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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 8 Review: Blue Dreams

The episode starts with Hiromu not having a good start. He seems grumpy and a little messy as Nick nags to him about how he looks right now and how he always oversleeps. The two hear that the GT-02 has been launched already as they think a fight is happening. False alarm though as Usada tells them that it's just practice. Usada then talks about how Ryuji was always training since he started at a much older age than the other two. We see him using the Gorilla mecha to shoot down giant plates and seeing him shoot balls that come out of walls. Now we see Enter plotting like usual as a camera catches him well I should say he lets it. In the base the commander tells the group that Enter has been spotted near a facility where a new Buster machine is being made. The mission is to protect the building and the designs of the machine. Back at that place we see the guards looking around for him, but he is disguised as one of the guards and sneaks through (even though he keeps his usual things). The Busters come though and already spot him out. They transform and do their role call, but with nice imagery I must say. Enter summons the guards as the Busters take them on. Yoko uses a blaster while Ryuji uses two. With Hiro he is dashing and slashing through the grunts. Enter gets away though and makes it for a door. Blue catches him though with some wire work as the other two point their blasters at him. Enter attacks and the team block and dodge as he escapes like usual.
After he leaves the team find out that the blue prints are safe. There an old friend from school notices Ryuji. The two talk about how they are both shocked to see where each one of them ended up at. Even though Ryuji wanted to be a mechanic at least his friend is living his dream. The three enter the building with Ryuji's friend Kazuya as he talks about the system. It cannot be hacked by internet access which is why Enter appeared. The new machine is called BC-04 and Ryuji is amazed that Kazyua is doing this. Kazuya replies that it's a team effort though and that the engineer's job is pretty easy. Now the team figure out that Enter wanted the designs because he could want to create a new type of Megazords. Back with the boss as he tells the team to stay in the building since he knows Enter will return. Yoko then talks to Ryuji about his dream and its flashback time! Ryuji talks about how he saw the Megazords daily and wanted to become an engineer because of them. His friend was also the same as their dream was the create a Megazord. Ryuji had to put his dreams on hold though ever since the event when he was 15. Gorisaki is eavesdropping on the conversation and thinks that Ryuji doesn't want to be a Buster. The team was correct as we see Enter talking about how the Megazords must upgrade like modern tools. He summons a new roid a couple of drills as the Drill Roid is born.
The energy readings are spotted and the Alpha type Megazord is coming in three minutes! Now the Busters have to evacuate the people in the building. Kazuya though wants to set up some security for the computer so that no one can get in it. It was a lie though since the order came from a call and how could his phone get any signals when they cannot reach that area. Now the team suspect Kazuya of being a spy for Enter. Ryuji then lets Yoko and Hirou talk care of the Megazord as he stays behind. The two enter into their machines as time runs out and the Megazord doesn't appear? Nakamura looks for it's location, but it cannot be found. Ryuji then goes back to Ryuji and sees Kazuya copying something on a disk drive. Ryuji asks why he is doing this and we find out that Kazuya has been unable to work on the machine. With the Megazord it appears to have been underground as it attacks the two. The Drill Roid also dug his way into the building as it tries to steal the data, but Ryuji breaks the hard drvie as the computer shuts down. Ryuji now tries to protect the disk drive and during this he talks to Kazuya that he is giving up on his dream. Kazuya gets the disk drive though and runs off with it saying that if he let's it continue his dream will die.
Also things for the others is not going well as they cannot reach the enemy zord while it is underground. They have to wait for Ryuji so they can use Gobuster-oh. Back with Kazuya as he finally sees that his dream wasn't dying he just thought that because things weren't going exactly as he thought. Sadly though Enter appears and take the data and gives Kazuya his reward. Blue now gets two swords to fight the roid with and things begin with him blocking the first attack. There Blue stabs the blades into it's arm and into the ground. Now with the roid unable to move, Blue gets one blaster and uses the finisher on it. Now Ryuji appears in his machine and the team combine into Gobuster-oh. They track the enemy and trap it with the Dimension Crush and with them using dimensions it doesn't matter is the enemy is underground. The Megazord is destroyed and Ryuji meets back up with Kazuya. Ryuji already knows that he lost the data because he came back and now he tells him to keep working. It's for his dream and for the Sempai who have been lost 13 years ago. Now Ryuji may have lost his dream, but he likes what he is doing now with his comrades.
Episode 8 is a much better episode than the previous two, but there are some big faults still. First the series is having a repetitive theme going on. Enter appears, they fight, he leaves, then they find out what he is planning. The message of this episode is better than 7 though as we get a man who thinks his dream is dying. I did like that Enter still won in the end. Kazuya tried to get redemption for what he has done, but he had already made the deal so there was no turning back. It's a realistic ending which I like a lot because that really pushes the message more of not giving up on your dreams no matter what. The fights were also better as I love dual weapons. Ryuji used both dual blasters and swords in this episode which was a nice treat to see. The mecha fight was bad though as it was just there is build suspense and then the pay off was just a quick finisher from the mecha. I did like how the zord was underground though showing that the teleportation has no limits. Overall it's a good episode that has a strong message and the execution of the episode really shines on it, a B-
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  1. I like this episode for deviating the one thing Sentai used. Usually in Sentai, when one made a nefarious deal, the Sentai is here to save the day and annul the deal. Here? The deal gets carried out regardless and Kazuya had to cope that he caused a big loss due to his deal. Thank God, Ryuuji is more forgiving.

    I like how Go-busters are really deviating with the usual Sentai norms and as I would say, get Darker And Edgier.

  2. I agree, Go-busters is bringing back old methods and doing different execution methods. It's too bad the last two episodes (6,7) didn't do that much different with execution and it felt kinda rushed for those episodes.