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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Yellow Sentai Warriors

Well the color yellow is pretty common for super sentai and its the first color to have both genders starting with Bioman. In the showa times mostly men were yellow warriors now for the 2000's there are more females than males for this time. I still think overall there are more guys, but the females will probably take over the color yellow soon.

10. Jou Oohara (Yellow Lion)
Jou is mostly a character I started to think more about ever since he came back in Gokaiger, but I still liked this guy since Liveman. Jou is part of the original three as he wanted to save his friends from their decisions also to fight for his friends who were killed. The two other comrades also wanted to do the same, but Jou stood out to me more because of his carefree personality at times. He showed that even with all this happening he wasn't going to let that cloud his mind. Also I loved his speech to Joe in Gokaiger about saving the souls of his friends.

9. Kazu Tenjisei (KirinRanger)
Fans of Dairanger mostly call him the forgotten character of the series which I can agree because he didnt have that much focus compared to other characters, but his episodes were great. Kazu was a country boy back then who ran away and soon changed as he lived in the city as he became well dressed man. Even though being forgotten his has strong episodes as he even offered himself so he wouldnt hurt the others. Another thing I like about him is his fighting style the druken fists it just reminds me of the Jackie Chan movie so that kept him in my memory.

8. Natsumi Shinohara (Yellow Racer)
Oh carranger a really funny series and it had some good characters who were all comedic somehow. Natsumi is mostly a character who likes to joke around with the others and like the others she loves cars. She can quickly fix anything as well being a quick thinker. She is probably the smartest out of the gang imo becuase she does a lot. Another thing is that she does hide her femininity mostly, but with that she is a rash character who actually can act femine if she wants to.

7. Gaku Washiro (GaoYellow)
I will have to say that he is on this list because he can speak english and the show used that for comedy, but it works greatly though as many fans remember that (OH MY GOD!). Well with that he was the first one to be picked as he used to be a fighter plane pilot. During a mission he was chosen and soon he was reported MIA. That is why he bleached his hair so that no one will find out its him. Also he was actually was not a comedic character for a while since he acted as the leader until Kakeru joined. Gaku wasnt really happy with him in the beginning, but as he got used to him he started to open up and started to change.

6. Tsubasa Ozu (Magi Yellow)
Now just because I got some Magirangers in my lists doesnt mean I liked the series, the characters were probably the best part, but there are some who did get on my nerves a little. Still Tsubasa is my favorire from the team because he was the smart one of the team as he had a high interest in magic when he started to fight. He always made potions and throughout the series he gets more experience on the way. Also there was the episode when he used dark magic and soon was punished for it. That two parter was my favorite episode as well because he really had to deal with what he has done to himself and it really shown his strength as he wanted to save his friend.

5. Kouta Bitou (Hurricane Yellow)
Kouta was the least rash of the team as he always wanted to take the safe path. The first episodes shown that as he also changed when his sister moved. He found out that he could anything he wanted as he lets her go even with the risk. Kouta still thinks more than the others, but he will jump into the battle without it at times. That love and care for his sister really helped his character as it shows that he cared for others more than himself as he worked to help others.

4. Jasmine (Deka Yellow)
Jasmine is a fan favorite in Dekaranger and the franchise as I always here praise for her. Ther can be hate at times, but for me she was a great character. She is an esper mostly psychic powers, but she didnt have much control over them as it let her to be depressed, but Doggie saves her one day and helps her to control her powers. Now she is a police officer who uses her skills to help the investigation. She is a simple character at times, but she has strong moments like when she tried to help childern or the elderly. There was the time where she met Sucubus as the two had a rivalry as she wanted Jasmine to be with her. Overall her past makes her a strong character as she now controls her powers.

3. Kotoha Hanaori (Shinken Yellow)
Kotoha is a carefree and nice girl as she was mostly a klutz, but it is why she is a Shinkenger that makes her a great character. Her sister was too ill to fight so she had to fight in her place and since then she always thought of herself as just a replacement and not the real thing. She thought her sister would be much better than her, but she always followed the mission though and fought. She even has good episodes that connect to other characters if it is to help her or to help the others.

2. Natsuki Mamiya (Bouken Yellow)
She is a really good character as she as a mystery of who she is and the show does really good with that. Natsuki is mostly a really cheerful person, but can also be serious as she deals with many issues like who can she trust because of her unknown past. The series also does a great character plot with her and it reveals who she is, I wont say though if you saw Boukenger you will know what I'm talking about as those episodes were great. Another reason why Boukenger is my favorite sentai series.

