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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 32 Review: Show Me The Cosmic Power!!! (Spolier Alert!!!)

Finally it has been a while for me to do a review this early. The episode begins where it the last episode ended as Kengo run to Gen. When he gets to his body he knows that Gen is dead. Kengo takes his anger on Ryusei as he sees that Ryusei has been lying the whole time just so he can get close to Aries. Ryusei wanted to save Jirou and there is no other way. Kengo replies with a sacrifice is not the right way to save anyone. Shun snaps and starts to move the Dizer, but he is put to sleep quickly. Aries then gets everyone else, but somehow Fourze's bike appears. Aries is distracted by an explosion and Kengo gets a call from Tachibana. He tells Kengo to take Gen away as he does with the Dizer in the vehicle mode. After that Tachibana sees that Ryusei can no longer be Meteor as he is a betrayer. Ryusei doesn't mind because he knows he is going to save Jirou now. The others are now actors in the school as they get their new roles and the script is about a battle in the school. Their roles are to be the executioners for Ryusei's friends since they have rebelled against Yamada. Jake takes the stand and rips the paper saying this is one of the most disgusting stories he has ever read. The others take their stand as they also rip their scripts. For their punishment they are now going to be executed in the play. Dustards appear and Shun tries to fight them, but there are too many and soon his leg gets broken. Now Yamada is going to leave to fulfill his part of the agreement for Ryusei. Shun and Miu look at him with disgust wondering why he would sell his soul so easily. Ryusei says the devil can bring other things and before he leaves Tomoko says that Meteor is not a rider no more.
Meanwhile at the Rabbit Hutch Kengo is trying to save Gen with the arm device from episode 14. There is no hope though it seems as Gen heart as come to a complete stop. Ohsugi is even sad to see Gen dead even though he wanted it... (WHAT?!) Tachibana contacts Kengo again and tells him that he helped Ryusei. Kengo quickly blames him for the death of Gen along with Ryusei of course. Tachibana tells him that could not be the case as Fourze cannot die like this. He also says that Gen need the final piece of his space born powers. Tachibana then asks if Kengo already used the Gate Switch as Kengo realizes that he is the one who gave him that switch. Back with Aries as he wakes up Jirou from his slumber. Now the agreement is over and Aries leaves. Now with Jirou awake, Ryusei gets him to deactivate the switch and all that is left is for the modern medicine to take care of the rest. As Yamada is leaving, Virgo appears and takes him to Gamou. There he talks about Yamada's play and says that its unique and Yamada is a creative young man. Gamou fully encourages Yamada to continue on what he is doing. Back at the hospital Jirou asks Ryusei why he looks depressed. Ryusei simply says he has become a traitor, but is fine since Jirou is back to normal. There Jirou talks about why he wanted the switch, it was so he could become as powerful as Ryusei. He sees that Ryusei has lost his true sight, all for Jirou's sake. There Jirou begins to have more problems as Ryusei soon leaves. Before he left though he was told by the doctors that Jirou's body condition is deteriorating because he doesn't want to get better. Ryusei wonders why this is happening since he had to lose Gen, but now he sees it since all this time Gen wanted to help. Now he sees that Ryusei has only betrayed himself since he wanted to befriend Gen.
Going to Kengo as he is told by Tachibana to look on the outer wall of the Rabbit Hutch to find how to revive Gen. One the wall is a message left by Kengo's father and its a simple message about friendship and how it can do the impossible. Now we are at the play as Ryusei's friends are being forced to execute the Rider Club. Mei though doesn't want to do this and with things not going as scripted Yamada transforms into Aries. Ryusei though comes in and jump kicks Aries! Everyone is shocked to see him around as he replies that he has lost everything. Now the only thing he can do is protect what Gen was trying to protect. This is also not for redemption, this is mostly for himself. He places the Meteor driver on the ground as he takes on the Dustards without Meteor's powers. With him fighting the Dustards his friends untie the club members as they escape. Ryusei is easily beating the Dustards around with his punches and kicks as he continues to do this along with yelling at Aries. Transition to Kengo as he tries to insert the Cosmic switch in the Fourze Driver which in on Gen. During this Gen's soul is about to cross to the other side as he sees his parents. Kengo appears and tells Gen that he has to come back to transform into the Cosmic States. Gen thought that something was missing, but Kengo quickly replies that they needed more emotion. With Gen's friendship with the club and many others that can open the final door. Soon the Cosmic switch goes into the belt and Kengo pulls the lever as it brings Gen back to life! The first thing Gen does is raise his head and bumps into Ohsugi. Gen tells Kengo that he was right and says that he really can become friends with anyone in the universe! Now Gen is off to save Ryusei and the others as he cannot leave his buddies behind.

