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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 47 Review: Everlasting Thunder (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

One more episode after this as the Kyoryugers are ready to plunge in deeper into the battle with new allies and a plan to take down Debos!
The first thing I want to talk about is with the new Cyan and Grey. Why couldn't have this happened earlier? This should have been brought up when Ramirez and Tessai were having troubles with their spirit energy. It would cause some changing for some episodes, but having two new humans become Kyoryugers would have been big moments for the series even if they occur in filler-like episodes. Then they can still pull off the destroying Hell part of the plan since Tessai and Ramirez would come in later after a full rest. For one instance Grey gets replaced by the same actor, but different character so I'm really surprised they did this now. Having Shinya being the new Grey makes sense, but this character only had one episode! They could have had the butler be the new Grey and I would slightly care a little bit then because he's in more episodes. For the new Cyan its Yuuko and this is a choice I really love, but again it should have come sooner. A great episode then would be Yuuko with Cyan's powers fighting Candy during episode forty. Also having Nossan find out that everyone except him was hiding the truth was great. It's a good idea to have new people become Sentai members, but with it being the second to last episode I could barely care as I want the finale of the series and not more additions.
So why have new members for the Kyoryugers now? Well Ramirez and Tessai are going to help Torin destroy Hell. Is the series actually going to have more on the death toll now? I still have my doubts, but the heroes are treating this as a suicide mission. I can easily see how they can escape, mostly because Torin has wings and we do see that Debos monsters are escaping to the earth, so it's only reasonable that he can do the same. Now having death in a series can be a strong point or the weak point of the series. It all matters with how it's delivered and with this it's okay? I mean possibly losing three heroes does mean something, but in someways it doesn't matter as well. There is Ramirez and Tessai who are already dead to begin with and since they finally found replacements they can probably rest in peace now. Torin already had near death situations has I mentioned before many times ago. The three characters also didn't get the best development and that brings it to more of a bad territory. Again I should wait and see if the series actually pulls it off to see how I truly feel.
 An odd moment with the series is how many people knew of this plan? There is Dantestsu and the two spirit rangers, Torin, the two new Kyoryugers, and it seems both of the Violets knew as well. It's amazing how they kept that a secret to the original team because they sure did have a lot of people working on it. Also the original Violet himself is in the fight in Pluze-oh which was a great and funny moment at the same time. I have to wonder though how there are two Violets. Did the Doctor make two batteries somehow? I only bring this up because if there can be two Violets, why can't there be two Cyans and Greys? It would make more sense with the spirit rangers since they can pull off some spiritual spells and not explain it. I mean it's the same thing with having two Violets. Also they now just use the Doctor, series I wanted to see him fight since his reveal! Alright back to the topic of the plan. Yayoi takes the Victory and Maximum batteries to give them a full charge so they can have the power to destroy Debos. The four newest members will take on Chaos and his grunts while the original team head off to the Frozen Castle. The plan is just invade and destroy Debos, but how they got there was the real plan anyways.
Now onto the action before another part of the series I fully enjoyed, but again it's the same problem that I had with the previous episode. So with the action of the series, I did like seeing how the new Cyan and Grey fight. I'm more of a fan with how Shinya fights since he knows what to use like his hard head (don't take that out context). Shinya doesn't even know much about martial arts so he is improvising in many ways. With Yuuko she is pretty much using her strength because it runs in the family, remember that from a good chunk of episodes? Yayoi was using her swift moments like usual and Dantetsu was using his fist and everyone is doing a roll call. Personally I would have loved to see more of a focus for this fight since it would be nice to have more screen time for the new members, but the series didn't care much for the first Cyan and Grey though so they just move away from that. We don't even get to see the Doctor fighting with Plezu-oh again! Well except a little look into the background, I don't count that though.
A big part of the action goes to out of suit fights and the series can't mess this up. The out of suit fights has become a trope in the franchise along with the suit-less roll call since it was termed in Dairanger. Kyoryuger has worked with this before as the most recent example I can think of was episode forty. The original team gets hit by Debos' darkness and they lose the suits because of the dark melody, but they can still use other batteries as Ucchi using his for the blade. Four members had out of suit fights as for King and Amy it will happen in the finale. First thing I have to mention is the team keep splitting up as the only two who reach the caste is Amy and King.... I wonder what they are hinting at. Still it was cool to see Nossan do his usual thing, but it was better with the other three. Ian gets two guns and Souji uses the Feather Edge along with the default sword. There was also motorcycle action, but it was just generic with the stunt actors wearing helmets. Ucchi had to fight both Dogold and Endolf by himself as this was easily a struggling fight, but Dogold pulls off something that was unexpected.
Dogold tricks Endolf to make him that he will finish off Ucchi. Endolf gets distracted by holding down Ucchi with his resentment and then Dogold takes his chance. Dogold stabs Endolf and destroys the green device on his arm which frees him from his control and both Ucchi and Dogold fight Endolf. Dogold even becomes Ucchi's armor as the two do a combination attack to finish off Endolf. After the fight, Dogold took too many blows and wants to finish the duel between him and Ucchi. The two take one final blow to each other as Dogold did learn of what pride of being a warrior is and he couldn't bear Endolf taking that from him. He worked with his rival to take down the true villain here and he finishes what he wanted to do. It's the same problem has last time; I really loved what happened there. The bond between two rivals accepting each other and the two treat each other as more than hero and villain, but prideful warriors. It was very well done here and having Dogold becoming Ucchi's armor was an amazing sight as this plays with how Dogold and Ucchi started out. The writer easily knew how to do the beginning and the ending of character arcs, but he just didn't know what to do in between.
I am ticked off with how Endolf is quickly written out of the series again and he did get a great battle for this write off, but the whole Endolf using Dogold could have been used earlier. Personally I think it should have happened when Dogold tried to get Endolf's body. Then there would have been moments when Dogold does actually try to rebel against him and then soon giving up until Ucchi tells him about a warrior's pride. With what actually happens though, Endolf doesn't feel all that important to the series as he had a great introduction and it just seems wasted now. It is very similar to how I felt about Airgarion's end, but this time Dogold's story ended up taking down a possibly great villain. Sadly Endolf is just wasted and I will say this does make me like Dogold more now. In the end, it seems that Ucchi died from the battle, but high chance it's not going to happen and the actor could have done a better job with that scene. Overall, it's exactly how I feel about the previous episode, but this time it takes a villain who could have done more. The development for these two characters needed more episodes and I will say this again, a Dairanger style of storytelling would have helped this series a lot.
Episode forty-seven is slightly worse than episode forty-six in my opinion because they tried throwing in new things still and I just don't care. This is the finale arc, just keep moving on and the episode does do this in ways, but also doesn't at the same time. I was also a little peeved with how much they were showing and it ended up not that important to the episode. Again though there was a perfect ending for a villain in this episode and it just gets pulled down because of lackluster development. So with that the episode gets a B-
Next Time: The King show comes to an end.

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