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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Justin Carmical

Recently I have found out that a big idol of mine and a big reason why I started to blog has passed away. I was always a fan of Japan and I always looked around for everything possible. Also I started to become more critical with my entertainment, I found many people on the internet. I remember in 2010 when I found the whole That Guy With The Glasses group, this really helped me to feel more open about how I feel about films, games, and many other things. I actually still kept my love for Toku hidden because that was something I was worried about people learning that aspect of me. For a long time I felt like wanting to start up a blog for myself, but originally I just wanted to do just movies. This is where Justin came into play, going back to what I said before I was a fan of many things from Japan. Justin who is known as Jew Wario was a reviewer for import games from Japan. He was easily one of my favorites to watch since he was being funny, informative, and showing how much fun he was having with these games. Even if the game had some issues it still felt like that he had a big love for the games he had. The time finally came though as he did a Kamen Rider game and soon became a fan of Toku. I have seen other people do Toku reviews before, but this was the first time I've seen a new fan arise like he did. Not only did he do more Kamen Rider reviews, he even made up his own rider called the Famikamen Rider and was even trying to make a separate series for it. Ever since that first rider review he did I decided to make the blog based on Toku and thanks to him Kamen Sentai got on the internet.
His death was made apparent recently yesterday as Justin committed suicide and took his own life. This man always seemed so happy with everything he did, but depression is a hard thing. I remember the days I went through my depression and fought through it. There are days I can still fall, but I quickly get back up many times. Entertainment is a little thing to many peoples' lives, but for me it can really keep me going. There are many entertainers today on the online world. Today though we lost a man who simply did what he loved and I hope the best for him. I wish for him to be in a better place. It's because of him I was motivated to review the Toku genre and I still look back at those rider reviews he did. There can always be personal problems that happen to me, but I will make my impact even if it maybe small. I am no idiot for doing this and wanting to take a career in critiquing. This is my dream and it was always live on with me and I hope I can share that dream with many others. One final time, I wish for Justin the best wherever he is now. I remember reading many articles and there was one final phrase that I loved. "Gaming has lost one of its 'unsung heroes.'" (Kyle Solmonson) Justin may have been one of the other many entertainers online, but like those many they can help others with their lives. Because of Justin I got more than just a blog, I got to meet a lot of new people as that little blog is a big influence on my life and I will continue with it for the man who influenced it.
I will always make sure to keep these words in my head.


  1. Damn, I'm gonna miss the guy. May he rest in peace.

  2. really sad news. I only knew about him from a link on your blog here, I think. He taught me how to make Omurice...that's...really sad.

    And suicide too? It'd be sad if it was just a heart attack or something, but that's just the poo icing on the sad cake.