Reminding me of Ryusei he is now being beaten up by the Dustards as he is being heavily wounded. The club members come back though saying that Ryusei has done enough. He still tells them to run away as he continues to be pulverized by the Dustards. Ryusei still tries to protect them, but he cannot take anymore as he starts to faint. As he falls to the ground Gen enters the scene and catches Ryusei. The opening theme starts to play as Gen fights the Dustards out of suit as well! Ryusei is shocked to see Gen alive and says he has done the unforgivable as he doesn't know what to say. Gen says that Ryusei has done nothing that is worth forgiving as they were both fighting to save their friends. It was simply that Ryusei won and he says a hero would fight for their friend that seriously. Gen takes out the rest of the Dustards and says that Ryusei is his friend. Since the man who was murdered is forgiving Ryusei the others see no way to keep hating Ryusei. Gen says that any friend can be a pain as the two do the rider club handshake. Aries now appears and now Gen will make Yamada wake up from his slumber. Aries thinks he still has the upper-hand, but now Gen has a stronger power now. He inserts the Cosmic Switch in the belt as he does the usual transformation. Gen then activates the Cosmic switch and when Kengo opens his briefcase all the switches fly out and combine with Gen to make Cosmic States!
Gen begins the fight with him yelling out his catchphrase like usual, but it reaches much farther than before. Aries goes for the first attack with his rod, but an aura appears and deflects Aries as he is blasted away by it. Kengo says that Cosmic States is powered up by all forty switches and an attack like that cannot hurt it. Gen then pulls a lever on his new sword as the rocket case is removed and a sword appears. Gen summons the Rocket Switch and puts it in the sword's slot and uses Elek for a power boost. He does this by tapping on his chest where all the switch icons are. Gen jumps at Aries then and uses the Elek powered sword to slash Aries. Yuuki is completely amazed that the new form can combine the powers of other switches to the sword as he also see Tomoko holding onto Ryusei. Aries tries to attack with a blast of energy, but Gen easily dodges it by back flipping. There he uses the Launcher switch and combines it with Freeze's powers as it fires ice missiles! Aries is soon frozen by the ice attack as Gen gets the Fire switch out and inserts it into the sword. He then slashes Aries with fire as the ice shatters quickly, but Aries is unable to dodge the attack. Aries now uses a little more power as his form changes, but no need for any worries as Gen inserts the Cosmic switch into the sword. The Limit Break is started as Gen puts the rocket case back on the sword and a portal appears behind Aries. Gen flies in the air and rams into Aries as they both go through the portal. Now they are in space as Gen gets the sword back out. He begins the Limit Break again as he performs the Rider Super Galactic Finish. The attack slashes Aries as he is defeated! The Aries switch is already picked up by the Horoscopes as it is given to Gamou. He is now impressed by Fourze once again and Virgo says he is close to her level now. It also seems that Gamou now knows who sent Meteor, but still wonders who it exactly is. Everything is back to normal now as it seems Jirou is feeling better now. Yamada though is now in a coma which is pretty ironic. Also now Tachibana entrusts the gang to keep Meteor's identity a secret now. Ryusei is now officailly working with the club as the 2nd secret rider as Tomoko gives him his belt. Then Ohsugi pops in and the others think he cannot keep it a secret as Ohsugi now wants to know what is going on.
What an explosive episode this week! First the is the reveal of Cosmic States and it is AWESOME!!! I am loving this form a lot since it sounded like it was going to be a mess like Decade's Complete form, but the suit looks very good. I think this is the first time Blue is the color of the final form and it really looks nice. The weapon is amazing as well because it can be a rocket and a large blade. The touch screen chest plate is not that big which makes the suit have nice ratios and the power is incredible. There can be many combinations with this form which I am loving because Fourze has been doing that. There doesn't have to be multiple forms for different powers. Also the out of suit action was a very nice treat to see as Fourze doesn't do it that much and whenever it comes it's great to see. Tons of great stunt work by the actual actors because I know the actors do some of their own stunts, but I know there has to be some moments where a stunt actor is used. Great choreography though for the fight scenes though. The story was a little cliche with friendship overcoming everything, but that's one of the themes of the show. Also there was how Jirou didn't want to recover and I always roll my eyes at that, but it does make Ryusei realize that he wanted to be friends with Gen. Now onto Ryusei, he is awesome as well. He didn't want to fight for forgiveness he wanted to do it for himself since he thought he had to. I love heroes like that, he is a serious fighter and as Gen said before a hero will always fight seriously. Which brings me to the best part of the episode, it is when Gen says there doesn't even need to be forgiveness. He is right Ryusei basically just won a fight and that just makes me like Gen's character even more. He can be a very simplistic guy and his heroism that adds more things to like. Aries was defeated quicker than Cancer, but Aries had a purpose to be the big turning point villain for the series. Aries was connected to Ryusei and with him gone he can finally team up with Gen as a real ally. Overall there are little cliches here and there, but the execution methods helped push them to be very watchable and the fights were dead on. Only one thing brings it down, I was still hoping that Ryusei's friends would get more scenes. I think some more scenes from them could have easily shown more of Ryusei's traits, but we still see a lot of those traits in this episode. I give this episode an A.
 Next Time: Finally Leo appears!

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