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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 40 Review: Changing Your Tommorow

Its time for the Timeranger tribute episode and it starts off with Gozyu Drill coming out of nowhere freaking everyone out. Gai checks inside of it and finds out no one is there, but he finds a badge and soon it activates showing an holograph of Domon and yes Gai freaks outs like usual. Gai shows the team the holograph as Domon uses this to give them a message about going back into the past. He says there will be a great power they can grab if they do this task for him. The team must go back into the last year to stop the destruction of a temple and of course they cant interact with anyone because it will make things complicated. The team wonders though what powers Domon could be talking about since they have Timerangers' powers already, but they soon do what Domon says. Gai inserts the Time Yellow key into the slot in Gozyu Drill as they are sent to the year 2010. When entering they see Nanashi attacking a young boy at the temple as they suspect that they are ones who destroyed the temple. Gai saves the boy as the team fight them off, but the grunts soon leave. Gai tries to help the boy to get out, but he doesnt listen since he doesnt want to go home. Gai soon gets the idea that the boy ran away from home.

The team soon lose the grunts, but from a far they see Shinkenger and Goseiger fighting together. Even with the keys already they see that they really did go back through time. Marve sees the grunts again, but with Shitari as he is going to ambush both of the teams. The team still think that they are the ones who will destroy the temple and if they stay out of sight nothing bad should happen. So the Gokaigers fight off Shitari and his gang. Gai talks with the boy some more as he talks about his mother being a freelance writer as she always has to move around. Now she is talking about going to America and since he doesnt have a father he has to stick with her. He hates to move around constantly because he loses many friends in the process. To help the boy Gai talks about his past having the same issue of moving around a lot, but the difference is he made a lot of friends. Back with the Gokaigers, they are killing off the grunts with ease as they soon finish the rest of them and Shitari with Red Ranger keys. Now back with the boy again he asks Gai how he could have made friends if he was moving around a lot. Gai says that he always tried talking with many people even if they are complete strangers as some people found him annoying at times, but he still tried. He also says even if there is things that cant be changed there are many things that can be changed as if the boy tries hard he can change his tommorow.

After their talk we see Metal Alice from Goseiger sending a robot to destroy the temple because it has great powers (hint hint). Gai fights off the robot though and gets him away from the temple. He uses his finisher quickly, but its deflected as he uses ShinkenGold and King Ranger to fight him, but he cannot finish him off. Everyone else shows up though as Gai tells them that the robot was trying to destroy the temple. The five soon realize that they killed the wrong villians, but oh well they see no damage with it and use Timeranger to fight him off. They go all matrix at first as Gai didnt and gets hit with the robot's attacks. He gets back up though quickly and joins in with the fight. The team finish him off with Galleon Buster and Legend Dream as Alice makes him grow big. Gai requests that he fight alone this time as he summons Gozyu Drill. Gai uses all modes to fight him and he uses Kuro Kishi's key to perform the Razor Edge attack. After finishing the monster with Triple Dream team, Gai meets the mother as she apologizes to him. Everyone though soon groups up as they take a picture together with the temple in the background. The team get back to the present as they soon find out that they didnt get any new powers. Everyone gets ticked off as Gai tries to calm Marve down, but he cant do anything about that. Next we see the temple, but something is inside of it, it seems to be a jar, what could it be? In the end we see the drill making it back to the future where Domon finds a letter with the picture. At first he is mad that they talked to people in the past, but he soon sees that in the picture its Honami! As he also sees the son he could never see as he soon starts to cry in joy that his son is doing fine.

If you're a big Timeranger fan then this tribute episode probably made you very happy. I mean there are so good references to the series like Gai's speech about changing tommorow, him saying Time up at the end of the mecha fight, and seeing Honami at the end. Its kinda sad that Domon can never meet his son as he has to live in the future, but we know he is happy to know that is son is safe. The fights were good, but the fight with Shitari is from Goseiger vs Shinkenger. At least Gai's fight as good and how the team used Timeranger was very well done. I also want to talk about the jar in the temple as people are going crazy over this because Ninjaman could becoming back for the Kakuranger tribute. This would explain how he wasnt in the Legend War and why there wasnt a key for him, so get ready for the possibility for the Kakuranger tribute episode as we could see Ninjaman again! This episode though gets an A- as it uses some great themes from Timeranger and explaining how the Gokaigers were in the Goseiger vs Shinkenger team up.

He's coming!

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  1. In a sense, they also protected 2 other powers in this episode. Preventing the ambush saved the lives of the Shinkenger and the Goseiger, thereby allowing them to pass on their Grand Powers to the Gokaiger