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Friday, April 27, 2012

Akibaranger Episode 3 Review: Do Not Disturb

We start this episode off with Hiroyo wondering how Deka Red appeared in the last fight. She knows Nobuo did see him before, but she still can ponder on the fact that an official warrior appeared in the delusion world. She goes back to the cafe and Nobuo isn't around as he is drinking at a bar with two of his friends. Hiroyo contacts him by phone as he steps out to take the call. He first ask if the call is for the start of the search for Green or Black, but of course that isn't the case. Hiroyo really wanted to talk about the whole Deka Red thing, but when she mentions about Nobuo drinking Mitsuki hears and yells at him. She thinks a man who drinks is bad for a hero since kids look up to them, but Nobuo gives her some facts about the awesome Black Condor, Gai Yuuki and how he drank on occasions. When he ends the call he sees Sayaka and yes he starts to stalk her. He overhears a conversation about boyfriends and it seems Sayaka is still single! This exictes Nobuo completely as he thinks he found the flag of love (he also does a Fourze pose and says Kitta). He goes back to his friends as he orders more beer to drink. We cut to a little later and it seems Nobuo is drunk and it is because he could finally be ending his loneliness streak (welcome to the club). He then sees a man trying to get a maid to work for his club. She rejects him and soon the delusion kicks in as we see the man summon the grunts to kidnap her. He rushes into the scene and confronts the man as he knows he is an Akibaranger. He transforms into Red and Hiroyo tells the other two that there is action going on.
The fight takes place in a woods with snow around as the suave grunts attack Red. He easily fends them off by himself and soon the ladies appear to help in the fight. With the grunts out of the way the man shows his true identity as he is the MOTW. Yellow quickly gets attracted to him, but she tries to hide it from the others. His name is Kabuki (I'm sorry there is no way I'm typing the whole name) as he throws his card into Yellow's head! Kabuki plan is to take any women in Akiba and turn them into hostesses for Kabuki City as he gives the girls a change of clothes. Red then summons Bouken Red in his Good Luck outfit from episode 27 by the snap of his finger! Hiroyo is now completely confused as there wasn't even any context for his arrival. Blue asks about the get up as Yellow says it appeared in one of the episodes. Red orders Bouken Red to attack as they save the women. The two then attack Kabuki as Red takes the Bouken Javelin and Bouken Red attacks with the Surviblade. The two notices that he is much stronger than usual and soon Kabuki makes his escape. Nobuo is sent back into reality and is still drunk as he promises that he will finish Kabuki and save the girls in a cool way. Mitsuki is disappointed as she didn't do much in that fight, but Moegi is very happy.
It's the next day and Hiroyo has come to a answer why Nobuo did so well yesterday. The answer of course is alcohol since the team get their powers from delusions and by weakening one's reasoning the delusion can be much stronger. The two are happy to hear this, but Mitsuki had to bring up why Moegi is dressed up differently. Moegi is a cosplayer and for this week she is an elementary school boy. Now the two start to drink as they look at Super Sentai magazines as they look at weapons and past villains. First is GoGoV as they see the Go Blaster and Moegi turns to Salamandes as she loved his character. Mitsuki doesn't see this as training and she can't even drink so she can't really do much. It's not all useless though as she can get some lessons on Super Sentai from the others. Mitsuki then mentions about the Bouken Ranger from before and of course Nobuo has to correct her. Mitsuki wonders what's up with the "ger" part of the name and Nobuo keeps calling her out as a noob since it as already been covered with Hurricanger. Mitsuki then storms out of the place and soon finds herself entering another cafe with tons of DVDs. Back at the cafe we see Nobuo seeing the Gingaman theme as everyone is dancing along. Two new visitors appear and it soon time for the Boukenger theme song! One of the girls asks Moegi who she liked the most in Boukenger as she replies with Yaiba and for similar reasons. There Nobuo asks her if she is a "rotten person" and she says no. It's nighttime, but that doesn't mean the drinking is stopping. The two now start to roam around in the city as they soon spot Mitsuki. Kabuki soon appears and tries to get Mitsuki, but she tries to attack him. He grabs her leg and finds out it's Blue as he looks down her skirt! The two notice him (and even Moegi does a Fourze reference) as they get to Mitsuki and transform.
