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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Top 20 Favorite Kamen Rider Designs

This has been requested by Dorce'x for a top ten and then Glamdor said ten isn't enough. I agree and yes this took a little longer, but I everything should be fine I hope. I will not write long explanations since there are 20 this time so I will be very straight-forward with my reasons. Well let us begin with number twenty then.
20. Kamen Rider Stronger
I am starting with a Showa Rider and this won't be the only one. Now some people complain that his suit is too bulky mostly with his chest area. I say that fits the name perfectly. His name is Stronger so making his body look big gives that image of a powerful man. Also he has the beetle motif works well as his big horn can fit with his strong image. The final touch are the lines around his body since he can send electricity throughout his body. Then the suit does look mostly red and black, but the nice touch of blue and white show up well in this color scheme and give it some balance. Overall Stronger's image fits his name.
19. Kamen Rider Shin
A lot of people completely ignore this rider because of how he looks. I am very glad that Toei didn't forget about Shin since he is a real rider. Now he doesn't have a belt, but what he does have is the hopper look. Mix that in with a gruesome monstrous look we got ourselves a great looking rider. The details on this suit are amazing as there are molds on the body showing that Shin is more natural. My favorite part is how the green around his body tones down showing some yellow. Along with pure red eyes he easily is the most intimidating riders.
18. Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form
I have seen a list on YouTube where someone loves this form as well. A lot of people do like the Shining form, but I think Burning form has more for me. First is the overwhelming amount of red. I personally love the color red for superheroes it just works perfectly and there are tons of red riders. Also I go back to why I like Stronger, he has that bulky appearance that shows the progression of Agito's powers. The head piece also gets a change along with his eyes. Also I love this version of the belt. The purple core in the middle, the gold ring around it, and the red coloring really fits well with the suit. So Agito Shining maybe the fan favorite, but for me Burning wins.
17. Kamen Rider Kaixa
I so regret not putting Kaixa in my favorite secondary riders list. Kaixa was the rider I loved in Faiz. Sure he's an asshole, but his character is great. Sorry got off topic there. So with his suit it is very similar to Faiz, but I think his color scheme works better. Yellow and black are a good combination and like other Faiz riders I love when they have those bright lights on the suits. So basically Kaixa is like Faiz, but his design is just a higher improvement as I love the "X" design on him.
16. Kamen Rider Amazon
The third Showa rider on this list is Amazon, like Shin he is very brutal in his fighting. What Amazon has though is more details in his suit that shows how he can fight. Shin is very basic with great details, but Amazon has those claws. His hands are amazing the sharp fingers and the side blades on them just fit his brutal style. Also I love the green with red lining everywhere. His belt is a little odd. I do like it though since it does resemble Amazon. His helmet is a big personal favorite of mine because of the fins on it. The overall suit just screams AMAZON!
15. Kamen Rider Meteor
When Meteor first came up I was so hoping for one of the best secondary riders. His design is very good as blue is not as common in the franchise. So seeing a great blue rider is good for the variation and with the starry black and white body, it fits in perfectly. The purple eyes are another nice touch and the little silver gives the suit a balance. The belt also has the same colors which is nice for the suit. The little hair part is the best part because its like the fire from a falling meteor.
14. Kamen Rider IXA Rising Form
IXA overall had great designs, but his final form is soooooo damn good. Again it's blue and I am surprised how many blue riders will be on this list. First the chest part of the suit is the most stunning thing. The big red cross like symbol with a huge silver plate. There was a decrease in gold, but it is still there.What I love a lot is that Rising is a complete change. The only thing that doesn't change are the eyes. It is easily the final form as it shows a complete change.
13. Kamen Rider Blade King Form
The Blade series alone had some of the best designs in the franchise. King form is the best no doubt. The complete gold color scheme always works. Along with nice addition of red and blue the suit has a great amount of things to look at. It has the bulky appearance and along with gold really makes you think of a king. The part I like the most is the center piece with the golden beetle. I love the spade and how the color blue really makes the beetle stand out. So all hail the king of Blade designs.
12. Kamen Rider Black RX
Black RX is probably the most famous Showa rider and it's because of his amazing design. The best part about him is that he looks like a hopper the most. The big red eyes, a curved helmet, and the antennae gives him the best hopper appearance. His belt is pretty small, but it pops out with it's color scheme of red and gold with the suit colors of black and green. It's a good upgrade form from Black, but I liked Black's design more.
11. Kamen Rider Kabuto and Gattack
This will be the only tie and my reason why both are on the eleven spot is because on how they represent their insect motif, but don't make it look goofy. When I first heard that Kabuto would have a big horn it made me think of some Showa rider designs. I was afraid that it wouldn't look well with a design made in 2006, boy was I wrong. Kabuto's horn adds so much to the helmet and Gattack does it well also. The pincers on both sides of his head. Both riders also have a great balance because of silver. So their designs are pretty similar if you talk about them, but when you look at them it's a big difference.
10. Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States
