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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 9 Review: Roger Rabbit!

We start the episode with a narration about an energy management center. We see the RH-03 flying in the skies as two guys are looking at it. In the Buster's base we find out that Usada went on his own. Hiro wonders if it is about the fight Yoko and Usada had recently as we see her eat a lot of candy. We see Usada getting out and moving along on his own, probably going back to the base. There the two guys from before are dressed up as bellhops and give Usada a lift. The two men take Usada to their car and put him in the trunk. A message is sent to the base about the kidnapping of Usada and everyone freaks out. In the base they replay a message where the thieves want 2,000 trons in exchange for Usada which is probably an amount of Enertron. At that point the commander wonders why Usada was at the management center alone when he wanted Yoko to be around with him. We now get the back-story of Yoko's homework issue. Ryuji says that Yoko needed help and this frustrates Usada and even Hiro joined in. The two had a little competition on who could finish the homework the fastest, but Usada doesn't care about that. Yoko is 16 and she needs proper studying and there he talks about how much Yoko slacks off. Yoko walks in and hears what Usada says and she isn't too happy to hear this from him. The two start to argue and split up thinking it will be better that way. After the story the management center doesn't want to be involved with this so the Busters will have to spring into action. There the commander gives Morishita the order to find Usada by his ID signal.
We cut to Enter who is talking to Messiah about the plans he retrieved for a new Megazord. Messiah is actually happy to hear this, but that changes when he hears that Enter needs some Enertron for the construction. Enter leaves quickly and is disappointed in Messiah since they need Megazords to get Enertron. Enter then starts to listen to any type of message and he hears about the 2,000 trons. We then see one of the robbers talking to someone about the trons. Mori soon finds where Usada is at and now the Busters can go and get him. Yoko is the first to start moving as she says she isn't worried, but we know she is. The team are sent out and go underground and when they get inside of the tunnel networks Hiro sends a map by analyzing the area. Mori and Nakamura now tell the team which paths to take. Thanks to the human GPS they find the room where Usada is as they catch the thieves. Yoko starts to act big headed since Usada got kidnapped. Things seem fine, but all of a sudden the grunts appear and attack. The team transform and take them on with their swords. Now Enter appears and he throws a bomb onto the ground! He takes Usada, the team and the thieves get out, and the bomb explodes.
Back at the base, the thieves have been taken care of, but now tracking Usada is harder since his signal has been lost. Soon Enter hacks into the television signals and gives the Busters a message. We see Usada being chained and hanging from a building as Enter wants 20,000 trons for an exchange. They have exactly one hour and if they are even off by a second or the trade will be a no go since a bomb as been strapped onto Usada. Mori thinks of having the Center help out, but the commander knows that they will not be involved like last time. The plan is to fake the trade, but this is Enter they are messing with. Yoko has a plan though it seems. We get to Usada as he doesn't sound that scared as he is happy someone knows how much he is worth. He does know that if he dies here there will be no one to take care of Yoko. An Enertron truck appears as we cut to Yoko giving the plan to the team. This already sounds faulted since when Enter check what's inside everything will fail, but Yoko thinks of a distraction method. Yoko wants Mori to play as Hiro and the real Hiro will be sticking out like a sore thumb. With this Enter will have to think hard no matter what decision he picks. With that Yoko can grab Usada since she will use Nakamura as her stunt double.
Yoko gets ready for her part as she eats her candy. Enter though has more planned as he summons two robots into the city. They seem to be from the Alpha Megazord from the last episode. It's time for plan B as Hiro rides away and gets ready to fight. Ryuji also goes as the other two follow him. Yoko gets on the roof of the building and starts to pull Usada up. Enter looks into the truck and finds out that there is only water in the tank. Enter then sees Usada being pulled up as he starts to bash on the enter key on his computer as the timer starts to move faster. Usada tells Yoko to run away since the explosion will get him and her. Yoko doesn't listen as she keeps pulling on the chains. The both of them say that they don't want them dead and it cuts to a flashback of the younger Yoko around Usada. There Yoko slips up and the explosion goes off. The plan seems to be a failure, but somehow Usada contacts Yoko. It was Plan B as the team made Enter think they left. Ryuji cuts the chains and gets the bomb off of Usada in time. Enter thinks they put the city in great risk just for the Buddyroid, but he forgets that the other roids can pilot the machines by themselves. Usada and Yoko reunite calling each other idiots and then Enter starts to crack! For the first time he snaps and lets hell lose! He attacks the Busters with his wires, but the team transforms and defend themselves with their swords. Enter then leaves saying that the Busters have taught him a great lesson. With Usada back the team get into their machines and fight the Bugzords. They transform into their beast modes, but Hiro changes to the Ace pretty quickly. Yoko kicks one into the air as Ryuji throws the other and there he fires missiles at them. Hiro uses the finisher as the bugs are destroyed by teamwork! Things are back to normal now as it seems Yoko tricked the commander to do her homework.
 Episode 9 really delivers what previous episodes haven't. First is the great amount of teamwork in this episode as even Mori and Naka get a little more screen time. I like how Usada is a teacher for Yoko since she was young when she had him and education is important. How Yoko was slacking off fits her character well and I loved the scene where Usada and Yoko flip out on each other. That is one thing this episode brings is comedy. For me Go-Busters has funny moments, but never had any great funny moments. I really laughed with this episode though as I liked how Usada stayed calm mostly because he was worried on how much he was worth. Enter was at top form in this episode because he finally snaps. I wasn't expecting it at all because he usually stays calm, but no he has been completely screwed with. Enter always tricked the Busters somehow and mostly his plans fail because of the roids and the Megazords. This is the really first time he messed up and seeing that reaction really shocked me. There weren't many fights, but at least the mecha fight was good. It was short, but seeing the team use their individual robots was much better than any of the Gobuster-oh fights so far. Anyways what replaced the action was great comedy and drama so I give this episode an A-
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  1. Looking back at the first 9 episodes, I think I have a better idea about how I feel about this series overall so far.

    So far, I am still feeling pretty middle of the road with this season so far. I do find it enjoyable, but I don't think it's mind blowing at the moment.

    I think Go-Busters' biggest weakness so far is that it hasn't made any of the story arcs or the characters important at all. Plus, there have been times where some of the comedy wasn't very necessary. Part of the reason why I am looking forward to ep 10 is cause I'm hoping it'll make Hiromu's role feel a bit more involved than it has been so far. Though I will also say that Go-Busters is really taking it's time to set itself up. Much longer than most Sentai seasons. So the big picture of this show might not be given until at least the Beet Buster and Stag Buster show up.

  2. Yea when new heroes appear the story does start to progress more. I am liking the beginning of the series though, there are some episodes I didn't like as much as others, but we are getting good character traits. Also Enter is a great villain so far and how he snapped in this episode was great. Overall it seems a little slow right now, but we got to see the weaknesses of the team and how they get through them. I do have to say though the comedy is a bit random at times, mostly with Hiro being scared by chickens.