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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poll Results #10

Did You Like Episode 5 of Fourze?
Yes- 23
No- 4
Did You Like Episode 6 of Fourze?
Yes- 19
No- 1

Do You Like the Name Megaforce?
Yes- 8
No- 22
What Do You Think About Megaforce With The Rumors So Far?
Its going to be a great series- 5
Its going to be a good series- 7
It's going to be a bad series- 5
This is going to be worst than Operation Overdrive and Samurai- 9

My Thoughts
Episodes 5 and 6 are probably my favorite episodes so far because Jake's character plot was really good and how Gen befriends was great. Also the other characters were changing as they are now as well, the zodiart was really great showing new powers with them, and the reveal of the Elek State was awsome with an amazing song. Also for Megaforce I hope they at least do something different other than using the Megaranger script because high chance it will be another series where they will heavily reference MMPR soooooo much or just use the corny humor. I have to say that doesnt work anymore and come on get a little more mature than that and the name sucks its bland and boring!

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