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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Blue Sentai Warriors

First I need to say I made an error with my top ten red list, for some reason I forgot Marvelous I even had him in my mind during that list, he was going to be number six, but for some reason Geki from Zyuranger popped in my head. So Marvelous is actually my number six and no this doesnt push the others down its just a replacement. Well when there are red warriors there is a blue warrior was well as every sentai had a blue on their team, so let the list begin.

10. Renn Kousaka (Go-on Blue)
Renn was a fun character he was the most mature on the team before Hiroto and Miu came in becuase he was like a mother figure. He always did cooking and many other chores like that the series even show how he becomes like this which was very strong and a personal favorite episode of mine. Renn is overall a nice guy with a big brain as he invents new ways to fight the villians.

9. Akira (Blue Mask)
He is an good humor character and is a tough one as well even with him being shorter than the others. The series plays with his height a lot if it is for humor or to show how hard he will fight. Akira is actually really tough as he trains very hard to overcome his height disadvantage, sure he does wear some odd clothing for time to time, but it was the 80's.

8. Shun Namiki (Megablue)
Shun is the first smart blue ranger I think, I also think MMPR influenced his character a little. Well unlike Billy he is a social hermit who wants to be a graphic artist he is also a chick magnet as it is seen in the 2nd version of the Megaranger opening. Shun also had a love episode which was good, but it did do good devleoping him.

7. Gouki (Gingablue)
I always hear that this guy is a fan favorite of the Gingaman series and I can see why he is a comic character as well shy, but is the oldest and very strong. Gouki at first was annoying I will say that, but he devleops very nicely as he gets some good serious and funny episodes. I also really liked seeing him in the Gaoranger movie.

6. Ayase (Timeblue)
This is a great character who devleoped very well in the first set of episodes he at first wasnt that great with orders because of him being in a different time. Also he has issues of his own that puts him down even more. Tatsyua helps him though as he follows a new way of just being able to change tommorow which gets him up to fight. His past live in the future is shown in some episodes with him meeting an old racing friend and an episode where we find out whats wrong with him he is an interesting character who looks like he didnt care, but soon changed his ways.

5. Shouta Mogami (Bouken Blue)
Shouta is both a comic character, a genius, and a pervert at times. He knows how to work with computers greatly as he always looks up for information and can hack systems. His comedic side comes when he is a pervert the best moment is when he is being interrogated by the Questers and try to see what is in his mind every time it was a different girl (I cannot forget the one with Sakura and Natsumi that would be stuck in my head for sure). So he is a playboy like character, but has a good heart as his intelligence helps the team greatly.

4. Ako Hayasake (Blue Swallow)
I think she is an underrated character because a lot of times she doesnt get all the focus, but the episode she is the focus are very strong. Ako is a greedy teenage girl who at first fought with the team for money, but she soon changes her mind which was nice. She wanted to fight for justice like a warrior would, but she also goes through some hard times. There was the episodes where Jet Garuda was introduced where she met a dimensional being Dan who tried to win her over, but thigns dont go good for either of them. There was also the ramen episode that Jetman fans remember a lot because it was weird, but very funny and it was nice to see that brand of ramen in the Jetman episode of Gokaiger.
3. Joe Gibken (Gokai Blue)
Gokaiger is doing tons of great things and heads up every member of Gokaiger will be on upcoming lists (exepct for Gai he was close though). Well Joe is a great sword fighter as the first focus episode he had shown him fight with five swords badass! If you have been watching Gokaiger you know about his past of being with the Zangyack and his friend Sid. That character pushes him along to fight even harder ever since the Shinkenger episode and the Liveman episode did great with that as well. Overall Joe is a very skilled fighter who will save his friend Sid no matter what even if it is him or just his soul.

2. Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue)
First she is my favorite female character in Super Sentai she is just a fun character. She is the water ninja and she always had a dream of being a singer. She is the only female member as the series does use that, but she still fights as hard as the others. She always wanted to bond with other girls because being the only female around can get trying. She is also one of my favorite comedic characters as she as great moments. Another great thing about her she can actually sing no really she does have a singing career and I like that she is actually an idol in the Boukenger team up movie.