Fourze's base states and the next three states weren't the best looking compared to past rider series. Then came Cosmic and it did everything perfectly. It made the rocket helmet look acceptable for once and it adds on a lot, but it doesn't feel like too much. Cosmic States comes with a chest plate that has buttons for all the switches excluding the special ones. Again blue strikes again as it really fits with the yellow and black of the suit. Fourze easily shown his Cosmic Mind with this form hands down!
9. Kamen Rider Black
This is the last Showa rider who will be on the list and I bet many people will disagree with me that he looks better than RX. For my reason is that his suit shows slightly more details. Black had some parts that really looked organic which fits since Black is a mutant cyborg. Another thing I love more is how there is more black. Kinda fits the name and the little yellow and red rings give the suit some shining factors. Also I like his belt more since it pops out with silver and red and it's slightly bigger giving it the right size.
8. Kamen Rider Accel Trail Form
Everyone knows I love Accel a whole lot. I was thinking of making this a three way tie between all of his forms. This is the major reason why this list took so long because I didn't want to do a three way. So in the end I pick Trial because of how much it improves the overall look. First Accel was bulky, but it fits for how strong he was and gives me the image of a big bike. Trial is more like a racing motorcycle as it is more of a slim look. So you would expect this form to be super fast and it is. Also I love how it keeps the look of Accel, but is so different in many ways. I swear there is so much blue on this list and this is the last one.
7. Kamen Rider Decade
Look it's the rider that so many fans hate. Yes Decade's character was pretty bad, but you have to admit his design is really good. The first thing that pops out is that he is pink. This color though fits very well with the white and black scheme. I really love the cross on his chest which represents the number ten like ZX. So it's a little reference and it also stands for Decade being the tenth Hesiei rider. His helmet is one of the best with the black card like objects sticking out of it. The belt is also really good with how it shows the logo of any card he puts in it and I love how it shows the ten Hesiei rider logos. Decade's series was crap, but at least his design is very good.
6. Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Form
I am in so much love with this suit and this is only number six! First is the purple color and if I remember only one more rider shows the same color. The detail on this suit is amazing. The logo for him in the center is actually a ring and really sticks out. The shoulder pads have those horns on it, he helmet has the wings, and his feet are pretty big. The bulk on this suit is incredible as it shows so much power. There is then some white and it's a great touch. Putotyra easily shows how strong it is.
5. Kamen Rider Sasword
Sasword is the other purple rider and I love the suit. Like Kabuto and Gattack the tail on his helmet doesn't make it look goofy at all. It actually looks the best out of the Kabuto riders. This suit has great balance with pruple and silver and it's really half and half like on the chest. The green eyes work perfectly has they have the right shape and I love how the helmet forms around them. The shoulder pads are very great as well with having good size and shape. Sasword is the best character in Kabuto and it has the best design IMO.
4. Kamen Rider Double Extreme
I know I always say I like Accel more than Double, but there are some parts that Double wins. The Extreme form is one of those parts. It improves the half and half style of double by giving it a whole new color. The white in the middle is amazing and it takes up a lot so it can show a great change in the suit. So there are three colors that are easily seen, but it doesn't feel like a mess at all. The Extreme memory adds so much to the belt as when it folds out it forms a big "X" and it has a little disc that spins around. So not only does this form have great designs it pulls off great references as well.
3. Kamen Rider Wizard
I know it's a little early, but this is a list on designs how could Wizard not be on this list. I am loving all of his forms as they all have the different color with the surrounding black. Also I love the helmets for each form as each represent a different  jewel and element. Wizard goes back to a standard belt and it's very nice for him to use. I love the little cape on his lower half as it flows around when he fights. Then the rings are a little touch, but do stand out. Wizard's designs are like the series itself, already it's very impressive.
2. Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form
In the past numbers there was red, gold, and black. This form takes all those colors into one. Holy crap does this form look amazing. I love the helmet on how it expands a little more and giving it a white outline around the visor. Then the visor is completely red and red eyes are always impressive. Also with the color scheme those eyes pop out. Kiva gets a cape with this form and it's like Wizard as it flows around in battle. Kivat's eyes gets an improvement with a rainbow color. The center piece has a big red crest. There are very nice little touches of green in the best spots possible. Then the overall gold doesn't hide any of the other colors. Emperor form is very amazing and this is not even number one.
1. Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form
This is my absolute favorite design in the whole franchise. First is the look on Kuuga himself, the series follows on the progression of his powers. Boy does this thing show progression. This is a complete evolution as Kuuga gets a complete change of appearance. The big bulkiness, the horn gets more horns, the belt gets a complete black center, and the lining. I love the lining on this suit, the gold and white lines gives the suit so much more of a dynamic view. It's big appearance gives it a better image of strength. It will take a lot for another suit to beat Ultimate as my number one since it's the best and my personal favorite. This is easily the longest post and it took me so much time. I had so much fun thinking who should be where and I could even do a follow up for the designs I hate. Leave your thoughts in the comments below as I need a break now, phew!


