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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 35 Review: Go-On!

Its time for the Go-onger's tribute episode as we open with Bomper dropping from the sky into the ship. There she talks about how she worked with the Go-ongers she also wants them to take her to meet someone. There we see Sosuke as he does his pose from the show and we see his shadow picture which is probably the best because he is doing his pose. Gai goes fan crazy as he says he is Gokai Silver, Bomper didnt even know that they were the Gokaigers, but either way before Sosuke tells the team about Go-onger's great powers Bomper tells him about Gairac in the Gunman World. Sosuke tries to get the Gokaigers to help, but they refuse because it doesnt benefit them. We also find out that Speedor, Buson, and Bear RV lost to the Gairac as they went back into their small forms. Sosuke tries to get their on his own, but nothing works as the team have a change of heart after seeing him try again and again, saying that seeing a different dimension will be nice.

In the Gunman world we already see Gairac troops attacking people as Sosuke jumps in, but when he is heavily out numbered the team go in and fight again Marve says that they just tick them off. After Gai and Sosuke leave with the citizens the team use Battle Fever and Changeman's powers to finish off the troops. After the fight Sosuke find the three engines as they all regroup at a restaurant where we find somethings out. First we find out that Speedor and Bear RV got married and not only that they have a son! Their son is named MachFalcon and sadly he wouldnt help in the battle as he mostly acts like a bad boy. Soon the Gairac offical comes in and challenges them to a duel or all the people will be killed. Marve takes his offer as his meal has been ruined and before the duel Marve tells Sosuke that he is an idiot because he is fighting for an alien world. Sosuke though brings up that they are also fighting for this world and even Earth.

The duel starts as Sosuke will filp a coin and when it falls to the ground they will shoot. The coin goes into the air, but the MOTW cheats and fires before it falls. Marve though still follows the rules as he waits and shoots the bullet down. The monster is pissed off as he tries to get him with his troops, but they were shot down by the others. The team fight him and use Dekaranger's powers and finish him with Gokai Legend Dream and the Galleon Buster. The monster though still stands as he uses Industrial Revolution to grow big. During the mecha fight the group tried to use Go-onger's great power, but nothing happens as they just use Hurricanger's again. The monster is killed as the group are going to leave soon, but Sosuke tries to tell them about the Go-onger's powers, but he is interrupted by a Gairac leader who had trapped them in the Gunman world.

Well that's episode 35 and its a good episode. It did feel rushed at times, but seeing Sosuke is nice as he is funny as ever. The team acted like the anti-heroes they are as they mostly fight for their own reasons. The monster was ok, but he looked a little odd. He did remind me though of Chirakasonne though with his star eye. The fights were good nothing too special expect for when they use Battle Fever because I think its the first time they used in the series. The mecha fight was quick which is ok, but now I dont want to see Hurricane Gokai-oh anymore for a while. Also I liked the comedy this episode had because it reminded me of Go-onger and why I loved it so this episode gets an A-. Next week MachFalcon will join the team as they use Go-onger's great power!


  1. Hmm.... was that 'try to jump' scene common in Go-onger original? It may be silly, but I had a good laugh at it...

  2. I dont think so, but it easily shows how the team tried to overcome obstacles with anything possible. Oh yea heads up I will probably do a Go-onger reivew soon. It was the first sentai series I watched so its going to be my first sentai review on the site.

  3. Neat episode. I don't think it's one of the better ones, but it was still enjoyable. I think Marvelous had some pretty good development. As for the Sousuke jumping scene, I didn't find that very funny.

    Hey Godzilla, just curious, but would you like to online chat with us someday? =)

  4. An online chat, sure where exactly?

  5. Well, I got ichat, Yahoo Messenger, and Facebook if any of those help. ^__^

  6. Alright cool. Lemme know if you need my yahoo username. Or if you wanna give me your username and I just find you. Whichever works. ;)