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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 28 Review: Let it Rip! (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Alright I will say this first, I'm sorry if I'm being slow recently. I have been having a lot of things thrown at me so I can't juggle everything. I got school and soccer is coming back, but I am trying to schedule things. Hopefully things will work out, also I have been playing a new way too much and maybe I will do a review on it. Well anyways the episode begins with Fourze in Magnet States trying to fight the Supernova Cancer. None of his attacks though are working on Cancer and Ryusei is trying to become Meteor again. Tachibana though is serious and soon he will take the driver away from Ryusei. Before Cancer can get the final attack his body starts to act strangely and he reverts back to normal. There Virgo tells him to retreat because the Cosmic powers will soon kill him from the inside. Before he leaves though he steals Ryusei's life ring and tells him to meet him in class 2-B. After his retreat, Gamou talks to Cancer about his incredible abilities and he starts to make jokes and Gamou is a smart man so he easily answers his riddles. Hayami tries to calm Kijima down, but he starts to taunt him about how the many students Hayami tried to get and none of them got to Supernova before. Kijima then talks about a possible new Zodiart and he leaves by acting like a clown like usual. Gamou is impressed by his powers and how they are increasing, but it could be too soon for the young crab.
Back with the club as Ryusei wakes up and the time is 2:50 so Ryusei is moving already so he can meet Kijima. Gen stops him and tries to help, but Ryusei doesn't want them to be around. The whole gang try to open him up, but Ryusei leaves saying he can protect himself. Next Ryusei gets a phone call from the hospital about Jiro as his temperature is rising and is saying "Ryusei" again and again. There are problems though as Ryusei has to wait before seeing his sick friend. When he ends the call Gen appears as he heard Ryusei. Gen talks to him about Jiro and wonders if he is a friend or not and about how his life is in danger. Ryusei wants to see him, but he has to deal with Kijima first, but Gen tries to help again and asks. This time it works though as Ryusei meets with Kijima with Gen tagging along. Kijima is disappointed in Ryusei, but Gen talks about Jiro and will take Ryusei's place for the time. Ryusei didn't want Gen to do this, but he will so he could see Ryusei's true smile. All of a sudden the other club members appear before Kijima to see if all of them can take Ryusei's spot. Kijima agrees to these terms as he transforms and takes the members' life rings in exchange for Ryusei's. There is also a time limit of one hour and if Ryusei doesn't make it in time everyone else will be in a coma. Ryusei agrees to this and leaves with the keys to Fourze's bike.
Kijima doesn't want to be bored though for the whole hour so he begins the Hellish Comedy Act with the gang. If one of them can make him laugh they will get their soul back. Ryusei already gets to the hospital and talks with Jiro. Back with the gang as Miu is ready to try her celeb jokes, but Kijima quickly cuts her ring saying that he has always hated her. Shun gets mad and tries to attack, but Kijima cuts his ring as well (our heroes everyone!). Gen is also mad and almost ends up like Shun as he transforms and is ready to fight, but Kengo stops him. Meanwhile Ryusei is trying to get Jiro to smile for one more time and now Tachibana contacts him saying he will give him a special chance. More issues though as Tachibana will only give him permission again if he reaches the lighthouse by four o'clock the same time he has to save the club. Now he has to choose and during this Yuuki's , Jake's, and Kengo's rings are cut. Ryusei leaves the hospital as Gen is trying out his joke. He tries a friendship joke and fails as his ring is cut. Time is almost up and Tomoko is the only one left standing, but Ryusei makes it back and right on time. Ryusei tries to make another exchange, but the only way to save everyone is by making Kijima laugh. At first Ryusei tries to fight him, but without Meteor's powers he can barely stand a chance.
