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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Power Rangers Ultra Megaforce A Video Game Motif?

Now there are rumors around that the Goseiger adaption will not have the angel motif because for some reason it cant be done. If it is really because of religious beliefs, bullcrap who cares the show is fiction its not going to say to follow anything or something like that. Well it seems it could follow a video game motif and with the word Mega the first thing that pops into my head is Megaranger. I heard from PR Sentai Universe that this adaption could be using the Megaranger script. Really Saban, so you are changing this adaption, but still ripping something off! This angers me a lot and now this could be even worse than Goseiger. I dont hate Megaranger its a good series of what I saw so far, but think about this. They are using an older script and the team are high school students. People still say that MMPR did this with Turboranger because of some character similarites. I havent seen Turboranger so I wouldnt really know. Anyways how will this even work I guess Saban will be using a lot of their own footage this time which could be nice if done right. How will other things be handeled though will each set of villians be treated as a level or something like that. Actually that sort of sounds interesting each set of villians can be like a new level as the team get new powers to fight the harder villians. Saban could use that idea, but who knows by the way Samurai is going with only like 2 episodes I actually really like so far this could be really bad. Lets just hope this series wont be just for MMPR nostaliga because we know how that is going for Samurai right now.

Same color scheme as well


  1. Can't really say I'm all that excited. I mean, yeah, the show hasn't started yet. But rumors like this, along with a very uncreative title... one should not expect me to be excited over it. lol.

    People think MMPR copied Turboranger's scripts? I really don't see that. LOL.

  2. Yea it seemed a little odd to me, but the overall plot seems similar. Now the villian who in both zyuranger and mmpr was sealed away. In MMPR though it is magic and technology to make the powers like Turboranger did. Also turbo pink and mmpr pink were both named kimberly. There were other things I heard that Haim Saban tried to adapt Turboranger first.

  3. Actually, you're thinking of Bioman. xD The English dub of Bioman changed Hikaru's (Pink Five) name into Kimberly.

    And no, Saban never attempted to adapt Turboranger. He did attempt Bioman however.

  4. Oh whoops you're right I got the two mixed up somehow.