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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Fire State Revealed

Well thanks to the showing of new figures of Fourze we finally see what the fire state will look like. First I really like this design people maybe mocking the original form, but people are liking the Elek State. So I have a feeling that the Fire State will get praise as well. For me it looks really great by the picture they really use the helmet well with this one and the red and silver go well together. There are also nice fire designs which make the suit look more dynamic. Now I do think people will think of Double's Heat Metal form when they see the Fire State because it has similar colors. This form will have a gun and it looks good by the pictures so far, I do like the sword equip, but the gun will easily be useful. I hear that it will fire water and even fire so the motif of this form is a fire fighter easily. So what other forms could there be? This should be switch number 20 so every 10 switch will be a form change it seems. I have a feeling that the rumored Ice switch will be the next form change, but I am hoping for a Fan switch because that can be a great wind form.I think the Ice form will have a leg equip and I am hoping a wind form will have that as well.

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