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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Off Topic: My Favorite Video Games Part 15: Tales of Symphonia

I actually have something a little special going on. The beginning of this month I have been apart of a website that is trying to get back on it's feet. The website is called Herotaku as it's a site for news, reviews, and etc.. about superheroes, gaming, anime, and many other things. For this special moment I decided to make my blog for Toku only as my off topic posts or any kind of special month event to Herotaku. It's a way to help out the website to get some more views and it's nice to still get these posts done. I promise that part sixteen of My Favorite Video Games will be the best Madworld bosses, I got sidetracked from that list and just forgot about it. Anyways, head onto to Herotaku to find the article I have written and make sure to look around the website for other articles as there are many other people working hard. Again my episode reviews are going to be on the weekdays, mostly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The exclusive Herotaku posts will be on the weekends if I have the time. The final thing to say is when I get more free time I will be doing exclusive episode reviews for Samurai Flamenco on Herotaku, so come and check out the amazing website. There is a contest going on right now for Super Megaforce so make sure to check that out as well.
( ( I thank you guys a whole lot for the ones who leave comments or the ones who simply read my articles. I may not be the most popular blogger right now, but I'm going to continue to review and who knows maybe when I get done with college and find a place of my own, I could try video reviewing and see how that works. Again just thank you for simply reading, even if you just pass by the site, a view is still a view and I couldn't thank you more for that.

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite games. I just played through it again, and I really mean just! My friends and I get together every once in a while, sit down in teams (usually three teams, but this last time was just two), and race through it in a single sitting. This is the sixth time we've done it, and the fifth time yielded our best time yet (15:01).

    Also, I love your text reviews! I actually found this site around the time you posted your first Gaim review because I was loving it so much and it was pretty much the only non-video review I could find (aside from one guy who just thought everything about Gaim was garbage except that the girls were attractive). Go for video reviews if you want, but you've got a great thing going here with text reviews!