1. Hoji Tomasu (DekaBlue)
Easily one of the most skilled sentai warriors he is a great shot and a strong fighter who never will give up a fight. Hoji is a hard worker who will do what is right in the name of the law even if it hurts him. Hoji's episodes are fing awsome as three really do great with him. The first one where he has to fight an old friend and their quick draw scene was great as it build up suspense perfectly. The second episode where he has to fight in an illegal match to get closer to the owner where he beats an Alienizer out of suit! The third episode is where he has to fight a really close friend as he is the brother of someone he loves this is my favorite episode of Dekaranger as it really plays the cop theme perfectly and is really sad. Hoji is a great police officer who has great skill and a calm mind. Thats my list and remember always leave your opinions I am not trying to stop anyone from doing that (referencing to the mix up with the 100th post)


  1. Totally agree with Hoji being #1. He completely rocks. *mimics his self-pointing and Engrish* Super Cool. Perfect.

    Nanami has a lot of potentials. I've been seeing her a lot in 'fave' lists, and I'm currently watching Hurricanger to be the judge of it whether she really is worth the fans she got. Thus far... yeah, she's doing good. However, I do admit that I like her better with long hair as in Boukenger vs SS or Gokaiger.

    Joe really claws his way up with such speed that he's amongst one of the favorite Sentai blues ever.

    Other 'yays' I find here includes Ako and Akira.

    MAN! I should try to make mine! But I think it would be best till I wait till I finish more Hurricanger so my judgment of Nanami is more sound.

  2. Yea when Hoji got his that first episode I saw I knew he was going to be a total badass and I was right. The SPD blue cannot compare to Hoji at all. Oh I cant for your lists as well, good luck!

  3. Renn was alright. I thought he was one of the weaker characters on Go-Onger, and I thought his catch phrase (Zubari) got annoying and repetetive. He did have his moments though.

    Ayase is really cool. It's hard not to feel for someone who's fighting on despite dying from an incurable disease.

    Shouta was so-so. IMO he's the weakest character on Boukenger. Unlike the other five Boukengers there's nothing that really stands out about him.

    Ako is a fun character. She's more lively and energetic, and I think balances the other really serious characters in Jetman.

    Joe is awesome. By far my favorite character on Gokaiger and already my favorite blue. I like his stoic and cool demeanor, his backstory, and how he does things his own way.

    Nanami is great as well. Like Ako, I think she's a fun character and I like her singing. What I like about her singing is that she can actually sing. That said, I think she gets overrated too much by fanboys because of her looks. Her actress is one of my favorite Sentai actresses but as a character, I think she's no more than the third best on Hurricanger. But that's also because I love Hurricanger.

    Hoji actually took me some time to warm up to. I found him an annoying jackass for the first 10 episodes, and his "professionalism" was over the top. But once I got use to the character I warmed up to him quite a bit, especially as the tragic aspects of his character are revealed and we learn more about him. He's a really well developed character.

    Personally, there's not a lot of Blues I like. I find in many Sentais that the blue ranger is the weak link, or pretty close to it. However, I do think Ryuunosuke deserves a spot. He's a hammy character but a funny one. I also liked his loyalty and dedication to fulfill his duty as a Samurai, and it was touching how he had to put his dream on hold to fulfill it.

  4. Awesome list man. =)

    I kinda found Renn to be rather forgettable compared to the other Go-ongers tbh. =(

    Awesome! Akira! =D

    Well, there's Megumi (Blue Dolphin) from Liveman, who was a smart one. But yeah, Shun was many years after Liveman, lol.

    Gouki! ^__^

    Ayase had a neat story. =)

    Hehe. Shouta.

    I think Ako does pretty well. Much more than fans seem to give her credit for. Unlike the other four Jetman, Ako is the least serious out of them all, which definitely helps keep the show from getting too serious (despite already being very serious. lol). I just like how she brings a positive energy to the team and helps bring the team closer together thanks to her attitude. Sure, the story follows Ryu, Gai, and Kaori, but I stand by the fact that Ako's presence was just as important as the other three.

    Whoa, Joe already made #3 for you. LOL. Nice, Joe is awesome so far. ^__^ Did you know that Battle France from Battle Fever J fought with five swords in one episode? I think Joe might've been paying homage to him, lol.

    I think Nanami is okay. But I found her kinda grating in the earlier eps of Hurricaneger. For me, she didn't get better until the second half when the actress improved. In the second half, I liked her ep with Furabijo. I do like the actress a lot, and I think she should appear in more shows. But I think since Nanami was like her first role, it took a while to get good at imo.

    Hoji is pretty cool. =)

    For me, I think my favorite 2000s Blue Warrior would have to be Yukito Sanjou (Abare Blue). IMO, he did the whole "jerk with a heart of gold" blue warrior better than all the others. And I mostly owe this to Yukito's actor. He did a really good job! I like Hoji too, but for me, the actor to Hoji was less experienced compared to Yukito's.

    I should probably make a list like this too.

  5. Yea Abareblue was close to being on the list, but I just liked more people. For me Hoji being the jerk with the heart of gold works better because he is a police officer. Also I liked Renn I dont think he really lost any shine he was always the motherly figure in the series and episode 25 was his best episode imo.

  6. Hey! Maybe you should try checking my blog, I made a top 10 Blue!