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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Satoru Iwata... Thank You

Well it seems that a dark and gloomy cloud has covered the gaming media since one of the icons has sadly passed away. This is something I simply was not expecting and being a Nintendo fan ever since I was a child, really makes this death hurt a bit. I will admit when I started gaming as a young silly boy who constantly played Pokemon on his old Game Boy, I just saw it as a simple way to pass time. It was around the time of the Gamecube though I got really interested in getting way more games and really getting good. Still the Nintendo 64 is close to my heart as well since it holds many great titles and I have been looking back at classic NES or SNES games I missed out on when I was young. One thing for sure is that Iwata was a hard worker and one of the best at his craft. In days of working with Nintendo through Hal Laboratory, he did so much for my childhood. Iwata helped with the Kirby series which is my favorite of all the Nintendo franchises and even when he was president was still making some impacts for that series. When I started to pay more attention and hearing one of the guys who worked on the Kirby series was in charge of Nintendo, that got me way more pumped for the Gamecube when it was being announced. This is one of the big reasons why I put so much faith in Nintendo, because their craft never failed in my opinion. Sure there could be a bad game or so around, but that always happens. Still the Nintendo shine always came off of them even if the game was not the best. Iwata even worked on Mother 2 aka Earthbound and he built that from the ground up, that is impressive and going through that game right now that charm fits right at home for me. Iwata even managed to create the second generation of Pokemon and pretty much made Pokemon times two! He found a way to cram both the old and the new into one game and this was still on the Game Boy! Iwata even got Smash Bros to be where it was now because he gave Sakurai that nudge to finish the project. When I first heard the news and found out it was real, I paused for a moment and looked for my Kirby games because those always got me in a good mood. There was never any moment where I felt sad while playing Kirby and in the end that is what Iwata brought to gaming. He brought much joy to many games. Iwata did a great job with being the big time producer as his run of being in charge will never be over looked. Iwata did so much for my gaming childhood and he still did so much for the man I am now. Iwata is the one who gave many games the special touch that made them so great and seeing how he started with games such like Balloon Fight and ended things with producing Fire Emblem Awakening, all I can say is thank you Iwata. Because of you I got to enjoy hundreds of games and I will always remember you whenever I see Kirby smile.

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  1. RIP Iwata of corse the last SSB game he developed they nerfed Kirby who was one of my best guys Sapphire was what got me into Pokemon which is my favorite Game series