  1. While I can't fault you for your taste in superhero outfits, Glamador is still extremely disappointed not to see Tajador on this list.

    Putotyra? Really? With all that ridiculous kibble on his back?

    Glad to see Agito's Burning Form get some love though. I much prefer it to Shining Form. It looks more organic and thus fits with the theme of Agito far better than Shining's more polished-metal and armor look.

  2. For me Putotrya is great because it has that big and powerful warrior image. Also the dino motif works great showing some really big parts on the suit. I really tried to do one per rider because if I didn't there would be way too many of the same rider appearing.

    1. yeah Putotyra is a hit miss final form IMO I liked the color but the spikes and the kibble I don't like but the fights though were cool until we used CGI I liked it when they had OOO rampaging like banging the Yummy on a tree

  3. One from each series eh? I guess that explains a couple notable exceptions. My list would probably include...

    Alternative, from Ryuki
    Tajador, from OOO
    Chalice (not Wild), from Blade
    Another Agito, from Duh
    and Shadowmoon, from Black

    Speaking of Black. I like the design of Black a lot. With oooonnneeeee very big issue. The big black metal diaper. His leg armor is so much less bulky than his crotch-wear. It makes him look like he's wearing a diaper. It puts me off every time I see it and every time I see a full body shot I just can't help disliking it.

    Boy does Black look sweet from the waist up tho!

  4. I barely noticed that about Black and he is not the only one with that bottom part. Den-o Wing Form shares that as well, but with Black it's hidden somewhat. With Wing Form it's golden. Yea head ups if I do a worst design list I won't do one per rider because that would be very hard. Since there is one rider that has the worst designs.

    1. I don't see the diaper with Wing gonna need to see it again

  5. I haven't seen more than episode 1 of Den-O at this point, but I can tell already that I don't like the design aesthetic a bit. Sword Form is hideous.

    I forgot to mention Cyclone/Joker in that mini-list as well. I don't much like W's Extreme form. The extra color in the middle really kills the whole "double" theme the series has going. Mind you I haven't seen it yet, so maybe there's a plot reason for that.

  6. Again I did one per rider and how Extreme is done shows that Double has evolved. There isn't a third person who helps them become Extreme form, but it's a large boost of power.

  7. Now that I'm more familiar with Showa era (finished Amazon and Black, halfway through X and RX, seen one episode of the others) I'd have to say Super-1 and Black RX are my pics here. Glam was leaning towards preferring Biorider to RX buuut...the color scheme is pretty awful, even if the look is cool.

  8. Super-1 was a close decision for me for number 20. The reason why he wasn't is because of his color scheme. It's mostly silver with black and little tints of red. They used it right, but I think adding a little more color variation would make the suit look a little better.

  9. forme not in particular order but shadowmoon is really my number 1 favorite

    2.another agito
    3.kick and punch hopper
    4.RX biorider
    5.Accel Trial form
    6.Kamen rider The Bee (Change Wasp form)
    7.agito burning form
    10.Kamen Rider Blade (King Form)
    11.Kamen Rider Zeronos (Vega Form)
    12.Kamen Rider Leangle
    13.Kamen Rider OOO (blue form Shauta form)
    14.Kamen rider Skull
    15. Kamen Rider Faiz

  10. Good picks some are similar to mine in ways. Shadowmoon is a very close one because his design could so work in the 2000's. Also I tried to pick at least two from each series of rider cause if I didn't there would be way too many hesiei riders on the list. Then I tried to think of the motif, so yea a lot of thought process went with these 20.

