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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New 2012-2013 Rider Rumors: The Power of Art!

Well it seems the Tablet rider could be false. New rumors have appeared saying we are getting a painter as a rider. Not just any painter though a magical one meaning it's a mystical rider! Well I am hoping it will be mystical and not just be magic made by machines. I am still happy to hear this though this could be the big change I have been waiting for and I bet there are other fans who wanted a change like this. By how rider series have been doing since Double I am hoping that it will do well. Now by the design it seems that this rider could still go with the pocket power theme since there are going to be colorful buttons. These are easily different colors and I bet the rider will be fusing different colors to make new ones. So even though Sentai has moved back to armlets with Go-Busters it seems Kamen Rider is going to stick with the power in the pocket. I do wonder how it will look though because it is said to have a bowling ball for a head.
When I think art I think bowling... NOT!

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