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Monday, August 11, 2014

Comedy Legend Robin Williams Dead At Age 63

Robin Willaims sadly has passed away at the age of sixty-three and it's even more sad to know that there it seems the cause of death was suicide. Comedy has been taking a big hit this year as many legends are passing away. Robin Willaims was easily one of those legends along with Harlod Ramis and Sid Caeser. Robin did a whole lot with her career as he performed one of the most iconic voiced acting roles as the Genie from Disney's Aladdin. The thing is that the energy he used for that role is also seen in any other role he had. Robin Willaims even if he wasn't in a good movie there is a reason why some of those films are still remembered and that was because he knew how to deliver his lines. If Robin Willaims were not in films like Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, RV, and Patch Adams high chance they wouldn't be as remembered. In the entertainment business, yes in the end a man is getting paid for doing his job, but there are entertainers who easily did it more for a paycheck as he was one of them. Even his stand up is something to take notice of or even his onetime appearance on the show, Whose Line Is It Anyways. His performances are unique and that alone will not be forgotten. My favorite role of his is no doubt from A Good Will Hunting, but in the end my inner child is going to remember the Genie the most. Another comedy legend has passed away, but in the end they would want you to laugh because that is what they did, make people laugh. Rest in peace Robin Willaims, fellow actor, comedian, and one of the biggest Legend of Zelda fans, you will be missed. 

I leave these two videos here as his stand up performance is still to this day one of my favorites along and when I was a kid I never noticed the names of actors, but it was thanks to this one Whose Line episode made me realize who Robin Williams was and since then I found his many works and even though not all of his films were the best and I will agree some are actually horrible, he always gave his one hundred perfect. He was a man who brought much fun to the entertainment buisness and it's one of the biggest influences for me wanting to be a critic as I love to share fun entertainment with many people. I just hope some of his works can leave a smile on your face as well and inspire you to always give all it your all in life.

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