lacks a big story, but with the many villains and character plot points it saves itself from that flaw. There are many character moments as even the villains can have big moments. Bouknger is another series that holds one of my favorite cast members and characters. The villains are strong and they really give a challenge to the heroes powers and morals. The mecha action was very fun as it did start the clustering path, but it's nothing like we have now. Each episode except for the flashback episode, had a big sense of adventure and it helped give something to our heroes. For me this is the best series to get me pumped as there are many high packed moments of suspense and relief. Overall Boukenger is an adventure that never gets boring.
2. Gokaiger
Just wow, when this series came fans were overly happy. I bet now many fans say that Gokaiger should be one of the firsts to watch in the franchise. I would not disagree with that. It's a perfect series that shows what the franchise is. It's a great tribute series as it's probably the best anniversary I have seen in anything entertainment wise. I just got can't hold back on why I love this series with a passion. Another series with some of the best characters ever. Now the villains were lacking except for one, Basco! Going on though I find the villains to be tributes to the older style of villains sort of like how like how Kyoryuger  is with theirs. Some of the best action and mech fights. There isn't much bad with this series except for some parts that are slightly weak in comparison. Each character has many moments and is very balanced out. Still there is one other Sentai series that is even closer to perfection to me.
1. Dairanger
Now this is my absolute favorite. This is the number one best blend of comedy and humor. The best mech action. The best suit action. The best out of suit action. Finally my all time favorite cast. Dairanger just hits me with a wave of positivity. The Dairanger series is the closest thing to perfection except for one villain.... I love each member of the team and Kaku is my all time favorite mentor. Like in Boukenger and Dekaranger each episode can highlight on a character's traits and Dairanger does this very well with arcs. Each character has some arc where they interact with certain characters. Lin and Kou dealt with Akomaru, Souji had to deal with the three idiots, Kazu protected Kameo, Daigo fell in love with Kujaku, and Ryou had to fight his greatest rival Jin. I loved this style of story telling and there are fillers that show more of the character's strong traits. This though is a series that had an odd ending, but it still leaves at a good thought of the battle of good and evil. So that's my list. Now I will have to do an overall favorite Toku shows list at some point, but I am going to really wait for that cause I need to see way more series to have a big opinion on it. Feel free to comment on your favorites.


  1. Hi Sean
    Nice choices. and which is your bottom 10 sentai series; what are your feelings about the sentai series which are not in this list?

    1. Personally I think I need to watch more before getting onto a list like that.

    2. I guess so; other than those ten series, which are the Super Sentai series you've watched so far?

    3. Other than the ten series I put on the list. There is Magiranger, Goseiger, Go-busters, Zyuranger, Megaranger, and Fiveman so yea I need to catch up and I really need to re-watch the other series cause I don't remember much.

  2. Nice list here. Really, I really like your list though I'd say I only watch Go-onger for its wacky humor mostly.

    1. That is one thing that keeps me very interested with Go-onger since it always got me with it's humor. The character wise I love them as the main villains are okay, but whenever there was a new villain who came in they really stood out.

  3. Replies
    1. I did a recent post on it

  4. I still haven't seen any sentai series all the way through. But 4 of the ones on this list I did watch the first couple episodes of....

    Sentai's whole style just doesn't agree with me. The role calling, the spread-out action, the clunky mechs...Ultraman does the giant monster fight SO MUCH better. And I feel like there is literally zero sense of team play in the small-scale fight scenes.

    Despite hearing people say that Sentai sets itself apart from a single-hero series like KR or Ultra by having a very different action really doesn't feel like it to me. The few fights I've seen involve the various team members splitting up and taking on their own bunch of mooks or else taking turns against the main villain. Just because each of you is holding a handle on a big cannon doesn't mean you're working as a team...

    But hey, nobody says you have to like everything, right?

    1. Well there are more team fights and mostly the idea of Sentai came up since Shotaro Ishinomori thought five heroes would do great and he was right when the franchise begun. Right now the series is having issues though. I do think with Sentai there needs to be a different mindset. I bet you would like the 80's and some of the 90's Sentai. So which series did you see so far?

    2. Glamador has seen the first episodes oooffff.....

      Kakuranger (planning to watch all of that one)
      Sun Vulcan
      The Shinkenger x Decade crossover episode
      JAKQ Dengekitai vs. Gorenger
      ...and a little bit of the Gokaiger vs. Goseiger 199 Heroes movie.

      Also whatever bits of it were used in MMPR back in the day. So it's not like I didn't give it a fair shake. Though perhaps another couple of episodes into some of the series might give me a better feel.

    3. Yea I feel like series with Dairanger and Jetman you will like when getting more into it. Gokaiger is an amazing series, but if you are not a fan of the big Sentai elements it could act like poison for you. Then that Decade and Shinkenger crossover is meh...

  5. Siegfried JurgenApril 2, 2013 at 3:57 AM

    Nice review, you can also add Maskman and Bioman to your list. Both their story lines are very engaging!

    1. When I get to them, I do really hope I enjoy them.

  6. Thank you, nice review, I search for super sentai for my college holiday, your review really cool. Dairanger solid story + special effects especially Daijin Ryuu arc, best mecha in super sentai universe for me personally :D and Gokaiger really poisoned me, since I was finished Dairanger before Gokaiger :)

  7. I gotta say it's a good list. I admit I haven't seen anything below Magi Ranger (I tried but I couldn't get hooked), so if I had to do a list of my top 5 it would be
    1. Gokaiger (the perfect sentai, I agree with everything you said on this one)
    2. Gekiranger (my first super sentai, boy it was a blast!)
    3. Kyoryuger (full of energy and awesome arc, plus bunch of rangers)
    4. Shinkenger (kept me intrigued, with the need of keep watching)
    5. Boukenger (awesome)

    I do admit I started watching Dairanger and Maskman I they look VERY promising.

    1. Dairanger is really worth a watch and I can't wait for those DVD's from Shout!

  8. 1. Gokaiger
    2. Dekaranger
    3. Shinkeger
    4. Jetman
    5. Boukenger

    Hey Sean what's your opinion on my list

    1. Gokaiger is an anniversary done right, Dekaranger is simply a cop show, but a damn good one, Shinkenger's only big flaw was the mechs, Jetman is when Inoue was being controlled (until the end), and Boukenger I need to rewatch. Overall from what I can tell you like the high action of the 2000's, but with Jetman in the mix, you can like the added touch of drama here and there.

  9. We'll hey Sean I changed list because I watched series they are

    1 Dekaranger
    2. Gokaiger
    3. Shinkenger
    4. Magiranger
    5. Boukenger
    6. Jetman
    7. Goseiger
    8. Kyrounger
    9. Go onger
    10. Ohranger. Basically why I have this in my
    It's is because it's the ever sentai I ever actually watched so I have a place for it in my heart