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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Episode 19 Review: The Origin Part One

I need to say this I dont think I can do reviews like this because of the copy and pasting the series does in every episode. The only time I will do another episode review for Samurai is when there is a good episode or an episode that does a big change. I will do the origins though, but they will be short. Well the episode starts with a narrative like Shinkenger as Moogers attack a child and Jayden comes in to stop them, just like Shinkenger... Well at least Jayden is different from Takeru, at first Jayden doesnt think he is ready to be a leader unlike Takeru because he wanted to fight alone. Soon we meet the other teammates and the only thing that changed is with Kevin and swimming because Kabuki isnt really respected in America. The team are summoned by the arrows that I think teleport for some reason... weird. Well they fight the monster and they fight the giant form with the zords separatly. In the end the team do their Samurai Forever thing and that ends this episode. So thats the first origin episode, WHY ARE THEY SHOWING THIS NOW! Its something different, but there is no point for this, we already know that the powers were passed down so we already know how they were picked. No Bulk and Spike I think there is a chance I missed it though. Also the dubbing here is probably the worst as we see the fight scene from the preview footage and wow it is bad. Mooger Salad, yea thats supposed to be a joke. This is where the no stab is really bad because they edit around and it looks sooooooooooooooo choppy! The mega mode fight is just cut and copy proving they are just only for toy sales. I really hate this episode because there is barely anything different, its completely pointless, and the dubbing makes me want to hurt someone! The worst part is it really feels like the first episode meaning they skipped it for some reason because Jayden is wooden like he was before, at least Mike is still good. This episode wouldnt be as bad if they shown this episode first, but it still would have been crap. So with that this episode gets an F+ and I bet part two could get a similar grade if its like this episode. I forgot what ticks me off more is there is no proof of what happened to some of the past rangers they just say they were defeated. I know they werent killed because for some reason this show wont show death, but you know whats really odd Nick has Avatar the Last Airbender and that was a serious show for kids that did show death so why cant this series? I say blame Saban!


  1. Yep, I knew this would happen again, eventually...

  2. Samurai is a complete mess. The whole concept just contradicts itself so many times. Like yeah, I agree with what you said on the past rangers being defeated and how nothing is properly explained of it (which is important! This is why the current rangers exist in the first place!). That's a prime example of how terrible Samurai's concepts are.

    Avatar FTW!!! =D

  3. Yea its mostly because America cannot use the concept of samurai. Shinkenger did it a lot better because they are in Japan and it fits better there. Also Shinkenger had better actors which made it better and the comedy is good its nost corny puns! The only thing Samurai got right was Dayu's and Decker's past thats it.