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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 12 Review: Shining Stars

The episode starts off with a recap of episode 11 as Gen puts the fire out on the locker by using Fire States. Still its bad news for the gang as the gateway is now destroyed. Kengo is completely shocked and now he is alone on the moon. Gen who is pissed at Makise tries to fire at him, but he redirects the attack to his friends. He de-morphs and leaves saying that he doesnt want to see Yuuki no more and there are many other stars he sees as he walks away laughing. Now back to Kengo who is freaking out as he starts to trash the place. After the opening and seeing scenes from the movie and I noticed that Date's Birth belt is somewhat destroyed so I guess Twin Births wont get a good fight. Well we see Gentaro trying to get to the moon by the Power Dizer and his bike, but he cant reach it as he lands safely with the Parachute switch (what happens to the bike though). Kengo though calls him and still pissed off yells at Gen because he thinks he is just messing around. We also see that Kengo rips off the Kamen Rider Club falg from the wall and tosses it on the table, covering the foodroid. He continues to yell as he wants to get back to Earth, but they are out of options as Shun says. Tomoko though thinks something is odd as she walks away to investigate. Jake calls Gen as he talks about some gilrs vanishing and he knows what Mikase is  going to do next.

Yea he's mad

Back with Kengo and we see him thinking about what Gen said in the second episode and mostly says all he said is crap. He even talks about being afraid being alone like his father was. Jake shows Gen and Shun a board of other girls he has eyes on as Jake did try to call some of them as there was no response which was odd. He also finds his future diary and it shows that he is going to make his "stars" into "falling stars" as the picture shows the girls in a falling bus as he waves goodbye to them (yea.... he has issues). Yuuki tries to get to the chairman (I know I called him the principal last time, but I did watch a different type of subs, sorry though) as Oosugi says no, but Sonoda is fine with it as she lead her to him. She meets with the chairman, Gamou Mitsuaki who is happy to see a student like her in his school because she has read his book and proves it by quoting the book. She tries to ask him for help, but Miu comes in and says that she had a bet with a friend about going to space within a month as she drags Yuuki out. Gamou still likes the students in the school as he tells Sonoda he wants her to influence them some more. Sonoda says she will follow his agenda as he soon brings out is red eyes as she leaves. Next we see Gen fighting off the Scorpio zodiart as he doesnt have time for this as he uses Fire States and actually beats him up. With the finisher though the zodiart uses his cape to block the hit and runs away. Back with Miu as we see her telling Yuuki that the school cannot know about the Kamen Rider Club because they will be stopped to fight off the zodiarts. Yuuki though starts to cry though because Kengo could die alone in the Rabbit Hutch. After the touching scene Kengo tries to call Yuuki and Miu is suddenly walking away.

We see that Makise is uisng his powers to lure the girls onto the bus as it starts to move as Yuuki tries to see what is happening. Gen comes on his motorcycle and is told by Yuuki that the girls on the bus as he starts to follow. Makise make the girls scream for a while as he talks to them about rejecting him and as he de-morphs they start to say how gross he is (yea good move there that will help). Gen then transforms on his bike and begins his pursuit on the bus. Yuuki calls Kengo and he starts to yell because he thinks she was trying to leave him because she didnt respond last time. As Kengo starts to have issues and saying there is no point because he knows he is going to die alone. Yuuki responds with saying how everyone is worried about him including herself, but Gen is holding it in. The reason is because Gen knows he has to take down the zodiarts first as that is what Kengo wants the most. Back to Makise who soon sees Fourze and gets pissed off as he uses his switch as it goes into Last One. Gen gets him out of the bus though by using the Winch and Rocket switch (also he almost took one of the girl's head off) sadly though the bus wont stop moving because he is still moving it. Yuuki continues to talk about Gen and everyone else as they are trying hard to help Kengo with his dream.

We then see everyone else Jake is getting view of the fight with the foodroid, Tomoko looking back at the destroyed locker, and Shun saving the girls from their fall. Yuuki continues to tell Kengo that the Kamen Rider Club is serious as they are fighting hard as she finds it amazing. Kengo then talks about his father as he had to be alone in the Rabbit Hutch as he made Fourze there. He then gets his spirits back though as he helps Gen fight Makise. He tells him to use a form change and the new switch, as Gen goes into Elek States and using the Stealth switch. The new switch can make him go invisible for five seconds as he uses that to get Makise and slash off his rods as he is mostly powerless now. Gen finishes the zodiart off then with the the Elek Limit Break in the second slot. Makise soon wakes up in the bus as he tries to run away, but the girls got him trapped. Gen and Yuuki try to talk to Kengo, but he isnt in the Hutch for some reason. We then see Kengo putting the Kamen Rider Club flag on a pole and sticking it on the moon. He is showing his father what he is a part of and he has made new friends as he continues to freak out about wanting to go back to Earth. Somehow though Gen and the others are on the moon as it seems Oosugi switched the gateway locker with another one. Tomoko found this out because he sticker wasnt on it as she found it after Oosugi had his creepy time with it. Kengo soon accepts Gen's friendship and the Kamen Rider Club.

Well thats another long review for Fourze as this is a great episode. I really like how Kengo was acting he seemed mostly calm and only got mad at the club, but we see his true colors in this episode as he is afraid and freaks out. Now I bet some people will go "he was whinning too much" he is stuck on the moon alone how would you act? Yuuki also was good in this episode as she was trying hard to get Kengo back as she also had a good crying scene as we hear her while being hugged by Miu. Reminding me of Miu did helped Yuuki calm down and get showing her some realization as everyone else mostly helped in the end. The fights were better than the last episode as we see that Gen is already progressing well in his fights as he almost took down Scorpio. The villian is a complete creep which works great because its great to see him lose completely as his real punishment lies with the girls. Overall its another great episode for the series as Kengo joins the club now, an A. Next week the villian from the first episodes is coming back to school as we meet the principal of the school and he is.... Tachibana!

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