1. Luka Millefi (Gokai Yellow)
This was hard for me because I didnt want to put the newest character for number one, but Luka is too damn good. Luka is a greedy women, but her reasons why just make her a loveable character. If you saw some of my episode reviews we know what she went through back then. Luka helped childern during the Zangyack attacks and tried to feed them. Sadly though things go wrong for her as she couldnt protect her little sister who soon dies. This part of her shows why she makes a close bond with Ahim because of he she reminded her of her sister. She even wants to protect the kids from attack like these by finding or getting a haven for them no matter what the cost. She tried to get cash anyway possible as she soon joins the team so that she could get the greatest treasure so that she could make her dream a reality. Another great thing about her is how happy she is and she is very skilled with her swords she is just a great example of how to mix many character traits into one person as her character is masterfully done. So thats my list and you are always allowed to say your own opinions.


  1. Yet another proof why I'm a lazy bum. I need to update mine eventually!

    Mostly the Yellows that attracts me are the ladies, but... this is an overall nice list. Most of the Yellows I haven't gotten to know fully (Kazu, Gaku, Natsumi). But so glad you include the likes of Jasmine and Kotoha.

    Although I may be alone in terms of those not seeing Luka in such a high position (she'll definitely make it to mine, just not on that overly high position)

  2. For me Luka is doing great because she has so many traits and they all wrap together greatly. She is greedy because of her past and her past shows even more traits. She is just a lot of fun as well as shown in other episodes. I just couldnt resist to put her for number 1

  3. Ah, the yellow list now. =)

    I really love Jou. I know most fans pick Yuusuke and Megumi over him, but I think the three of them were very balanced out. Jou was just such a kickass character.

    Yeah, Kazu didn't have as much to do compared to the other five. Even his story doesn't start until a little more than half way through the series. But regardless, Kazu was still a very strong and fun to watch character, and was still able to have a good chunk of spotlight all throughout the series. I think he's much more awesome than fans give him credit for. =D

    OMG I give you so many points for putting Natsumi on here! ;D

    Gaku I feel is kinda under appreciated. Yeah, fans love his engrish. But I think Gaku has a lot of other good qualities about him that fans tend to overlook. As far as the "cold" type characters go, I think Gaku is one of the 2000s Sentai's best offerings, right behind Yukito. I do think it was still neat to see how he loosens up in the second half of the show.

    Huh. Didn't expect Tsubasa to make it here.

    Nice, Jasmine.

    Wow, Luka made it this high on your list already. I'll admit, I'm loving her a lot so far as well!

  4. Once again another awesome list. =)

    I'm not that far into Liveman (5 episodes) but I do see a lot of potential in Jou between the first five episodes and his episode on Gokaiger.

    Gaku is awesome. He's one of those characters who's awesome as a badass and for comedy relief.

    I really don't care much for Tsubasa. His actor overacts some and when he didn't I felt he was kinda bland. IMO he's the second weakest Magiranger character next to Houka.

    Kouta is ok. The first time I watched Hurricaneger I thought he was kinda bland but after a recent rewatch I really appreciated his backstory and how he was the smart guy on the team.

    Jasmine is by far my favorite Sentai female character. I love everything about her from her mysterious charm, her ESPER powers, her sarcastic humor, and her really heartwarming backstory. I actually shed tears watching her backstory unfold in episode 8.

    Kotoha is awesome as well. Her actress was the perfect fit for the character, and I think she plays the innocent role better than any other Sentai character. Yet she's tough as well.

    Natsuki is my second favorite yellow, behind Jasmine. She's an airhead but in a fun way. I also like the back story and mystery surrounding her past. It was really well done.

    Luka is cool as the quirky badass, but I do think she's overrated a bit. I'd probably rank her among my top 5 favorite yellows, but like Nanami I think she gets a little too much fanboy hype. Still, she's awesome for what she is.

    I would also add Domon/Time Yellow. I think he has Gaku beat by a little bit as the badass yet comedic yellow ranger. I liked his interaction with not only the Timeranger team but his relationship with Honami was really cute.

    Others I like include Saki and Ran, who I think have their own charm as well.

  5. As I said for me some of the characters for Magiranger were strong its just at some points I was going what the hell? Also there were some cliches they used which like when Kai cries on Wolzard. Tsubasa though was fun for me because he was a boy who got interested in magic and that soons bring futher conflict for him. Also I had soooo much trouble with this list because Saki was on my mind, but I just didnt know where to put her. In the end after looking at others I couldnt, but Saki would be number 11.

  6. Well, in the meantime, you can probably check out my... Pink. (Sorry for the shameless self-promotion in this comment!)

  7. oh thats fine im fine with you giving me notice of your lists.