  11. I think my list (of 10, because I should be sleeping right now) would be:

    1. Wizard infinity (Why do people hate it?)
    2. W Xtreme
    3. OOO tatoba (love the originality of it, and the colors are perfect)
    4. Skull
    5. Decade
    6. Blade King
    7. Meteor
    8. Leangle
    9. Gatack
    10. Ixa Rising

  12. I think the reason why people don't like Infinity Style is because this suit uses plastic for the shine effect. Personally though it works very well and it's a very original final form on top of that. Overall I love Wizard's designs a lot. I wanted to put Skull and Eternal in the list, but four double riders in the same list would just be rude to the other series.

  13. where is shadow moon

  14. mine is..... (not in particular order but shadow is my number 1)

    1. Shadow moon
    2. Kamen Rider Black
    3. Kamen Rider The Bee
    4. Rx (Biorider)
    5. Kick Hopper
    6. Accel (Trial form the blue one)
    7. Dark Kabuto
    8. Another Agito
    9. Kamen Rider Verde
    11.OOO (Shauta Combo)
    12.OOO (TATOBA)
    14.Blade King Form
    15.Kamen Rider Leangle
    16.Kamen Rider Skull
    17.Kuuga (the dark one)
    18.Rx (Roborider)

    1. Shadowmoon was close it was him or Stronger. Then I picked Stronger because he really carried his motif well. With Shadowmoon he does look great and he does show the moon well. Stronger just did the motif better so that's why I picked him. Also I put both Black and Black RX in so I tried to pick other series. I know there are some repeats from series, but I really tried to mix them up.

    2. no ryuki riders?

    3. Ryuki riders are okay in design terms. I can say three that could have made it in the bottom of the list would have been Ouja, Odin, or Knight Survive

  15. can you write best kamen rider motorbikes i would love tosee battlehopper and other bikes

    1. Maybe in the Winter, I got college right now so I need to focus more on that. Or maybe when I get a Fall or Thanksgiving break.

  16. Where's exceed gills or g3 x?

    1. Exceed gills should've replaced shin

    2. Gills is nice to look at, but to me he has a basic design with the green coloring. Exceed easily improves his designs, but the reason I still like Shin more is because more of the details Shin has. Again I love Shin's color scheme along with that groves on his suit. When I think of a monster rider, Shin is easily the best example of that.

  17. Please please please do a worst kamen rider designs

    1. One thing for sure when I do it though, I won't be trying to do mix it up between series. There are certain series that carry multiple bad designs.

  18. i really appreciate your article about 20 best rider costume design

    then i want to ask permit to you about my best 20 rider costume design:

    1. Gattack
    2. Black RX
    3. Shadowmoon
    4. Gaim
    5. Kabuto
    6. Faiz
    7. Kuuga
    8. OOO (Tajadoru)
    9. Skull
    10. Kaixa
    11. Wizard
    12. Decade
    13. Ryuki
    14. TheBee
    15. Meteor
    16. Beast
    17. Kiva
    18. Den-O
    19. Ryugen
    20. Super-1

    but if Imagin is count as a rider, I love Momotaros design so much !!! :3

  19. Replies
    1. For G3-X it has a little too much bulk for me to like it. I know that is the point of the suit to be the heavy police armor, but I think the suit could have jumped out a little more. Even with the X version it just feel generic to me, mostly because of the color scheme being black and blue. I will say his weapons were awesome though.

  20. could you tell us your upcoming lists I could help u

    1. Well there is the best motorcycles, worst designs, movies, and I'm still thinking of my all time favorite games. I got the top five, but that one will easily be a top twenty.

  21. Replies
    1. Dark Kiva really does have a great design, he is easily in the twenties. The tones of red are perfectly used along with his helmet having changes compared to the other Kivas. Probably one of the only reasons I didn't put him in higher was because I already had two Kiva riders on the list and again I was trying to mix things around to be fair.

  22. Worst designs
    4.Decade complete
    3.Sasword masked form
    2.Den o gun form
    1.Den o super climax

    1. I can some of those designs would be on my list. Mostly the Den-o choices.

    2. I can some of those designs would be on my list. Mostly the Den-o choices.

    3. what is so bad about Chalice and Psyga I isn't mind the Den-o choices but I can understand why people hate them

  23. What about kabuki or the kabutech riders?

  24. My list:
    Cyclone Joker Gold Extreme (KR W: A-to-Z Gaia Memories)
    KR W normal Cyclone Joker Form
    Eternal Rider
    Accel Trial form
    Skull Rider

    Er...I just realized that was all W...I was going to add others, or so I thought. Well, so much for that. I know! Weapons! If it was weapons, I know I would be able to draw from other KR shows.

