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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1 Review: Uchu Kita!

Well its now the beginning of a new rider series, will Fourze blast off or will he crash and burn? Well the episode starts off with an astronaut trying to escape as one tries to stop him while the lab on the moon was exploding. The one who was escaping soon does and he has red eyes for some reason, while the other is now stuck there and says Kengo. We then skip 17 years where we meet Kengo who reminds me of Wataru because of how he looks, but hes an ass. A girl tries to ask him out with a letter, but he throws it away and we then meet another student who isnt dressed in the uniform and a weird hair style. This guy yells on how he should have given her a chance as he tries to get the letter back. Kengo just leaves though as he gets to class. A girl then named Yuki talks to Kengo about the situation and he says something about a hole (probably a blackhole) is getting bigger and how they need Fourze's powers soon. Sonoda who is the teacher comes in and of course she is sexy there is always that type of teacher in a school. Well she introduces a new student which was the odd guy who is named Gentaro and says that his mission is too become friends with everyone in the school. Gentaro then sees Yuki and remembers her from elementary. Also he gives back the letter to Kengo, but he stills ignores it and says there is no way they will be friends.

The asshole of the series

After Kengo leaves class Gentaro is trying to look for him and he ends up at the cafeteria where he sits in a table, but it seems he made a mistake. Like during lunch there are certain people eating together, like the punks, jocks, nerds, and freaks, and party animals. Gentaro is sitting at the cheerleader table and before he can get off the they come and of course they are bitches. Gentaro tries to talks things out, but he is thrown away by the football player Shun. Also I think he is actually American, not 100% sure though. Well he gets three other players to attack Gentaro, but Gen is kicking their asses. Until Yuki is picked up by one of them and soons becomes a punching bag for Shun. While outside and Gentaro getting beaten up a monster arrives and the football team leave while Gen tries to fight it. He fails though as Kengo comes in with the Power Dicer as it gets the monster away for now. Kengo and Yuki get to their hideout where Kengo is going to use the Fourze belt, but he is too damaged to do it because he tired himself out fighting in the Dicer. Gentaro comes though and hears that the belt can defeat that monster so he takes it as Yuki follows him and Kengo hating the fact about his frail body.

The monster already returns as he attack students and terrorizes the school. Gen tries to use the belt, but doesnt know how. Yuki comes though and tells him how to transform. Gen does as she said and he transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze. For a while Gen is having some trouble, but when he uses the Rocket Arm to take him and the monster outside he had more room to fight. Gen also uses the launcher leg and accidently blows up a part of the school, but thanks to Kengo calling him by the Radar Arm he locks on the monster and attacks him with missles. Kengo tells Gen to use the other right leg switch as Gen does and uses the Chainsaw Leg. Finally Gen goes into the air with the Rocket Arm and activates the Drill Leg as its time for the finisher, but Kengo wants him to stop. Gen ignores him though and gets rid of the Radar Arm and finishes off the monster with the Rocket Drill Kick. Kengo returns in the Dicer and all of a sudden attacks Gen! Why is Kengo mad all of a sudden and who is the man with red eyes who is revealed to be working with the monsters?

So this is how Fourze is beginning, I like this first episode. First we get good character intros from the main characters. Gen is a hyper active man with a good heart, Yuki is similar to Gen, but she is even more hyper and probably smarter. Kengo is an ass along with Shu and the three bitches. The party animal guy is well what you think he is a hyper active kid, wow three in one series. Then with the freaks there is a goth girl with an ipad (again with the apple plug ins) who could be Ankh's child lol. The fight was really good and I wasnt hating on the suit at all when I saw it in action and I do like the astro switches in the fights. Fourze is doing a new theme, but it is also going back to some basics mostly with a the rider not having mutiple forms. Also the comedy was good it got some laughs from me and writing is good as well as I expected. So with that I give this episode an A a great way to begin the series.

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