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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 28 Review: Gai Yuuki Is A Badass! (Spoilers to the Jetman series)

I will say this to begin the review, this is my favoirte tribute episode yet. Well the episode starts off with Gai playing cards with a girl and saying that he needs to take a drink outside. The Gokaigers fighting giant grunts with their mechs by using Gaoranger and Hurricanger powers along with Gozyujin to finish them off. Lord Gil is now not angry about every loss, because he says the more you lose the more relaxing it gets, lol. Well Barizorg sent down one of the best bounty hunters out there who fought Marvelous before. Marvelous is actually afraid of him, but he still fights with the team. Even with Flashman and Maskman powers they were useless on the Red Boba Fett. He lets them go though because he knows if they survived from this fight their price will go up. This guy only sees that money and fighting are his purposes and that greed makes him insane, but easily the best MOTW of the series so far. Well Navi gives the team another prediction about a phoenix defeating a great enemy. The team think this power will defeat the bounty hunter and Gai knows its the Jetman team and he even talks about their lives right now. Raito seems to be successful with an international store, Ako is living the life of a pop star, and Ryo and Kaori are still married. Then there were rumors of a missing member.

While looking around for the team members, Luka, Joe, and Doc meet Gai himself. Of course he is trying to flirt with Luka, but when Joe gets a little too involved Gai hits him and steals the Mobirate like the badass he is! Then he catches up to the other three as Marvelous tries to get the Mobirate back, but Gai is too awsome for him as Marve strugles facing him. Gai cant see him though for some reason while the others can. I guess it is because Gai isnt dying like last time. Well after that Marve's Mobirate is stolen, Yuki tells them not to get the others, and then Gai talks about Yuki who was Black Condor in the team. Marve meets him again and tries to get the Mobirate back, but he is too shaken up about the bounty hunter still as Yuki says that he is actually a coward and isnt ready for Jetman's powers.

Marve tries to follow Yuki and he soon loses him, but he looks down and sees a grave stone with Gai Yuki on it. Gai comes back and now he sees that Yuki did die and at the grave we see things from other memebers like the ramen from Jetman, veggies, flowers, booze, and cigarettes. Now the bounty hunter comes back, but Yuki is the first to fight him and the grunts first he fights out of suit facing the grunts. Then when the team gets there Yuki transforms into Black Condor even without his key and he fights the hunter and now we see why he didnt want the others to come back. Gai wants to protect the rest of the team because they now have normal lives and dont want them to die like him. Marve finally gets his head straight and will face his fears of death itself. Yuki then backs down and lets the team finish the hunter with Jetman's powers by using the Phoenix attack from the last episode of Jetman and this is the first time a past sentai power kills the MOTW.

After the fight the team talks with Yuki saying its time for them to protect the skys he fought for back then. Also he is sitting on a park bench reminds me of the final episode of Jetman. Now Yuki leaves and goes back to heaven and Gai is pissed that he couldnt see him at all! Well Gai goes back to where he was originally with the girl in the bar playing cards and him playing the sax. That woman is lucky! So that episode 28 and my goodness what an episode. This is my favorite episode of the series and will be for a while because it finally ends the debate about Gai living or not with him dying. This episode makes me think of Gai now more than ever because even if he is dead he still fights to protect the rest of the team. Also with a great villian for this episode and having Gai be the supporter for Marve like he was for Ryuu back then. Gai just got even more badass for this episode and it is awsome to see him come back for this episode and even after 20 years he looks great. That women is still very lucky! So with that I give this episode an A+ its very nostalgic to the Jetman series and ends the biggest debate in the Super Sentai Franchise RIP Gai Yuki.

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  1. You've got to be clearer with the two "Gai's"