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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Possiblity: Decade in Power Rangers Samurai

I still hear of this from fans that Saban bought the footage with the Decade and Shinkenger team up so is this true? So far there has been offical news about this, but I hope this doesnt happen because it could lead to the same mistake Saban made in 1994.

Yup this could cause another if Decade shows up in Samurai. This was done before in MMPR with a Friend In Need where a new hero is introduced. Sometime after the episodes the series was made and everyone knows what happened. It failed big time and is still known as Saban's worst series ever. What exactly went wrong with this series? First showing him teaming up with the Rangers was a mistake I think because it proves that Power Rangers were too popular that the only way they could make a show is to introduce a character in that series. Also kids were into teamwork motifs so having a solo hero didnt appeal as much because Power Rangers was stuck in kid's heads. The show itself though had problems like the characters and their acting wasnt good at all. The show tried to be as corny and funny as MMPR, but it couldnt compare. There was also the thing that will never be mentioned again (GRRRRRRR I HATE THAT THING!)

Whats odd is that both Black RX and Decade crossed with other riders. Black RX teamed up with the ten original riders in an episode arc while Decade teamed up with diff riders in every arc. For Masked Rider we know what happened to the original riders (I AM AMAZON!!!!) as their names were mixed up or were just dumb names, the only one they got right was ZX. Now it is the 21st century now, but I worry if a bad name could be given to Decade. The worst part though is that not only Decade will be shown many other riders will appear too (matters on what footage they use). Diend, Kuuga, Blade, Raia, Scisscors, and Den-o appear. Even monsters from kamen rider are in as well. For kids with the original riders in Masked Rider they were just were other riders who appeared to help with no back story. If they use Decade there has to be story with the riders, they already got Dragon Knight down, but what about the others? Could showing Decade first give birth to even more Rider series?

Decade also had a Black RX's world which lead to a teamup with Black as well. This could be very interesting to see how they can use that world. Dragon Knight will also be interesting since that series did have many differences to Ryuki. For the other rider worlds they could use the original stories from those series and not Decade's to give potential to new riders series even though they are before Decade.

There is no offical news yet, but if it is done that could lead to Decade being adapted by Saban. Lets just hope an occurence like this doesnt happen again. (Watch the video to understand)


  1. Decade's world-hopping is the only good thing he has going for him. It gives things a perfect setup for movies like Super Hero Taisen and the like. The issue with those movies is not that they are clusterfucks with too many characters (though they are), but rather that they do not do their original series the justice they deserve.

    Crossovers are for FANS. People that will understand enough about the individual series to say "Hey I remember that and it's cool that they thought I'd remember!"

    The problem? They get things WRONG. Things that the very fans they are reaching out to will surely NOTICE. And COMPLAIN about. How dumb do you have to be to invite die-hard KR and Sentai geeks to call you out on your mistakes?

    I'd watch an episode of Power Rangers if he showed up. Just to see what they'd do with him.

  2. Well I think this rumor of Decade being adapted has been proven false since Samurai is going to be over soon and there hasn't been a crossover episode announced yet. Power Rider has been confirmed though so who knows when it will actually start.

  3. That clip is why I don't want another Kamen Rider Show adaption by Saban the acting there alone is easily some of the worse I have ever seen in any form of media it makes the dubs that Capcom made of their Japanese games in the 90's look Oscar worthy in comparison

  4. the acting in that clip tho it was bad I got the Black RX Death (trying not to write a joke out of taste)