The two are heavily drunk though and the even the transformation sequence is affected by it. The scene turns to day again as Blue wonders why this happened again. Red says that night filming would be a pain even though they are not being filmed. Yellow soon notices a bunch of women trapped in a cage and one of them is Sayaka. The team start their role calls as Red references Kirin Ranger, Blue does her usual, and Yellow chatters on about something. They strike their pose and when the explosion roars the two drunks get a little shaken from it. Red quickly gets himself to normal so he can save Sayaka as he runs up the cliff and breaks the cage open. He gets a congrats from Sayaka and she shoots him! It was actually Malshina as she was disguised as Sayaka. Kabuki then attacks Red and things start to get weird. The fight between them has some strange positioning and Malshina and Yellow are loving this. Soon Kabuki ties Red's arms together with his scarf and he kicks him to the ground and he lands right on top of him. He raised Red's leg up and says he will show him paradise... Yellow completely freaks out as an explosion comes from behind her and she starts to love it way too much. Red says she really is a "fujoshi" which translates to "rotten girl" and girls like that fantasize about male romance.
Red is in need of help, but Yellow faints from all the mo-e, but luckily Blue comes to his rescue. Somehow though Kabuki as Sayaka as she calls out for Nobuo. Blue wonders where Malshina went, but Red quickly jumps into action and saves her once more. He gets another congrats and a shot to his chest as it is Malshina again. Things get creepy again as Kabuki pounds on Red's chest as Malshina loves it and Yellow loves it too much as she faints again. Blue is confused on what is going on, but Hiroyo who is still drinking and also eating squid as she explains that Red's heroic delusion is mixing with Yellow's yayoi delusion and it's because of the sake. Blue saves Red again and the same thing happens. Malshina disguises herself as Sayaka as Red saves her again, but this time she doesn't even say anything. She just shoots him and shows herself for another time. Kabuki then gets him on the ground on his back and there he spread's his legs! Yellow faints like before and Blue is getting ticked off by all of this. Blue has an idea though as she contacts Hiroyo to shut down the delusion, but she cannot respond as she has been drinking too much.
 Blue is now on her own as she goes straight for Malshina this time. Malshina is strong though as she send Blue flying with a kick. It may seem impossible, but Blue says that challenging the impossible is an adventure! Red instantly remembers that line from episode 20 of Boukenger when Silver first joined. Blue even says Chief's favorite phrase and the others start to snap themselves back together. They see that Blue has been watching Boukenger while the two were drinking. Red gets Kabuki off of him as Yellow kicks him into Malshina. Now the two are back to normal and to congrats Blue for her performance is Bouken Red! He appears without the get up from before and does his role call. There he orders the team to attack as the Boukenger theme plays in the background. The two reds fight Kabuki as Yellow and Blue get Malshina by tossing a boulder at her. Red is soon shoved out of the battle with Bouken Red and soon Blue goes up to help. Chief and Blue kick Kabuki away and there he gives her Boukenger's powers as he gropes her! He then turns into the Bouken Scooper as Blue uses it to dig through the ground, attack Kabuki from behind, get him in a ditch, and there the team bury him in the ground. He is stuck and is unable to move and the team finish him off with their Moe Magnums. The fight is over, but the two adults are now having issues with their health as they start to get sick. It's a new day and the three apologize to Mitsuki for their drunken antics. They promises to never drink sake again and now the team will not rely on booze to boost their powers. Red and Yellow get their hands together, but Blue doesn't join in as she says she will not transform starting tommorow!
Holy crap what an episode this was. First I have to mention how this episode breaks one of the biggest taboo's of Sentai. The sexual humor of this episode really went crazy as we got the MOTW trying to rape Red! I have to say though as creepy as it is, it was funny. I also liked how Red falls for the same trick three times and each time is done differently. Yellow was also great as she just goes banzai! There was also some nice character details for her before the reveal that she was a rotten girl. The dialogue scenes were great as we got some jokes to the Sentai names and about the filming. There were even Fourze references in this episode and I expect there will be more. I am a die hard Boukenger fan and I just loved the references that were made in this episode and it is bad that I also remembered the exact episodes like Nobuo did? The fights were small, but good. I love seeing Bouken Red back in action and yes it's Takahashi doing the voice for the hero. The new weapon is pretty creative and how it was used was simply enjoyable. Overall this is a really funny episode if you don't get bothered by the odd parts, for me I give it an A-
Next Time: Expect an appearance from Liveman! (Correction... don't expect it)


  1. So far, Akibaranger has been a very well written series. THIS is what to expect when Arakawa is at his best! =D

  2. I am loving this series it a lot, it may be low on the budget, but it's bringing back past actors like Gokaiger did, but I hope there will be different actors (there are rumors saying Red Hawk may arrive in the series). Also the comedy is just great as it references the franchise greatly.