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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Green Sentai Warriors

This was a very hard list because I was wondering if I should do another 5 list, but after looking around I do know more green warriors than I thought, thank goodness.

10. Hayate (Ginga Green)
He is probably the most mature and serious member of the team as he had to deal with the same loss as the team. Hayate stayed mostly calm though because he knows all he has to do is fight to get things back to normal. Even with being away from a loved one he still fought. Also he had a good rivalry with Shelinda as these two were mostly facing each other.

9. Sion (TimeGreen)
The youngest member of the group, but deals with a great loss. Sion is the only living being of his race as his planet as destoryed in a war. He was raised in a lab and since he was three he has always dyed his hair to make him look more interesting and to make people forget about the loss of his race. He adapted to the different technology from the future as he is mostly the tech guy as well. He was also a good comedy relief character as he praised Domon a lot.

8. Minoru Uesugi (Green Racer)
This character is very close to Kyosuke in comedy as he is a nervous man, but acts like a total fool. He makes big mistakes all the time as his episodes mostly focus on him fixing things back up. One time he lost his Accel Bracelet because he was posing too many times and one time he got packages mixed up before. He does prove himself though at some points as he beats some of the villians with some good plans, so overall he is an idiot, but a strong one.

7. Burai (Dragon Ranger)
He was on my added sentai warrior list, but he was a great character for Zyuranger. Being the first sixth warrior and starting out as a villian. His arcs were strong and saved the series because most people remember zyuranger for him. Also quick tip be careful searching dragon ranger on google with the safe search off.

6. Don Dogoier (Gokai Green)
Another comedy relief character as he is the smart one of the group as well. Sadly I dont know much how his past yet like with other members, but he is a really good character so far. Don wants to be called Doc more often because of his expertise in technology and at first he seems more like a coward at times. Doc doesnt want to fight a lot, but in the end with his quick thinking and calm mind he fights along with the team. He is also overall a funny character because even in role calls and fights he can bring up a laugh.

5. Shurikenger
He is the first sentai warrior who doesnt really have a name. Shurikenger was a mysterious warrior who helps out the team. He used broken english a lot of times mixed in with japanese. There was a great mystery with him because he always was in disguise and those scenes are funny because the actors who play those disquises were past sentai warriors. I dont want to ruin his secert, but its a good one I will say that.

4. Senichi Enari (DekaGreen)
If you have seen Dekaranger everyone knows of him and calls him Sen-chan. He is the smartest of the group, but also has good funny moments. We know about his thinking pose where he hangs himself upside down. He mostly solves a lot of problems for the team as he does it a lot. He can also have a good heart where he wants to protect people if its a random stranger or a member of his team.

3. Chiaki Tani (Shinken Green)
Shinkenger what a great series it was, thats for another time, but Chiaki is a great character. At the beginning he acts like a rebel as he didnt really care about being a Samurai. Soon though he finds out he has to do this so that people wont get hurt. He also wants to become better than Takeru as he doesnt like the idea of being a protector. What I like most about him is how protective he got around Kotoha as these two have a good bond with them being the young ones of the group. Kotoha did put herself down at times so Chiaki wanted to help her and also to protect her.

2. Hanto Jyou (Go-On Green)
He does remind me of Minrou a little because he is carefree at times, but I think that works better with this character because he is younger. Hanto is a young guy who has a short attenion span as he works at many different places even though he fights as a Go-onger. With his youth he was easily distracted by beauty as he stayed at some places because of that. He is a great comedy character though as I laugh a lot with his scenes as he took an odd step with his comedy. I am talking about the times he cross dressed, that episode just cracked me up though when I saw him dressed like that. His partner Birca is also a favorite of mine as the two bond greatly with their carefree emotions. Also one more thing I like Hanto way more than Ziggy. I know I'm going to get some comments about that, oh well thats more fun.

1. Daigo (ShishiRanger)
With all of the comedic greens, Daigo isnt that he is a serious character. He is a gentle person, but he could easily act like a die hard in different situations. He is moslty known though for his connection with the character Kujaku as he tried to protect her from the Gorma. These two had a great bond and those are some of the best episodes of Dairanger imo. Daigo is a man who wants to protect people no matter what and at times he cant as one episode shown that greatly. Overall Daigo is not the usual comedic green as he is a serious character and goes through some harsh times as he tries to protect people.


  1. Awesome! Hayate! =D

    Nice, Sion.

    Minoru is awesome. Really love the character.

    Burai, of course. xD Well, he's played by Shiro Izumi, so yeah! xD

    Yay! A Don fan! =D

    Shurikenger I'm a little mixed on. His quick change from comedy to seriousness was a little strange.

    I love Sen-Chan. Love how he's the middle man, yet is still the smart guy and can still stand on his own. ^__^

    Chiaki was alright. But I think his development could've been a bit better.

    I don't remember caring much for Hanto.

    Daigo is epic. =D

  2. I never could get over the fact that Don makes some badass Greens/Blacks look like they're fighting like a silly/wimpy style...

    Aside of that this is a solid list (Just that my list would involve a certain rule-violation regarding an extra-ranger). But what is wrong with searching Dragon Ranger with Safe Search off?

  3. Correction: Shurikenger was once Asuka Kagura, a pupil of Hayate Way. Wow! You've got your own Green Senshi List of who's the best person here. Thanks!

  4. thanks for your feedback, I was thinking about not having added members in, but that would make things too hard for my list and then this list could have been just a top five. Also when I was searching images for dragon ranger on google without the safe search up, well........ its really weird dont look try looking it up. Also Daigo is epic! Also I didnt want to spoil that.

  5. Once again, another good list.

    I like Sion, but being in Timeranger I never really saw him as the comedy relief in Timeranger. I thought Domon came close to being the comic relief of Timeranger, but other than that comedy relief just doesn't exist in Timeranger. I do like Sion, being the innocent one of the group and how he had blue hair at the beginning of the series.

    Burai's awesome. It's hard not to like him with his backstory. He's the best thing in Zyuranger, and saves the show from being another Goseiger.

    Don I think is an ok character. At first I was mixed about his pacificsm, but he has some cool fighting antics as well (like setting traps and hiding behind bushes).

    Shurikenger is one of my favorite characters ever. I love everything about him, from the mystery of his identity, his tragic backstory with Gozen-Sama, and he's also my favorite comedy releif character over the last decade.

    Sen-Chan was a descent character. I do like how he can go from the quiet one to being badass if you make him angry. He also had some good episodes (the two-parter with the Android girl, the one with the alien old lady, and the poor alien as well). I don't really have any problem with him per say, but he also doesn't stick out to me like the rest of the awesome Dekaranger cast.

    Chiaki is cool as well. I think he actually pulls the rebel character and intersquad rivaly better than Masumi does in Boukenger. I do wish they went somewhere with the ship teases between him in Kotoha, however. I think he's a solid character.

    Hanto was just ok for me. I like Go-Onger but I thought Hanto and Renn were the weaker characters of the series. The other five characters I thought were cool.

    Since you said you like the Magiranger characters, I'm surprised you didn't put Makito on this list. Of the core six cast, I thought Makito was the best character on Magiranger. He was funny, yet charming when he was serious. He's also the one character I was able to sympathize with having to almost raise the Ozu family with both of his parents gone for most of the series.

  6. Ehhhhh Makito was good I will say that, but I just like the others more than him. He is a solid character for me. He would probably be number 11