    1. I don't blame you W is probably one of the best series from a Design Standpoint IMO

  25. Hibiki armed so underrated

  26. You said there's only two purple riders. What about ouja?

  27. Forgot about Ouja, he wasn't going to be on the list anyways. Also I agree with Hibiki Armed, it's not a complete favorite of mine, but I still love that form.

  28. Leangle looks like blade's king form. Why is he not on the list?

    1. Leangle is alright, the balancing of the shapes on the suit is odd though.

  29. Kamen rider birth?

    1. His design is just basic, nothing really all that special.

  30. Here is my top 15

    #15. Den-o Gun Form yes I did read your top 10 worst and while I can definitely see where you're coming from in my eyes it is the kind of crazy that is stupid but in a weird way like say Engine Oh G-12 for instance that and many of the suits from Den-o are based off of a fairy tale in Japan this one is a dancing dragon it looks like a dance suit and there are plenty of Dragon aspects here

    #14. Kamen Rider Stronger he looks bulkier like his name implies and a very good helmet but the way the electricity is used could've been better in my opinion

    #13 Kuuga Ultimate not Ultimate Rising oh god no on that one it looks cool and bulky showing how Kuuga has progressed but there are too many spikes here and the skirt not really appropriate for Kuuga as and it works elsewhere(See #7)

    #12 AMAZON it just looks different from a showa suit which is what they were going for my only question is what reptile were they going for is it a chameleon or dragon or gecko just what

    #11 Kamen Rider Black looks like a strong willed warrior he is black unlike the godawful Black RX design (yeah you heard me right but it does have an excellent helmet) and it's bulky with great detail just missing the 10 ten

    #10 Kamen Rider Den-o Sword Form and Zeronos Altair form these two are comparable like Kabuto and Gattack are both incorporate their trains well here with the stories they are based off of well represented here speaking of Kabuto and Gattack

    #9 Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Gattack all versions for reasons you said

    #8 OOO Pytotyra the only issue I have is it's white unlike the black typically on OOO's suits

    #7 All of Kamen Rider Wizard's suit not the show just the suits for Wizard they are all amazing

    #6 Shadow moon NO COMMENT NEEDED

    #5 Kamen Rider Shin best showa suit ever

    #4 Every suit deign from Kamen Rider Blade's show also I'm mentioning Kamen Kaixa, Kamen Rider Faiz, and Kamen Rider Psyga here because they can't hold a candle to the next 3

    #3 Every suit From Kamen Rider Double both show and move Accel Skull and Eternal included just amazing

    #2 OOO Tajadol again just amazing

    #1 Kiva Emperor and Ixa Rising alone just perfect contrasts and together buff said

    1. I forgot some of my favorites while if I did this on my own blog the top 3 would stay the same I did mean too make all the suit designs for Double Accel And the movie riders though can you blame me tho. While I like Sword form Rod form is my favorite Den-o design, same deal with Kabuto and Gattack but through my eyes both of TheBee and Sasword Rider form designs trump em both, meant too put regular Decade in on the list I think 20 isn't gonna be enough 4 me Cosmic has grown on me so much. also through my eyes while it's nothing amazing the Black RX suit designs have kinda grown on me both Agito Shining and Burning have grown on me btw Glamador haven't gotten that far into Agito but Burning form is kinda like a cocoon to Shining Form (watch Agito go from Burning into Shining)

  31. I like the Kamen Rider the First Ichigo Outfit

  32. 20. Tiger
    19. Kabuto
    18. Accel
    17. OOO TaJaDor
    16. Wizard Flame Dragon
    15. Garren Jack
    14. Ryuki Survive
    13. Leangle
    12. Chalice
    11. Delta
    10. Odin
    9. IXA Rising
    8. Shiroi Mahoutsukai AKA White Wizard AKA Wiseman
    7. Orga
    6. Knight Survive
    5. Gaim Kachidoki
    4. Blade King
    3. Diend Complete
    2. W CycloneJokerGoldExtreme
    1. Kiva Emperor & Dark Kiva

  33. So Ghost got his Final form Mugen Damashii due to the fact that Mugen=Infinite in Japanese at first I was like HOW ORIGINAL(Shows picture of Infinity Style) also there was the fact Ghost was getting Progressively worse IMO I said Deep Specter is so bad it deserves to have the whole Worst designs list but then I saw Mugen's design and Saying my expectatons were SHATTERED was an understatement IMO Mugen has done what the majority of the Final Forms have been doing wrong in the sense that for the final forms I still want to see the Original form Mugen does that IN SPADES I know you may not like it for ditching the Gothic look however the white coat helps the Ghost motif even better IMO