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Friday, February 21, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 48 Review: Carnival Finale! (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

I'm going to be done with Kyoryuger today. I will say even though this wasn't my favorite series, I did love to review it. The series threw me some curve balls I didn't see coming and I feel like I have gotten a lot more thinking towards criticizing thanks to Kyoryuger. So this is the ending to Kyoryuger, what a letdown.
I can't even believe for the finale of the series, Kyoryuger ends up doing what it has been doing to me for a long time. Kyoryuger for me was a battle, it went back and forth with good and bad and this episode shows this perfectly. The beginning of this episode was pretty strong because it focused on the action and it was out of suit action as well. Ian and Souji were pulling off special moves without their suits, Nossan was getting bruised up, and we even see Yayoi taking her grandfather's place in the giant fight. I can also see when that drops and it comes pretty quickly and that is when Daigo and Amy get attacked by Debos. Oh whoops I meant to say God and Amy. Amy tries to protect the batteries and then Debos almost attacks her, but Daigo takes the blow and the two then fall into a pit. This is literally the falling point as the direction was way off, too much slow motion and funny faces. These two actors cannot do serious moments and it gets worse.
After everyone else finished their fights, Ian and Souji find Nossan as he is destroyed. Nossan found Ucchi's body as he is dead. I will say that took me off guard at that moment because I was thinking Ucchi would just jump into the action at a certain point, he doesn't along with everyone else because it's the King I mean God show. What's worse is that the series then gives Ucchi life support when the team started singing and made a powerful melody that revives him. Personally if Ucchi died in that battle it would have been fitting because he technically lived for a very long time along with his rival. The two giving each other the final blow would show that the two accept each other as warriors and they fought to the end, the series can kill off the spirits though with no problems though. The two previous episodes did great with portraying death with Arigarion, Dolgold, and Ucchi still counts, but my goodness what happened here?
Torin and the spirit rangers get into trouble when Chaos takes himself to Hell, literally his fight with Dantetsu was very anti-climatic that of course he was aiming to stop Torin and the others. Also if he did stop them he would probably just escape from Hell as well. Something very confusing happened during the final fight with Chaos. Candy and Lucky appeared in Hell thanks to Lucky having a special lantern and Candy joins the three heroes in the final blow on Chaos. This was actually really awesome because two of the people who kill Chaos were people he thought were the completely useless, Torin and Candy. Chaos had a fitting end and it's great to see the heart impact around him during his death. What happens though is confusing, if people can enter the hell, they can escape as shown with it opening up. Candy and Lucky are the only two who escape.... WHAT?! The death of Torin and the spirit rangers just feels off too because we see the explosion swallowing them up during the theme song. I will say Torin at least felt like he had an ending, but for the two spirit rangers, it felt like they just waved goodbye and then BOOM!
Does this remind you of anything? I got it Star Trek!
Along with the beginning of the series it felt like a team series because we see everyone doing everything they can to fight. Actually Amy had nothing in this episode all she got out of this was getting God as her boyfriend. What ends up happening though is that the rest of the team are just standing around as God is the only one who fights Debos, NO! For a team series it should be the freaking team to finish off the big villain, who has been built up till this very point! Now five of the heroes sing and give God the power to transform into Carnival and fight, but we then get a different version of the theme song and wow was this song terrible. I'm not much of the musical critic, but I can tell why this song is terrible. The voices sounded warped and the very slow tone does not help and it doesn't even feel like an action song then. So everyone just becomes a cheerleader during the final fight of the series, this is not what to do for a team series.
I will say there was at least one more fight for the three guys as the trumpet monster somehow gets into the spirit base. Does his trumpet work like the heroes' guns? This finale couldn't even keep one of the most simplistic continuities in check. So the monster goes destroying the base like Ivan Ooze in the MMPR movie, I rather watch that right now. Then thanks to the spirit base's energy it gives their transformation batteries life. I will say before that it was cool to see the heroes battle the monster like they did. Mostly to Nossan who almost could have broke the monster's leg. Then they even pull off a new combination with their armed on weapons and slash the monster down with that. Everyone may not have been there, but that fight shows more teamwork than the final fight!
Another pet peeve of mine during this episode was how the two new heroes were treated. Dantestsu just tells them to leave and protect the city and we barely see them again... what was the point of giving these two a good introduction if they don’t do much later on? You know what would have been great, a battle of the ten warriors taking down Debos, or at least a big blow on the guy. Which would lead Debos to retreat into the Frozen Castle and making it fly into space as God chases him down with Plzueon. What actually happens is that when Yayoi and the Doctor come to save both God and Amy, God just shoves her out because he wanted her safe. If you couldn't tell they really forced the romance in this finale and to top it off both the actor and the actress can't pull off most of their scenes. God is giving silly faces and Amy is barely using her expressions.
Now I already crossed the line a while ago with this episode, but it even got worse. God takes down Debos and the castle is in space, the Zyudenryu end up taking down the castle with them, and King doesn't escape. It's implied that God died, but it's God he cannot die. Alright I'm stepping out of this joke for a while for this point. Oh the hell does the King survive that?! First there is the explosion that would easily kill him and the fact it was in space! This just proves that King is not even human, he is godlike, and he’s the God of this series. Also he comes at the very end of the series where everyone is happy to see him alive. I will say I was not expecting the first person to hug him was going to be Ian, a little funny. King has one thing to do though and that was to get that strawberry desert with Amy, gag me with a spoon, a wooden one, and make sure it can give me splinters.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this is a worst finale than both Goseiger and Go-busters. At least those finales actually had the teams fight together. With Goseiger their major villain was Brajira and he did just keep coming back in the series, but he does represent the final villain. He was an obstacle for the heroes many times and was actually competent as a villain. Go-busters ending actually had a fitting death for Jin and even though I hated how Enter changed, it's still Enter. He became the villain even though Messiah should have become the big bad. In many ways Debos is close to Messiah because he is saved until a certain point and in a way I still find episode thirty of Go-busters to be the original ending with major changes. Kyoryuger doesn't do anything of these factors right and yet it had good build up for it. The series just wasted that potential though and made a very rushed finale as they left way too many things in the finale.
Now just because of this terrible finale doesn't make Kyoryuger my least favorite Sentai, it makes it as number two though. I wasn't expecting this bad of a finale as everything that was being built towards was wasted and it even ruined Ucchi's grand moment. The acting for the two characters that had the most focus was bad and their forced romance is awful. Many fights felt anti-climatic at times except for Chaos and the trumpet monster's end. To top it all off, the series just put their King into godlike territory. Again Kyoryuger was an interesting series to review and I easily give this episode a D- has there are barely any saving points to this episode except for the beginning and how Candy and Lucky are going to be good now. Kyoryuger was the first Sentai series I fully reviewed and I don't regret it. I at least had a good time reviewing it even if I'm a little mad right now.
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  1. BTW, if you haven't noticed, Kyoryuger was written by Riku Sanjo, who was a main writer for Kamen Rider W (your favorite Kamen Rider series). He wrote the entire series without changing writers (which is common in tokusatsu) which marks the first time in franchise.

