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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off Topic: Favorite Video Games Intro, My Favorite Fighting game

I want to do more with my blog and see what else I can talk about and I'm also a video game nerd, but who isnt now these days. Today's games are good and some of those are my favorites now, but I can always remember some older games much better. Well first I want to discuss on fighting games, these are like the Street Fighter and MVC series. Back when I was younger I always enjoyed playing the Naruto fighters, but I play a lot more different fighting games these days and my favorite is a recent one that is easily picking up popularity. That is BlazBlue Continuim Shift!

This game has a lot of things I like about fighters, a good story, different characters, good amount of unlockable items, and many modes to play. I did play the first one, but for me sequels to fighting games always get better unless it was moved to a portable console like psp and 3DS, but those wont be mentioned. This sequel gave three more characters to play as not including the three downloadable characters. I really enjoyed the story mode for the game as we see everyone's view points and also there are many possibilties that can be made. You can take the right path, the bad path, or the funny path. Every story has a good, bad, or gag ending and if you get the bad ending you go through a "Please Help Me! Professor  Kokonoe!" I love these scenes they always get a laugh out of me and that goes the same for the gag reel endings, my favorite gag reel is Hazama's. Then my favorite konkone scene was Noel's or Tsubaki's. Also Bang is easily a reference to kamen rider he has the belt, a punch and kick move, and he does Ichigo's pose. Also he says "Chesto!" like GekiChopper. My favoirte character to play as though is Hazama because even though you need to fight smart with him I always win with him in an online match so far. So yea this the beginning of the Off Topic sections and next will be my favorite RPG games and by that I mean turn base because those are the original RPG's. I hate it when people call Mass Effect or WoW a RPG because they arent! Either way I dont want to do any tie or anything for it, but I got three that i just love soooooooo much!


  1. The dawn of new 2D fighting game era begins with this. As a fan, I'm really pleased.

    Except for one thing.

    Litchi Faye-Ling's decision to join the NOL. How can she pull something so selfish, obsessed, and unsympathetic! I liked her a lot, but I find her actions making her less sympathetic than she was before... Do you still view her as someone Good? Remember, she is the one Bang, our Tokusatsu homage guy, is in love with!

    Makes me wonder if in that place, justice is dead.

  2. Yea Litchi's decision is selfish, but she probably knew arakune a whole lot back then. There was probably something he did back then that is making Litchi want to get him back to normal. It will probably be explained in the third game

  3. ... You know, if this continues, this could take ages. Litchi is always a very volatile topic as of now. Maybe I just can't accept her being labeled the 'villain' and making her less sympathetic than she was in Calamity Trigger... I dunno.

    If you check my blog, I did make a pseudo-post about her, but I don't think that... really calms me down. Since you know BlazBlue, mind if I request that you make a post regarding your opinion on Litchi? Whether she's still Good or ceased to be or never has been good since creation, or whether she's still sympathetic or no longer deserving any ounce of sympathy for that betrayal...

    Maybe later when I've felt better on her as of now, I could incorporate some BlazBlue posts in my blog. But still, I hope you take my request into consideration. You can also incorporate the yet-to-be-answered question from my previous comment (whether Litchi is still Good, ceased to be or never has been) in that post.


  4. Yea I will do a post about Litchi sometime probably when there isnt much news with rider or sentai. It could late this month maybe because I really like to look at what I write and with many other things in my life it could take a while.

  5. Thank you very much. You don't know how grateful that'll make me (the eventual Litchi post). Now to connect these to Tokusatsu, even if BlazBlue never intended it overall...

    I think aside of Kamen Rider Ichigo vibes that Bang gave out, he also shares another Toku trait: Hyperactive heroes. Seriously, Bang may as well look like Ban/Deka Red if he keeps his hyperactivity as he gets older. Hell, Ban's motto ("Justice shall prevail!") are similar to Bang's creed.

    And somehow I think there are elements of some Toku characters I find in BlazBlue. Maybe that'll be for the next comment...

  6. Others? I wonder who you could mean? Well I could do it quicker than I thought it could be this week, but first will be my sentai villian list. Also for that list im not doing groups, but indivual villians

  7. Kinda thought some BlazBlue characters, while unintended, give me reminders of Tokusatsu characters.

    Take Hazama for example. His trolling and smug demeanor gives me vibes of Long from Gekiranger. Yes, whenever I see Long smirking, it's like I see Hazama smirking (just that Long still opens his eyes). Both revels in misery of other people, which they consider interesting. Welp, maybe that's just me.

    A favorite Sentai villain list!? Awesome! Be waiting for it soon!

  8. You know... since that promised post never came... how about this instead? I'll go on ahead first and make a Litchi-related post in my blog. THEN you can comment on that. No need to apologize, it was selfish of me to ask you for that when you're not really her fan and you got other things that kept you busy.

    I'll inform you soon, but you can contact me through my blog at ChrisX's Corner of Fiction.


  9. Im sorry, I was having some trouble with the post because as you said I'm not a biggest fan and yes I am pretty busy. I know you said no apology, but I'm still sorry

  10. No worries, your blog's titled 'Kamen Sentai' after all so Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (and Power Rangers) should've been your main focus. I'll take care of my post later.

  11. Well....

    In there is a LiveJournal entry, so I'm just sharing. Go ahead and comment (be it in my blog or the LJN). Fave blue probably coming soon after this...