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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 8 Review: Personal Reward

Well this episode starts off with Gen and Shun falling down from the zodiart's attacks as Gen still fights him with the scissors switch. Scoprio comes in and gets in the way as he fled with the zodiart. Also it seems that the user doesnt care about his life as he wants to lose his humanity and Scorpio says the switch will go into Last One soon. Back at the school the two teachers try to help Satake, but he doesnt agree as he goes back to the class and punishes the students who left before. Gen, Yuki, and Kengo try to steamroll a soccer field I guess, but they cant even move it until Shun pushes it along. Gen tries to talk with Shun about why he is trying to interfer with the Kamen Rider Club. Meanwhile the Hound shows up again as Gen tries to fight him again, but he is starting to devleop as his defenses are much better. Also Scorpio shows up again, but the Power Dizer shows up and gets the two down, but they esacpe again. Gen thinks that its Kengo in the Dizer, but actually it was Miu. She thought she would last longer than Kengo because he is ill, but she barely could use it and she passes out. Miu is resting in the school infarmary as Shun sees that she is actually risking her life for this. Also his new girl friend comes and breaks up with him because of his talk with his father about cleaning up the trash, but along with trash.

The gang get back to the classroom again as they try to lie their way out, but Satake doesnt listen and leaves again (maybe you should watch them more often that could help). While Jake is looking for more info Gen puts on football gear and tries to talk to Shun. He finds out what a quaterback is and says it doesnt fit Shun as he never makes his own calls. At first it looks like Shun is going to fight Gen, but actually he lets it all out and cries. He talks about how he always wants to impress his father as he follows him because of that. His father tells him to be with Miu because she is the Queen, to play football because it is the most popular sport in the school, and every play during a game. Shun follows him because he wants to win and impress his father even though it is making him some issues with his team. One member tells him to make new plays as they are boring and Shun gets in a fight with him and that is why he is in the study hall. Also every time he sees the group having fun he thinks about how that his team should be like that, but as long he follows his father's orders people will hate him. Gen also lets things out as he starts to cry as well. We then find out why Yuki is in the study hall when she talks about opening up as it seems she was trying to put space books in the school library.

Satake comes back with the tests, but Jakes comes in and tells everyone about the identity of the Hound. He is actually a sophmore and is Satake's son and when he school he acts completely different than his thug like attitude. Satake knows about his own son acting like a bad boy and that is why he hated it very much. They confront the boy, but he uses the switch as it goes into Last One. Gen promises that he will get him back as he fights him outside. Before that though Shun runs into his father as Shun finally stands up for himself saying that he can be friends with anyone he wants, because his father hates trash. Gen goes into the Elek form, but Scorpio shows up for the third time as Kengo is going to use the Power Dizer. Shun though comes in and goes into the Dizer and fights along with Gentaro as he will fight for a personal reward because no one should know about this. Shun takes on Scorpio as Gen finishes the Hound with Elek Drill Kick. Scorpio escapes and Shun takes the Power Dizer and destroyes the statue his father made. Shun tries to hook up with Miu again, but for now she is letting him join the club. Gentaro also passes the test with a 50%. Kengo though still doesnt want this to be called a club though.

Well thats episode 8 and its a really great episode. Shun is a really great character as he finally breaks out of his shell and tells the group about his problems. He was just a boy who wants to impress his father and I understand because I used to be like that. The fights were great as we finally see a much better use of the Power Dizer with Shun. Miu is just getting better as well as she risks her life for the club. Satake and his son were good because its similar to Shun's problems as Satake's son wanted to be free and wanted to do want he wants to do. There wasnt as much comedy in this one, but the moments that were comedy were funny. Overall a strong episode with Shun and I cant wait to see him fight some more with Power Dizer an A. Next week its time for the Fire State form!


  1. This was a great episode. So much drama happening in it. So fun to watch. =D

    Miu fighting was a crowning moment of badass! =D

    I loved how Shun turned out. ^__^

  2. Yea the show is doing a lot beter than I and what a lot of people thought. The series is already fleshing out characters and like recent rider series there is going to be good writing as they continue with the plot.