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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Thoughts on Power Rangers Samurai Right Now

I will get this out of the way now, I hate Power Rangers Samurai! This is my opinion right now and hopefully Saban can save this from being a bad comeback. I have many reasons why I hate this new series.

There is barely any original ideas with Samurai it's just a copy and paste series. The first episode was a copy of episode 3 of Shinkenger and it just continued doing that. Now there have been some differences like the wedding episode it had some, but it had the same plot. The episode with the missing toys was different than offering virgins, but Saban had to change that to make it more kid friendly, but that episode still had the same plot with Gold wanting to be like Blue, the methods were different though. Finally there is the second part of the sealed box which wasnt used during that episode so they used their own footage and they didnt even finish the monster off even with a new and original move. Overall though the series rips off Shinkenger completely with characters and episode plots.

There are so many episodes they have skipped and could have easily been used. I think this is for the reveal of the gold ranger so that they can get more toy sales. First we didnt get an origin episode, but will soon, which I see is pointless because the series already got to the sixth ranger and other mechas so why show the origin now? Also in episode 14 of Shinkenger there was RICHARD BROWN! I loved that episode of shinkenger it was funny and creative, but Samurai could easily have used it. I dont care if it wasnt changed that much or not, all they had to do is replace Richard with Bulk and Spike! It would have translated perfectly because Bulk and Spike would get a chance to fight with the rangers all that was needed is to do their own footage which they have done before so why not this time!

The dubbing is bad and i mean bad! I hate how hard they are trying to make this series feel like MMPR. The monsters are always a dumb idoit all the time while in Shinkenger they were serious villians. I hate how they translate the monsters and dub them with accents, even though they are monsters from JAPAN! How can a monster have a Western accent if he came from Japan! The show clearly stated that the monsters started in Japan so doesnt that mean they were born in Japan? This goes for the rangers at times too the voices dont match many times with the scene and the puns get annoying! Saban make this into a different series this isnt MMPR!

The editing is bad as well because for some reason Saban cant show a single stab attack! This was really bad in one episode where shinkengreen stabs the monster and throws him. In Samurai green just somehows gets to the monster like magic and flings him with the spear. The worst part you can clearly see that he had to stab him to fling him! Even in the episode with an original attack and not finishing the monster they used old footage for the mecha fight for that episode and they had some bad editing because they used it before!

Acting is getting better with three characters, but Kevin, Mia, and Emily are so bad! Emily sounds like she isnt trying while Mia and Kevin are trying to hard. At first Jayden was very wooden, but he has been getting better along the way. Mike was always good he started good and is still a good actor. Antonio is alright, but I think he is getting worse as the series continue.

Now here is when I get the most anger, the Mega Modes are UGLY!!!! This is some of the worst original desing in the whole power ranger franchise! The modes are mostly pointless because they are only used for mecha scenes, they just want toy sales to go up! Why couldnt they just use the original footage I mean you show the japanese symbols on the helmets and they use calligraphy to fight so whats wrong with the original mecha scenes! Sure this makes the talking easier to get through since its their own scenes, but its just pointless and I cant take anything seriously in those UGLY SUITS! Im just glad that Gold's look good and the big reason is that the helmet wasnt changed!

Overall, I hate this fail of a series, but its not worse than some others like Operation Overdrive and Turbo. I just hope Saban can do some original ideas and use some great potential episode plots still. What also pisses me off that they are starting their own fight footage because of the battlizer so I hope that the Bulk and Spike episode will happen soon. Also I wonder if they will use the Decade and Shinkenger footage?


  1. Yeah, Samurai is horrid.

    What annoys me even more about Mega Mode is that most of the Mega Mode footage is a blatant shot for shot copy of the original Shinkenger mecha cockpit footage. So there's even more no point to the Mega Mode, except for blatantly selling toys!

    For me, Samurai has already lost to Turbo and Mystic Force. Hasn't lost to Operation Overdrive yet though.

  2. "but its not worse than some others like Operation Overdrive and Turbo."

    I must disagree. At least the teams behind those two seasons were TRYING to tell an original story. I actually found those seasons to be quite tolerable.

    Samurai is filmed like Shinkenger, directly translated from Shinkenger... Basically a copy-and-paste job, except watered down horridly. And coming right after RPM, which is arguably the best-written season in the franchise, it's quite saddening. Samurai blatantly underestimates the intelligence of kids. Like with MMPR, the Rangers are once again cardboard cutouts, but this time they suffer from on and off quirks that we never see again outside of their initial episodes. The villains are too dorky and not the least bit threatening. All the fight scenes are full of bad puns and bad banter. And the female Rangers are practically useless.

    All in all, Samurai is what MMPR was back in the 90s: A 30-minute toy commercial for little boys.

  3. Yea Turbo and OO did try to do their own stories, but this is where they fail the most. Its how they used the sentai material. Turbo completely bombed with that because they were trying to a somewhat dark series, but the footage they had to use was from Carranger a comedic series. OO was doing something different, but soon it just started to copy Boukenger which ticked me off the most. Samurai is copy and paste, but at least they started with it because when they do a change it can change the rest of the series. Samurai did have the one big difference in Broken Dreams and I can see some more differences are coming up soon. The villians in Samurai are dumb, but thats one group. OO made all villian groups look like idiots! Dont get me started on their voice actors! Also there was that completely stupid plot twist with Mac being a robot! It was dumb and it comes out of nowhere and pointless. The only reason they did this is because humans cant use the power of Sentinel Sword. It would be better that the rangers had to pass a test or something like that and get blessings its pretty cliche, but its better than having the leader be a robot.

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  9. Why the hell does the blue ranger always played by dark skinned person? and the red ranger always the "most cool" person in the series can the blue ranger or the other color ranger beside red get the spotlight sometimes?

    1. Personally I think it's a coincidence that the blue ranger gets a darker skin toned actor. Then with red I don't see Jayden to be the coolest at all, that would be Mike cause he was the better actors of the whole cast. There have been mixing up with races for rangers before in the past, but keep in mind Power Rangers just came back with Saban and it's only been two series so far.