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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Guess my 100th joke wasnt funny to some people. I just making a joke that Fantasy Leader always said that he didnt like Goseiknight everytime I mention him. I hate that I cant comment, so please Fantasy I was only joking I am very sorry. I know it was a risky joke, but I went for it anyways, still IM VERY SORRY, please forgive me.


  1. I can finally post on here! Huzzah! ^__^

    Hey, it's not a problem man. =) I kinda guessed that it was a joke, but it's good to have a confirmation. I do think it's funny now that I do know for sure that it's a joke. lol. Don't let it get you down dude. ;)

    Just a tip, you might want to try using smilies or something like that to express sarcasm or a joking behavior. ;)

    Still can't comment? Aww. =( Maybe you can try researching what's wrong (if you haven't yet)?

  2. I can, but only with this comp I think its internet explorer's fault because everytime I'm on firefox it works, but not with IE

  3. Then you might wanna use Firefox when it comes to blogging. Might be a pain in the butt for you, but I can't come up with anything else, other than googling the problem. xD

  4. Test #1 If it works now I'm going to be ticked off

  5. It worked, well I dont need to do anything now I guess it fixed itself, I wonder how long it got fixed though?