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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Top Five Favorite Black Sentai Warriors

There isnt a lot of new news out so far and I am getting a lot of time on my hands. So yea its time for another list. The problem is with black sentai warriors I dont know all of them mostly since Black is probably the least used color for the original team of five. This will also be an issue with green even though there are more, but I dont know all of them. So lets get started with this short list.

5. Agri (Gosei Black)
Agri is like Kaku from Dairanger as he didnt have much focus, but for me he had good episodes. The episode I remember the most was when he was wondering if he is useful or not which was funny because this was during the times were asking when will he get another focus episode. It shown how stuborn he was as he wanted to prove he is useful. I really love the fight he had during that episode when he picked up Kinggon and tosses him. I mean you have to give him points for that tossing one of the main villians. I really liked that episode of Goseiger as it is my favorite from the series.

4. Kouichiro Endou (Mega Black)
Kouichiro is the stuborn kid who would always study hard and when he did somewhat bad he felt bad about himself. I think he is another character that took some ideas from Billy from MMPR because he had an episode where he got a low score in his opinion. He is also a fan of nature as one episode he tried to protect it. Along with that he is probably the smartest of the team as he always thinks of different tactics and never just thrown himself in battle.

3. Asuka (AbareBlack)
I know I put him my added member list, but he is a black sentai warrior. Mostly the same applies here as he had a great complex character plot with the villians as it made Abaranger a mix of seriousness with comedy. So thats really it I know this reason is short, but that is because I already explained why I liked him (that could be an issues for the green list).

2. Masumi Inou (Bouken Black)
Another Boukenger made the list as this one is my personal favorite from the team. He is an expert theif who mostly stays with the team so he can challenge Akashi because of his famous title. There is also his close bond with Natsuki which helped the series greatly as there are good episodes with the two like Natsuki's really important episode. Another great thing is that he had a rivalry with a favorite villian of mine Yaiba. Yaiba wanted Masumi to be on his side because of the darkness he had when they first met when he was nine. There was a great little arc as he realizes that he has been changing and soon faces his darkness. There the two had their final fight which was great as Masumi beat the hell out of him!

1. Gai Yuuki (Black Condor)
Oh you know he was going to be on this list ever since I reviewed the Jetman episode of Gokaiger. Gai is the fan favorite of the Jetman series as he is playboy who always hit on women. When he meets the team he wasnt going to join just like Kaori he joined though so he could get with her because of her money. What was unexpected though that the two did have some type of relationship for a while, but in the end it was a love triangle because of Ryou. There was also his great rivalry with my number one favorite villian Grey becuase both of them had love issues as the two were perfect matches. I still remember the final fight they have as Gai lights Grey's cigar as he passes away. Also I'm not just putting him here because of the Gokaiger episode. I always liked Gai ever since I saw Jetman and he was number one even before that episode. So thats my list it may be shorter, but oh well I guess. Remember you can always leave your opinions in the comments.


  1. its because I dont know a lot of black warriors so I just did five because I didnt want to do a random number like 7 it just doesnt sound right to me. Like I do know some, but some of those I only seen little amount of episodes of. Like Dynablack I always hear good stuff about him, but I only saw episode one of dynaman. So I cant really have an opinion on him

  2. On the contrary, Black is going to have a top 10 for me. I've seen enough classics that have Black.

    I knew Gai is gonna make it to #1 though.

    Just kinda sad that you... well... didn't put Doggie Kruger. He counts as Black, right? Or in that matter, Rio too.... "because I didnt want to do a random number like 7"... Oh, never mind.

    Nice list, regardless.

  3. Well I dont want to count extra heroes in my lists. Also if I did more than 5 I would have to put people in my list I didnt like so that would be odd. I dont know a lot of black warriors, sorry.

  4. Naww, it's cool, really. Different people, different rules.

    Though I kinda wish you could also give my revised list a comment...

  5. Oh crap..... srry about that I was trying to get to your website, but for some reason I couldnt. I did see it afterwards, but I was a little late so I felt I shouldnt because I missed a good chance. I will say this though Sakura is a good choice

  6. So it's black now. =)

    Agri never really stood out to me. hehe.

    Nice~ Kouichirou. =D

    Nice to see Asuka here. ^__^

    Masumi is okay, but I think he was a bit too grumpy at times. hehe.

    Awesome, Gai. =)

    Huh, kinda surprised you didn't put Gunpei on here.

  7. @godzilla: What do you mean too late? It's never too late. But thanks for the comment, no matter how short. (And again, older series just needs more love...)

    I probably can't wait to get YOUR rendition of Pink. It should have enough amounts to make it 10.

  8. Yea I wish I could give love to the older series, but they are hard to find. I seen episodes of some old ones, but the oldest one I actually finished is Maskman. Also Gunpei would be number six probably he was good, but to me he was my least favorite in the group.

  9. Personally, I found Gunpei to be the funniest of the go-onger (although that's not saying much), but he is still no Minoru / Green Racer.

    There are a lot of cool blacks in older sentai (Shiro, Hayate, Kenta, Fumiya, Jiraiya), while newer sentai is kind of backwards with this. I never cared for Agri (which could be said about any Goseiger character) and Masumi has always been my least favorite of the Bouken team. I like Asuka, but I prefer Ryoga and Yukito. Soutaro / Gao black is cool, but doesn't stand out much except in his focus episodes. And while Rio has an intriguing story, his actor doesn't the best job to portray him.

  10. As I said extra heroes like Rio wont be on any of my lists because they are completely separate from the team. Rio was more of a villain in the series, but I will count him as an extra hero. I like Agri and GoseiKnight, but those are the only two I liked in the team. Finally I do want to see the older series, but sadly I dont speak Japanese so I have to wait for subs

  11. I've been busy so I haven't been able to comment for a while. I'll do so now.

    Agri, I think was a wasted character. He seemed like the one character that the writers forgot was there and didn't know what to do with him until it was too late.

    I do love Masumi and Gai. I think they're excellent choices as the top two. I enjoyed both characters as being the rebel of the group.

    As for Gunpei, I thought he was ok. He has a nice little backstory, and I like how being the serious member of Go-Onger he was also the butt monkey.