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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 31 Review: A King in His Throne (Spoiler Alert!!!!!)

A little change up for the recap as we get Meteor's recap of events. Its a nice little change and it means something big is going to happen for Ryusei no doubt. We see Ryusei talking with Tachibana about Zodiarts in his school since he saw Libra there. Even though the Zodiarts are only to appear in AGHS it probably means that the exchange student as become a Zodiart. We then see Ryusei talking with Yuuki and Jake about the student he traded places with. His name is Yamada, he was in the drama club, and he seemed to be a silent person. With the others, the final switch has finally arrive and it's Number 40 the Cosmic Switch. Gen gets ready to use the new switch, but for some reason an electronic force is keeping it away from the driver. Gen then notices a button on the switch and keeps pressing. It keeps saying "Danger" and then soon "Goodbye" as an explosion appears. It doesn't look like it's broken though so it means that the Fourze driver could need some tuning up. Ryusei starts to leave for his old school as Yuuki tries to get Gen involved. Ryusei doesn't want other classmates walking around the school since they are outsiders, but he can easily sneak around on his own. Luckily though with Ohsugi helping them out he was able to get Kengo, Gen, and Yuuki to be visitors. Everything seems lively unlike last time as Ryusei notices this. His friend Mei appears and gives him a book that he let her borrow, but he doesn't remember doing that. Gen then starts to get excited since he is seeing the real Ryusei ever since he found out about Jirou and will try to help him in anyway possible.
The gang then meet Yamada who is reading a book like usual and the five begin an English class where the teacher is pretty bad. Yamada helps the teacher out as he says she is using the wrong sound for the letter "A" and even shows her the mistakes she has made on the board. After the class, Ryusei looks around in the book he got from Mei and finds a message. It's a warning from Mei saying he should get out before he is sent to sleep. Meanwhile Yuuki is checking out the space club, but something is amiss as the members used to be part of a Judo club. Yuuki asks why they are in the club as they reply it's their role. The boy also tells her to not do what is scripted. All of a sudden the boy passes out and the other two freak out saying the king is coming as they pass out as well. Soon the Aries Zodiart appears as the others appear. Kengo confirms that it is the Aries Zodiart and Ryusei is shocked to see him. Soon Aries reveals his identity and of course it is Yamada. Ryusei is absolutely excited that he has found Aries and it seems Yamada has become a king in the school. Yamada transforms again as Gen does the same and Yuuki follows along which was more funny than usual. The two begin to fight, but it is taken outside very quickly and Gen pulls out the Hammer Switch. Aries uses his rod weapon to summon a yellow cloud as it covers the Hammer and soon deactivates it! Gen then uses Launcher, but it also gets the same fate as Hammer. Kengo realizes that this is Aries ability and for some reason Gen is tired. The gang is wrong though as Aries is only disabling their bodies as the other three are soon affected by him. There they find tons of sleeping students and then Kengo finds out that he has control over sleep. Even though the switches are mechanical they cannot function without the person's ability to use them. Gen is soon defeated and he falls asleep and Yuuki is also sent to sleep. Ryusei though gets away and transforms into Meteor quickly and appears.
There he asks Aries if he can reawaken the people he put to sleep. Aries does so as a girl wakes up from her slumber. Ryusei now knows that Aries' powers can save Jirou since his switch went haywire and it won't respond for anyone else. If he can get Jirou to wake up, Jirou can deactivate the switch by himself. Then Meteor quickly leaves and soon Kengo falls asleep. Now that Aries is around, Tachibana wants Ryusei to team up with Fourze so that they can defeat Aries. If Tachibana can get that switch he can work with it and can find a way to save Jirou. Ryusei then asks what will happen if Tachibana cannot find a way. Tachibana wants Ryusei's trust, but Ryusei saw what Aries can do and thinks he should ally with Aries. He calms down though and will stick to the mission. Back with Aries, Hayami talks to him about his duties of being a part of the Horoscopes. Aries though will stay in the school since he is the king and he will not bow down before anyone. Hayami wants Yamada to assist the other Horoscopes, but even he cannot stay awake. Yamada wakes him up though and says he could have done anything at that moments as he leaves. In the classroom then Kengo is expressing his love to the teacher? It's a play though as Yuuki pops in as the little sister. Another student joins, but he messes up on his lines as he is sent to deep slumber. Aries even then starts to threaten the teacher as Kengo tells him to stop. Yamada goes back to normal and says everything in the school is part of the theatrical troupe. He controls the casting and the plot of the plays and for all who defy him will be put to sleep. Kengo tells him that the switch is messing with mind, but Yamada says he only used the switch when he got to this school and easily evolved into Aries.
