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Monday, April 23, 2012

Superhero Taisen: A Flop?

Recently the Taisen movie has been released to theaters and sadly there is some negativity. First I haven't see the film yet, but I knew there were going to be some issues. First with the trailers I hate it that most of the fights where I thought returning riders vs sentai were just Marve and Tsukasa. Also the OOO keys are just used to make a profit as it will be used for a quick second. Also with the huge amount of heroes on this film there are going to be some people forgotten. There are great fight moments though no doubt, but it's just some screen time will be limited. Either way though I think this was a needed start for the Taisen movies because you know there is going to be more. I know next time the film will use the recent rider with the recent sentai which means there can be screen time focus for the characters. This can also lead to some good moments when the villains cross paths. Probably by next month we will see the next Superhero Taisen movie with the next rider and next sentai.

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