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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 5 Review: Overheat

Episode 5 begins with the Megazord from the last episode being looked at for any possible leads to the Vaglass. Hiro is worried if the Gamma robot will activate again, but there are no worries since the Megazords are simply puppets. Also I guess they can only be activated by a Metavirus and each time they have specific parts that relate to the droid. Nick then talks about how the Gamma robots seem to be the most powerful out of the three types. Things quickly get a little ugly as Usada starts to talk about that he wouldn't have any issues and Nick starts to grab his ears. While the two fight Hiromu mentions about his fight and how hard it was as Yoko is surprised to hear weakness from him. It is mostly factual though and yet Yoko still tries to talk about how "The truth is stranger than fiction." She doesn't use it correctly, but we understand what she is saying. Now the Busters are given a new mission to protect a large amount of Enertron which is going to the tank from the previous episode. The Busters are already on the road with the Enertron and Enter has already spotted the energy. He starts to make a Metaroid from a bike and it's called Tireroid (I was expecting Bikeroid). The base already picks up on the Enertron readings and the upcoming Megazord.
The team already expect the roid to appear soon as Yoko predicts it will come from behind and it does. The Tireroid tries to chase after the truck, but Yoko pops out and shoots him down. That doesn't stop him though as he gets back up and starts to run again. Yoko then tries to shoot him again, but this time he is dodging every shot. Tire soon gets close to the truck, but Ryuji slams him with the van as he and Yoko transform, but it seems that the droid fired something at the truck. With the truck it starts to take control as the driver cannot stop it. Hiro suspect that the droid did something and finds something in the bottom right part as he transforms and gives chase. Meanwhile the fight with Tire seems to be going well even when the grunts appear. Things get rough though as Ryu gets shot in the foot and the droid rams him. Yoko is too busy with the grunts as Ryuji keeps dodging the shots, but always gets hit by Tire's ram. Tire begins for another ram attack, but Ryuji activates his super strength and tries to hold him back. The droid is not giving up though and is giving Ryu a hard time as he starts to reach his temperature limit? Gorosaki starts to stress out like usual, but this time he has the right to be worried as Ryuji overheats. This is shown when Ryuji completely crushes the droid's hands!
The droid screams out as Yoko notices what is happening and Ryuji is starting to act like Dirty Harry. Ryuji starts to punch and knee the droid without stopping and even flips him! While the droid is on the ground Ryuji kicks him foward and starts to shoot around the droid to scare him. Yoko notices that this is Ryuji's weak point as he will overheat and that leads to a complete personality change. Meanwhile with Hiro he gets up the van and tells the passenger that he will shoot the tire. When he lines up the shot he shoots the right tire as it begins to swerve out and with the infected tire out of the way the driver stops the truck. Back with Ryuji as he is still scaring the droid and Yoko hears about the overheat situation. Whenever Ryuji overheats it will damage his body significantly and Gorisaki tells her to stay away from him. Yoko though doesn't listen and you know when its bad when Usada is saying it's a bad idea. She doesn't listen though and tries to help Ryu, but he throws her away. Ryuji then finishes off the droid by throwing him into the air and stabbing him in mid air! Sadly though Ryuji is still going crazy as Yoko still tries to help, but that doesn't go well as he prepares to punch her! Gorisaki soon gets outside with a bag around his head and it sounds like ice is in it. Back with Yoko and she almost got hit as Ryuji starts to scare her even more saying that he hates when people follow him around. Luckily he soon hits his limit and passes out on the ground as Gori appears to pour ice on him which cools him down. Yoko is in shock from what happen and when Gori explains about him going out of control she begins to cry. There is no time though as the commander tells her to meet up with Hiro as there is only six minutes before the Megazord arrives.
Back with Hiro has he hears the news of Ryuji overheating from the commander and now Ryu will be out for a while. Before Yoko arrives Usada tells Hiromu to help her because she is in shock from what happened. Hiro cannot ponder on the though that Ryuji can really do things like this as Nick replies that he acts like a delinquent during overheating. Hiro still thinks that Yoko shouldn't be getting this special treatment, but Nick says that she is a girl and she never saw Ryuji like that before even though they are very close. Yoko soon appears and she has dirt all over her face. Nick shows her reflection as she tries to clean her face and Hiro just says that she was crying. She then starts to explain that Ryuji was acting so mean towards her and she didn't know that part of him existed. Hiro then says that the only reason Yoko was crying is that Ryuji didn't meet her ideals and he gets a hit from Nick for that. The mechas are soon transported out and the drivers are told to leave because of the Megazord who will appear very close to them. Hiro then tells Yoko to aid the truck in it's escape and before he leaves he gives her a rag to clean her face with. The two Busters transform as Hiro begins to fight as Yoko helps the truck and gets some candy from Usada.
The Megazord appears and Nick wonders why it has tires for feet. At first it looks like they were for decorations, but the zord uses them to drive as he rams the Ace. Meanwhile Ryu is being told on how Yoko say him in overheat mode. The two talk about how Yoko still has a brittle part of her and she sees Ryu as an older brother. Yoko then starts to think about the past with Ryu and how he has been trying to not go into overheat. Meanwhile the mecha fight is going well as the Ace knees the zord and Hiro prepares the finisher, but a sign with a chicken appears. Hiro freezes up from the picture as the zord runs for the tank of Enertron. She is attacked by the Megazord and she tries to defend the truck as she shoots it down a couple of times. Her mech though begins to fall down, but Ryu comes in with his vehicle to save the day. There Ryuji talks with Yoko about how seeing his other side is actually good since fights will get more serious. Also he cannot act like the big brother character forever as the bad side will appear again, but it's still him. The truck is soon stopped by the zord, but Yoko flies in and shoots at it. There she turns the mecha into the animal mode and of course it's a rabbit. the robot starts to hop around and there it kicks the Zord again and again. Next the robot digs and appears behind the Zord and kicks it away. The Zord is kicked so far that it hits the Ace and it helps Hiro get out of his frozen state. There he finishes the Megazord with one final slash from the Ace's sword. The mission is soon completed as the truck makes it to it's destination and Yoko begins to brag on how sloppy Ryu and Hiro were today. She says the two should be more like her and there she runs out of energy and falls on the ground. Meanwhile the robot from the previous episode is alive!
That is episode five and its another really great episode. First I love the overheat mode of Ryuji it really shows a different side of him and his fight was simply awesome. How he fights in that mode easily shows the villain part of him and seeing him finish off the Droid really made him look like a bad ass (I knew I was going to like Blue the most). Back to that I really like how fast the droid lasted because the drama part of the show was very good. It kept my attention seeing on how Yoko was reacting to all of this and I was a little bothered by the crying, but it's reasonable. She has a weaker side to herself and it shows because on how much she trusts Ryuji and seeing him almost kill her brought her into shock. Even Hiro was fun in this episode because on how straight forward he can be even if it's rude at times. He still helped Yoko realize something though and he is a factual person, but under that character is a gentle side. The mecha fight was another great thing because it had a more comedic approach like the past mecha fights in the series. The CGI was also used reasonably and the introduction of the rabbit mode was a pretty good fight. Another thing that this episode does the best so far is the amount of screen time for the buddy roids. They had a lot more interactions in this episode and it helped out with the comedy and the drama of this episode. Overall another near perfect episode with great characterization and fights, an A+
Next Time: Gobuster-oh!

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