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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Episode 20 Review: Origins Part 2

Yea this will be the shortest review yet because just like the last origin its just a copy and paste episode. The team train together with their kanji, but Mike couldnt get it at first. Mike is then asking Kevin why he trains all the time as they spar for a while. Mia comes in and says she cant find Emily as they look for her. Spike comes to town now as Bulk welcomes him and I did like their scenes in this episode, as Bulk asks about how Skull is doing and he remembers his past events with the power rangers. He says that he will train Spike to learn the way of the Samurai as he mentioned the Samurai Rangers. Does this mean he already knows about them its possible. Well the group find Emily and regroup and are sent to a fight as they do fight the MOTW. Emily accidently messes up though as the Mia, Kevin, Mike, and herself block the monsters special attack. Another difference comes up when Jayden fights the monster to protect the girl, it was done in Shinkenger, but Takeru didnt mention it he just went into the fight. Jayden mentioned about the girl as he jumps into battle. The team then finish the monster off with the spin swords as they go into Mega Mode. Kevin tries the megazord at first, but like Shinkenger he ust made the four of them pile on each other. Jayden gets the real thing formed as they kill the monster. So yea another pointless copy and paste episode and why didnt they show this first?! If an origin isnt shown for the first episodes when they are shown it mostly reveals a mystery, but this doesnt do anything! At least Bulk and Spike were good in this episode, but they cant save this episode, a D- The next time I do a review for this series is when they do something different, so dont expect a lot of reviews.


  1. Maybe it's just me but... I mean I don't implore you to like Samurai, your choice to dislike. But...

    I think it would merit if a Power Rangers review uses so minimal comparison with its Sentai counterpart. You may want to look at Linkara's History of Power Rangers, it was a very good and fair review with as little comparison to the Sentai counterpart as possible.

    Just a suggestion, though.

  2. Yea I do know about Linkara I always go to Even though I am comparing it to the sentai its only because this series is copying it. If it didnt do that as much I wouldnt talk about it that much, but Samurai doesnt try to do anything as it takes the script for itself. Even if I wasnt comparing this to Shinkenger the series still has bad acting, the puns get annoying, there is bad editing, and there is no point of having the origin come in late.