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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Secondary Riders

The concept of a secondary hero was used since the first rider series, Kamen Rider Nigo did have to come a little earlier, but having a partner rider really helps the shows stay fresh with some who are similar to the main rider or completely different. They are the riders who are mostly my favorites because I guess since I'm the youngest one in my family I just like being the partner type of character. This also goes for many other things like video games Im a die hare Luigi fan. Well with that its time to start this list.

10. Kamen Rider Nigo

The original partner rider is my number ten because he isnt all that different from Ichigo. They were both people who were changed into cyborgs, but Hayato has a much different personallity then Ichigo and he easily helps him out in battle so a great partner to have.

9. Kamen Rider IXA
First thing about IXA that got my attention is the great design he has, I know it was 2008 when he was made, but damn. Even some recent riders of today cannot compare to his great design also the rising form was a big help with that as well. Nago was an interesting character a little odd, but still very enjoyable and he can easily fight. If there wasnt the fact that IXA was used by a lot of people he would have been a little higher on the list. Nago was odd, funny, and yet still brave that it makes him a badass to see him fight, but why did Ryo and Rook become IXA!

8. Kamen Rider Gills
I havent seen all of Agito still, but I'm trying to find the rest of them. I do know about Gills though and his mission to find out what the hell is going on with him. I like the mystey he has to solve makes him more interesting to follow than the Agito who just has amnesia. Also I like his fighting style its brutal and reminds me of Amazon and Shin became one to become this rider.

7. Kamen Rider Birth
I remember how people reacted to the first time Birth was introduced. Fans were mad that Gotou wasnt Birth in the beginning, but we got a great character Akira Date. Date is easily one the funniest characters of OOO and the franchise and we can never forget "Brouto chan nice!" What made him very rememorable though is how he teaches Gotou so he can be a replacement when hes gone. Thanks to that Gotou was becoming more of a badass and fought Yummies and Greeeds head on with only the Birth Buster! Then when Gotou became Birth for the first time it was an epic fight. Then near the end we got two Birth's, but they didnt do much sadly. I hope in the next Rider Wars movie we get to see the twin Births fight again.

6. Kamen Rider Gatack
Even though Gatack didnt come second in the series people mostly note him as the secondary rider because he is similar to Kabuto and also being a partner. Kagami did have a fight with Tendou, but he mostly helped him like a partner would. Kagami was also an interesting character a man who was robbed of his chance to fight the worm who soon gets the chance then. It was great though to see him before as well because he did prove himself from times without rider gear and he is one funny character.

5. Kamen Rider Diend
Diend was easily one of the greatest things in the Decade series. First him being a theif was an interesting role as a character because he could just easily be there to get what he wants. Kaito did help Tsukasa, but its mostly because he wants to get things. Kaito has so many awsome moments also his own movie in the cho den-o triology. Why couldnt Kaito be the main rider. *sigh*

4. Kamen Rider Knight
For America he will be known as Wing Knight, but for me Knight was a much better character. I did like Kit from Dragon Knight, but Len couldnt compare to Ren. Ren was a rider who just wanted to fight for one reason only, dont want to say because you know spoilers. He does assit other riders mostly Ryuki sometimes, but he joined the battle for himself and he knows that. He always fought for his purpose and nothing else.

3. Riderman
Now this rider is a forgotten gem I think. Sure his design sucks even for Showa rider standards, but that is mostly because of his helmet not covering his whole head. His character though for V3 was perfect a man who was changed by Destron and now he fights for himself. He actually fought V3 a couple of times, but he soon did join him in the battle. What makes him rememorable though is..... I have to say this, but if you dont feel like reading this spoiler go two number two. To stop one of Destrons plans, he offered his own life. Now we know he comes back, but still making a decision like that is hard for anyone to do.

2. Kamen Rider Garren
Garren is my favorite from the Blade series mostly because he helped the series greatly. Tachibana may have not been the most involved unlike Kenzaki and Hajime, but he does a lot of things that affect the series. First he helped the making of the Leangle belt and he went through a lot in the beginning of the series. Garren was the main focus for a while and when he got back to who he just got better and better. His final fight I will remember the most because he used more than just power to win the battle. Also the big plot point that affected him most is carried along with the series moving, he will always remember the loss, but it will never keep him down.

1. Kamen Rider Accel
Another Double rider takes the first place spot, but Accel is my favorire from the the Double series. At first Terui seemed like an asshole character like Kusaka, but he easily moved away from that and was becoming more of a hero. The revenge plot point for him was great because it what motivated him to fight and like a great hero he forgets about his revenge and fights like a hero should. Even if he was being used Terui just wanted to protect the city like Hidari and Phillip and his movie was awsome! What really got my attention at first though is his motif was a bike and the design for it was perfect then with the two other forms they just looked epic, but Trial is better than Booster IMO. So another list of riders are done, next I will do my favoirte riders from every series I have saw.


  1. Yay! Gills and Accel! ^__^

    Ren was an ass at the start, but he did grow up thanks to Shinji. =)

  2. Yea I cannot stop explaining why I love Double it had the best riders and monsters. I so cant wait for me return movies.

  3. for me personally I like the riderman suit.I think it was really cool to see his mouth as you could tell it wasnt a stuntman or anything. but I respect your opinion

  4. Glamador has an intense adoration of Gills (which he pronounced Gillis for a while). He's like...the Hulk of Masked Rider. There hasn't been a single other rider with as much intense emotion behind him as Gills had. And his henshin sequences! The clever ways they found to get both characters in really brought out that he became a whole different person when he changed. I particularly liked the henshin on his bike. But beyond that, beyond his style, he was a true secondary protagonist. Not just a secondary rider, but on equal footing with Agito. From the beginning they were introduced together and given very comparable screentime each episode. And by gods...the tragedies that befell Gills...Glam knows you haven't seen all of Agito yet so he won't say a word but...damn. Hits me right in the feels bro.

    And IXA...even though I haven't met him yet in Kiva, I have met his un-henshin'd self. If there is any way Kiva could be so bad as to make me dislike a rider THAT awesome looking, I'll be very surprised and more than a little disappointed.

    Ya really may as well not have a #1 spot on these lists. They're all W!

    1. tell me about it Glamador I've heard about Nago and I hated Oyota from what little I've seen I hate him so much I just skip to the 2008 bits

  5. I love Double nothing is wrong with that. Accel is my absolute favorite I even have a shirt with him on it. Also I still haven't seen all of Agito, but I am liking how Gills is being treated. It's secondary characters like him that can keep the show interesting since his story can hog the spotlight at times. Still there is a nice blend with the main three in that series so I am happy so far with it. IXA oh IXA, he's good, but one thing bothered me sooooo much. Which is how everyone became IXA! Then how Nago loses it a couple of times is pitiful. His character though is a very fun one and even though he isn't IXA at times those scenes are some of his best. What got him at the list was near the end when he got to be more like a hero and I loved how he didn't fight Wataru even after finding out he was Kiva.

    1. yeah the IXA thing is why I'm not an IXA fan in general(and from the few episodes I've seen from Kiva I hate Oyota and I heard Nago was a douchebag) same problem with the Rider Gears from Faiz THEY ALL GOT STOLEN WAY TO EASILY

  6. by the Garren effect can we count Rygen as one he was my favorite from Gaim