Back with Gen as he is being taken care of by Ryusei's friends. There isn't much time though as the students have to appear for the daily review. This is where Aries punishes a person if they did poorly in their performance. Gen doesn't want this though as he will fight to free the students from the power hungry king. Soon Ryusei meets up with Yamada for some reason. Onto the next scene though as the review begins and it seems Kengo, Yuuki, the teacher, and other students are being punished. Gen jumps in though and fights off the Dustards. Yamada sees Gen and realizes that the three helped him as he transforms into Aries. Gen also transforms and the two fight again. Gen has a plan this time though as he will avoid the rod so he can stay awake. The other members though help out as Shun appears in the Power Dizer and defeats the Dustards. Even Ryusei's friends help out as they take down two Dustards and free Kengo and Yuuki. With Gen he uses the Stamper switch. Gen then dodges the rod and there he kicks Aries with the Stamper as it leaves a branding of the Kamen Rider Club on his body (Kuuga reference?). Gen then goes into Magnet States and begins to fire away at Aries. He blocks the attacks, but Stamper's ability kicks in in three seconds as it it gives out a controlled explosion. 
It gets Aries down as Gen blasts him away. Gen now prepares for the finisher, but Meteor appears in Storm form and blocks the attack! He starts out with his finisher as it bounces the Magnet finisher again and hits Gen. The spinning top starts to attack the Magnet cannon as Meteor fights Fourze. Gen is confused on why Meteor is fighting him, but Meteor says that Gen would help him for his friend. Gen starts to realize that it's Ryusei and Meteor wants Gen to be dead! Meteor uses a kick finisher on Gen and there Magnet States cancels out. Meteor then picks Gen up as he gets his fist on his chest. He hesitates, but he delivers the final blow as Gen goes down the on the ground. Tachibana is not happy with this as he cancels out Meteor's transformation. There everyone finds out that Ryusei is Kamen Rider Meteor! We then find out that Ryusei has allied with Yamada so that he could save Jirou. Gen is still on the ground as he isn't mad, but happy to see Ryusei fight like this. It was the first time Ryusei has been honest with Gen. As Gen heartbeat slows down he says that he is happy to help Ryusei. He is glad to see this happening even though he has to die in the process as his heart stops.
Well that's episode 31 and wow. I have to talk about Gen's death first. I know he is coming back because death for riders has been lacking lately. Ever since Decade started the Rider War movies the main rider can never die unless someone replaces him. I don't think it will happen though, but I think it would have been a nice dark touch to the series. The build up from the last episode really did deliver because Aries was a great threat. His powers are strong, but seeing him already getting beaten up by Fourze was a little disappointing. Points though to Gen as he gained knowledge for his fight against Aries. Ryusei was also in top form in this episode because I haven't seen hero riders fight each other like this since Kabuto. It was really a death match and now just a fight to calm someone down. Ryusei was trying to kill Gentaro, its a great dark touch for his character as it shows great determination. The fights were good with the final fight being the best because as I said before I haven't seen riders fight like this in a while. There were some lacking moments for the club members, but remember it's a new school so of course some of the screen time was taken from them. Ryusei's friends had little scenes though, but good ones and I know they will have more in the next episode. Overall a great episode with drama the show has been missing for a while, I give it an A.
Next Time: Cosmic States!!!

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