    I found ironic that writer who wrote one of your favorite Kamen Rider series (W), wrote one of your least favorite sentai series (Kyoryuger). LOL

    As for the series itself, I feel REALLY mixed about it.
    I think the problem with this show had a lot of potential, but lot of them felt wasted.
    While it does have its appeal to children, where toys sold very well, the show just felt short for me.
    It just didn't have epicness, hype, and drama, that I had in Go-Busters (where I enjoyed ALOT), where lot of people dislike.
    Sadly, this is the first sentai series (in a while!) where I felt GLAD that series ended, because I got REALLY tired of watching it.

    As for King/Red/Daigo/GOD, I REALLY hated this character. One of the biggest problem with the series, where they have to make main character a JERK. Seriously, I really hate where write makes that decision. I also found some of the other members to be jerk as well though.
    They may as well call them "KyoryuJERK". LOL

    Despite the negative aspects, I didn't hate the series.
    If I would rate it, it would be "OK"; just wasn't for me.

    Seems like sentai haven't been your cup of tea after Gokaiger (which IMO is REALLY overrated though).
    Toqger will be written by Yasuko Kobayashi, who wrote Go-Busters (yeah, I know how you feel about it), HOWEVER, Shinkenger staff (producers, etc.) will be involve, so you might probably enjoy it a little more.

    Take care.

    1. I do know about the writer being Riku Sanjo and that is one reason I felt disappointed with the series because he did good writing before this series. As I said before I'm mixed as well this series was very back and forth and I would say it's an okay series. I will easily go into further detail when I get my overall review of the series. I would say it's probably a below average rating like a C-

    2. I do know about the writer being Riku Sanjo and that is one reason I felt disappointed with the series because he did good writing before this series. As I said before I'm mixed as well this series was very back and forth and I would say it's an okay series. I will easily go into further detail when I get my overall review of the series. I would say it's probably a below average rating like a C-

  2. Ah Kyoryuger. I will admit I did enjoy Kyoryuger as I was watching it but at the same time I can't help but feel it to be a bit overrated amongst the fanbase. Again I'm not saying it's bad but there's alot of little things about it that annoy such as how the spirit rangers weren't used as they should , certain sub plots get drop (specificly I'm about one of souji's classmates having a crush on him) and yeah they really need to tone done the red focus. Btw on the subject of Ucchi's "death", with the exception of gobusters, at this day and age they wouldn't do something that dark ( well unless you are Kamen Rider Gaim which you seriously need to get back to as a ton of mind blowing stuff has happened that I won't spoil) but as a whole I'd say Kyoryuger is good show with a few nagging issue. Heres to the 100 years after V-cinema.