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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kamen Rider Megamax Update and Gokaiger vs Gavan Confirmed!

Yup the next rider movie is coming up soon and here we see the original seven riders. Also Nigo gets the black helmet like in the Stronger team up thank goodness we can tell Ichigo and Nigo apart more easily. By this picture Gen is acting like himself as he tries to talk to them, but Eiji is warning him for some reason. Another thing does Eiji remember what happened in the All Rider movie or will he forget because high chance they changed the times back to normal so will the original riders even remember him? Well Fourze's story is when the school is having a festival and Gen is writing about the urban legends, the Kamen Riders. A new group of villians appear called Dustard which is supposed to be mean star dust. Also a new rider appears as we know its Nadeshiko as she is called the female Fourze as she as a similar belt.

Dopants and Yummies, awsome!

OOO's story starts after the ending of the series as Eiji is being called to come back to Kougami. A meteorite crashes onto the Earth and a time disortion starts as we see the villian Miharu Minato as he has three core medals that he uses to become Poseidon. Also Miharu knows Kougami, so what is their connection and (SPOLIER ALERT!!!!!!!!) Ankh will somehow come back its probably because of the time disortion as everyone else will be back as well. Then we all know that somehow the stories will connect as the two main riders fight a villian. This time they will have the help of the seven riders and I'm still curious about the black man rumor and who could this villian be, I am still sticking with Titan on this because he is my favorite villian from Stronger.

Also the Gokaiger and Gavan team up as been confirmed as it will appear January 21st as it seems Gavan and Doggie are friends which does make sense because the space sheriffs did have other allies if I remember correctly. Now I know some fans will go why have a single hero team up with a team of five. Its been done before with Decade and Shinkenger and Saban did it with MMPR and Masked Rider (that one really sucked). I think both movies will be awsome though as Fourze is doing great right now as a series and the movie looks awsome, but I'm wondering when will Double join in and when is another Returns movie going to come out. Then seeing a Metal Hero again will be nice because it will be nice to see how they will use new graphics with Gavan.


  1. Can't wait to see the Kamen Rider film. =D

    Though I can't say I'm very thrilled to hear that Gokaiger vs Gavan is real.

  2. I want to see Megamax more, but the gavan team up can easily be awsome because Gokaiger has been doing good with tributes. Also a lot of toku today tributes the older series so this should be great like the others.

  3. I want Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, and Turboranger tributes!!! ;__;

  4. Yea I know and I bet they will happen and if not I will still love Gokaiger. Its hard to get some actors to come back because of agreements thats probably why they had Kenji Ohba play another role the same goes for Teruaki Ogawa.