All isn't lost though as Kijima is completely amazed how stupid Ryusei is and begins to laugh. Ryusei caught on what Kijima when he was saying "don't make me laugh" during battles so he thought he could make him laugh during a fight. All the rings come out of Kijima and return back to their owners as Ryusei as defeated Kijima in the comedy act. When they wake back up Ryusei thinks to himself on how he finally realizes that he is similar to the others. Gen transforms into Fourze again, but this time he can actually fight as he takes Cancer outside thanks to the Rocket Switch. The gang follows, but Ryusei leaves on his own and doesn't say why to Tomoko. He makes it to the light tower, but it is too late as he tries to call Tachibana as he is not responding. Ryusei still talks to him though saying that he wanted to save the club because they let a secretive man like him to still be around them. He knows he was going to be late, but he didn't want anyone else to end up like Jiro. Meanwhile the fight isn't going well as Cancer goes into Supernova and Gen tries to shoot him down with Launcher and Gatling, but that doesn't work. Gen then jumps onto Cancer's head and slashes at him with the Claw switch, but he is quickly shoved off. Back with Ryusei who is still trying to get Tachibana's permission as he sees a box on the ground. He opens the box to find the Meteor Storm Switch as Tachibana finally responds saying that he has made the right choice. He wanted Ryusei to save the others and now Ryusei needs to defeat Cancer or everything will be taken.
With Meteor back in action Ryusei says that he will not be defeated again and transforms! Fourze tries to finish Cancer off with the Rider Rocket Drill Kick, but it doesn't work as Cancer knocks him around more forcing the transformation to cancel out. Cancer then starts to run toward the gang, but Meteor flies in and hits him away. The first thing Meteor does is use the new switch to transform into Meteor Storm! Cancer then summons some Dustards, but with Meteor's new rod weapon they don't stand a chance. Cancer then quickly goes back into Supernova as Cancer still talks a big game on how his shell will never be broken. Meteor though accepts that challenge and gets ready to use the Limit Break, but Kengo quickly warns him that Cancer's energy is too high and the explosion could take out the whole city. There is no need to worry though as Meteor uses the Meteor Storm Punisher as it uses a spinning top... Cancer doesn't see that breaking his shell anytime, but the top has more power than he thinks as it cuts off his legs and arms! Cancer says one more joke before the top goes through his mouth and cuts off his tongue! It seems that the little top can absorb the enemy's powers to make itself more powerful which decreases the power of Cancer and the explosion. Kijima though gets away, but Hayami finds him. Kijima knows failure isn't acceptable and tries to use his trump card to save him which is the knowledge of Meteor's identity. Hayami though says it is not needed though as Kijima is also not needed anymore. Virgo appears as Libra disguises Kijima as the officer who has been looking into the school recently. There he tells Virgo to send him to the Dark Nebula as she does and that's the end of Cancer as he is sucked into the portal. Ryusei goes back to the hospital to see that Jiro is out of his critical condition. At night Ryusei reports to Tachibana that he lost Kijima, but Tachibana tells him that his identity is still safe. Back with the club as they are very happy to hear that Jiro is doing fine. Ryusei also feels grateful for once towards the club, but he still sees that isn't the right time to accept them yet.
That is episode 28 as it is a really well done episode, but there are a couple of disappointments. First is that Cancer is already gone! He is my favorite Horoscope so far because of how he gets to become one and how he acted. I loved his funny attitude as it made me laugh at times, but also make me love to hate him. He does get annoying, but that is the point of his character and it's sad to see him get killed already. Now this does show something though, Hayami is now acting on his own. Now it if a Horoscope does lose they are sent to the Dark Nebula, but Scorpio got another chance so the same would probably happen to Cancer. Hayami though didn't want him around anymore so he got rid of him which shows he wants to still stay on top. This also makes me like Libra a lot more and I hope this will happen more often with his character, who knows he could try to over rule Gamou. I did like the comedy in this episode as the characters started to show more about themselves. I loved when Kengo tries it was very funny to see him act like a fool, but it shows that he is opening up more around the club. Also Tomoko was the last one left and doesn't even try to say a joke which shows her personality well. Do you think a Gothic character like her would be making jokes. The reveal of Meteor Storm was good, but it was way too short. I do love his new weapon as I am a fan of rod like weapons and even though the spinning top is a little silly it was still awesome to see it destroy Cancer. Ryusei was also a blast in this episode as he building up on a good sense of justice. He actually wanted to save the club and I bet he wouldn't be like this during his first episodes. Overall even with the death of Cancer already the series is still showing more potential for their characters and Ryusei is starting to look more like a true hero as he defeat two Horoscopes while Fourze only defeated one, an A-
Ohsugi is the new homeroom teacher?!

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