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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 41 Review: The Empire Strikes Back (Spoiler Alert!)

In the ship everything is peaceful as the team wonder about any new powers. Navi says that there is nothing she has for right now as a ball is being passed around. Ahim soon smacks the ball though with the broom which hits Marve, the computer screen, and Don, this makes Joe, Gai, and Ahim leave to go shopping. With the Zangyack the emperor, Ackdos Gil takes lead position of taking over the Earth. Damaras though is taken away and is arrested by Ackdos because he didn't protect the Prince. Insarn tries to help, but she is attacked by one the right hand men as Damaras is taken away screaming for a second chance. One of the monsters, Zatsurig then says he shall kill the pirates. The three start to go back to the ship, but soon they see the emperor ships destroying many cities as Zatsurig shows himself to the three. Ahim for some reason jumps into the battle first as Joe and Gai join soon later after wondering what is wrong with her. Ahim though doesn't care as she tries to take him down on her own ignoring Gai and Joe. Zatsurig uses his eye though is blast Ahim away as the three try to attack him together, but he eye makes them freeze, as he blast them away. He soon retreats though because it is almost nightfall as he wants to see all six next time. Ahim tries to move still as she pounds her fist to the ground.
Luka and Don help the three with their injuries in the ship as Joe talks about the guardsman and how he couldn't see how he fought. Gai also says that they were just blasted away before they could do anything. Don tries to think about a strategy to hide to learn about the new enemy. Ahim though walks to the top of the ship alone as Marve wonders whats wrong. Ahim thinks about the past when Zatsurig attacked her planet and destroyed it. Has we known from before she was a princess in her planet as her father wanted her to escape. Ahim tries to stay, but her parents say that she must run. The butler drags Ahim along as she sees her parents being killed by Zatsurig, as Ahim declares vengeance on him and she will do it by herself. Ahim looks around in the ship as she thinks about the crew, as she starts to leave. Marve though stops her, but she doesn't want to stop as she wants to kill Zatsurig for revenge. Everyone comes out then hearing what she has said. They talk to her that she cannot take him on and if she does fight him she will be killed. With all that is going on Ahim begins to cry, but Marve calms her down by thinking about the first time they met. In the flashback Ahim watches the four kill zangyack troops as she sees the wanted poster for Marvelous. She appears to the team and the first thing she says that she is from the Famille planet that was destroyed by the zangyack. She then asks to join the crew as she holds up the wanted poster. Luka actually calls her an idiot as Don wonders why she wants to be a pirate. Ahim wants to show the other survivors of Famille to see that she can fight the zangyack and act like a role model. If she gets the wanted posters the survivors will know about her battle facing them.
After the flashback Marve tells her to continue to fight for her survivors and not go on a suicide mission. She still cries as Marve tells her that she has the crew now and then she asks them for their help. Ahim gets her high spirits back after everyone says their motivation. Zatsurig shows up as Ahim tells him that he will die for the many deaths of planets and their people as the team transform and fight him. Even with all six they cannot defeat Zatsurig and his eye as he deflects attacks and blast them away continuously. He soon blast them all into a building with knocks them out of their transformations. The team recollect and they talk about his eye and see that it is the cause of his powers, all they have to do is close it for good. The plan is to have Ahim take the eye out when the rest of them distract him. During the fight they talk about how weak Ahim was at first as she couldn't use the weapons, the same for common chores, and she was bit of an airhead back then. What made her unique though was how calm she was and it soon made things better for the crew as they got more relaxed. The four use the final wave, but the attack is sent back as Gai takes the attack in Gold Mode. With the eye open, Ahim stabs it with her sword and blast it with the final wave as they eye is destroyed. Ahim teams up with everyone as they used different keys. With Gai they used the Go-on Wings keys, with Don they became Goraigers, Luka became Gosei Yellow with Ahim becoming Gosei Pink, with Joe they became Deka Master and Swan, and finally with Marve they became the two ShinkenReds. The team finish him off with Galleon Buster with a Pink Charge this time!
With the monster big the team go into their mechas and fight him off. They summon MachFalcon and he is revved up because of Ahim taking action. The team go into Kazen Gokai-oh and finish him off for good with the Kazen Punch. Everyone starts to relax on the grass as Ahim thanks everyone for fighting with her as Marve says that she got her goal and they got theirs. Ahim is confused as Gai yells out loud that Marve was afraid of losing Ahim and he is soon attacked by Marve. Luka then says not to worry about it then. After all the happiness we cut to Damaras in his cell and he looks pissed! Well that's episode 41 and wow what a great one it is. I know that revenge is cliche, but the way the series used it was great. This was breaking Ahim up and her calm personality started to change to a sensitive person. Its also great to see the team support her through with it as the fight was great seeing Ahim take lead was damn amazing. The mecha fight is mostly nothing, but that's what happens when the big mecha is being used. Overall a great focus episode on Ahim an A. Now we have to worry about Damaras now as he will fight the team!

Did I mention he is pissed!


  1. Well what is there is to say aside of this episode is just a totally awesome episode for Ahim (and totally cemented the fact that she IS rightfully one of my favorites). It clearly doesn't disappoint and the bonds between the Gokaigers themselves are awesome. 'Parents killed in front of eyes' were quite the cliche (I think Yuuri from Timeranger experienced that too), but I'll let it slide, because for Ahim, it led to a... uh... really cute scene when Ahim let out all her emotions and cried. Who's a better crier, you think? Yui Koike or Yuki Yamada (Joe)?

    Anyway, solid episode and just proves further that Ahim is love.

  2. Yea as I said before it felt a little cliche at times, but the series spiced it up a little with showing how it changes Ahim and the support from the team. A lot of times the sentai series never want anyone to kill for vengeance.

  3. Ahim's backstory did have cliches, but they're effective cliches that work really well at arousing emotions. Especially when they're executed as well as they were in this episode. Ahim's actress really did a great job in this episode, and I actually like Ahim's backstory better than Luka's.

  4. For me its even because both of their side stories have great support that makes us want to think what the character is doing is right. Ahim wanting to become a pirate so her people will know of her actions and Luka wanting the greatest treasure to help the many people who lives were ruined by the zangyack. My favorite backstory probably as to go to Joe though.

  5. I agree. I love Joe's story with Barizorg. Joe's also my favorite Gokai character. His actor really brings the best out of his story. The other's I've shuffled around between who's my next favorite but Joe has remained my favorite throughout.

  6. Yea Joe is great, but Luka is my favorite I just like her back story a lot even though its not my favorite, but her character is so much fun.