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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Off Topic: Favorite Video Games Part Two RPG's

For me I love the turn base rpgs the most because some need stragey to beat the game. There are simple ones, but there are many that have bosses that will make you to think and act differently. There were three I had trouble picking with, sadly its a tie with two of those games. First the one that didnt make it was Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, but the two I picked is Super Mario RPG and Megaman X Command Mission.

I had a lot of trouble thinking about this, but I cant put these two down they are just full of fun and I always play them over and over again. First I will talk about Megaman, this is the first and so far the only megaman rpg and it did great. The game engine is similar to another game (sadly I can't remember which game) it was still great though and I think there should be another. First I really liked the characters, Zero is still my fave video game character of all time, but there are new characters in this megaman game to love. Spider is a total badass, Massimo is a great power hitter, Marino is a speed character, and Cinamon is a healer who can attack! Megaman and Axl are very nice characters as well to play as. The story is simple, but the villians really impressed me and the last chapter made it more complex. The graphics are also very nice for 2004, but the game was serious it wasnt trying to be funny anyway like the other megaman games. Epsilon and his allies were very interesting, Epsilon had the feeling of the emperor who doesnt fight until the end. Scarface is the loyal knight, Ferham was the bold follower, and Botos was a pain in the ass! I really liked the bosses as well they just left a great impression on me. Wild Jango, Silver Horn, Dr. Psyche, Mach Jentra, Incentas, and many others were very impressive bosses. The music in the game was also great I loved Spider's and Zero's themes the most. There are also the hyper modes which awsome and was more awsome was the hidden hyper modes that you get from bosses. There was also the tails' bosses and number nine is damn hard (one hit ko move). The final boss was epic for my first time he was pretty hard and had a lot of depth in the background it really made him feel like a powerful enemy. My favoirte boss though was Epsilon himself, now he isnt the final boss. Still his fight was amazing right after defeating Scarface he fights you. At first it's great to fight the leader maverick, but when he starts to get weak he gets serious and goes epic on your ass. The cape is off and its serious time he does a hit that will leave one ally with one hitpoint and he will use it a lot. Even the music changes which has a huge dynamic change.

Mario RPG has that same feeling, every boss was epic and different. Also this is the first mario game with a different story (Mario Missing doesnt count!) There was also great moments like playing as Bowser and Peach and the two new characters Mallow and GENO! The game also had great humor and did great with the sprite graphics. I loved the fourth wall humor and how Mario shows what's the situation is. The final boss is also similar, hidden until the end. What's different is that you heard of him through the whole game and now finally facing him gave you the feeling of taking down a powerful king. Every boss was completely different and it just added more depth to the game expect for a repeat boss. There is also the hidden boss who looks like a FF boss which I found funny, but epic! My favorite boss though had to be the axem rangers because they are a sentai reference and were just fun to fight.

Well next is best shooting game, now that can mean 1st or 3rd person and I will tell you now it wont be a first person shooting game.

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