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Monday, October 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 34 Review: Past Bonds

Well this episode starts off with Luka shopping with Don and he is carrying all the bags like usual. They encounter the Zangyack though as a battle is going to start. A man though walks in and bribes the soliders to flee and they did. Luka soon finds out who this man is he is a friend of hers and his name is Cain. The group talk about this mysterious character as Gai is talking about any possibilty as Don finds this guy odd. Luka walks with Cain inside of an old building where he shows here another Cain who is tied up in chains. She finds out that the monster of the week only copied his appearance as he knocks out Luka, copies her, and ties her up with Cain. The fake Luka gets to the ship as the team is already suspicious about her as she asks odd questions. Things look alright though as the group start to eat dinner. Back with Cain he wakes up Luka as the two talk about how he is actually a rich man now as he was poor along with Luka and a couple of kids back on their planet. Luka is mad about how they are leaving so many childern homeless as her dream is to find or buy a safe place for them. Those words have touched Cain deeply as he looked for any way of getting money which works because he has over a trillion in yen (DAMN!).

Kirihiko! Oh wait wrong series

At night the fake Luka is setting bombs all over the place as he leaves the ship and blows it up. Back with Luka and Cain he is trying to get Luka to come back with him because her being a pirate seems dumb. Luka tells him though how he met Marvelous and Joe and how they wanted to get the greatest treasure in the universe. Luka trusts them and if she gets that treasure she can easily make her dreams come true. The monster returns as he is going to kill Luka, but Cain tries to protect her as the rest of the crew show up. The monster is completely confused of how they are alive and Gai explains that they found out they knew he was a fake at dinner when he was eatting all the broccoli and when Ahim feed her. The team then found all the bombs and disarmed them, but they used Furai Maru to make an illusion to make him see an explosion. The team get Luka and Cain free as the fight begins and a new song that kicks ass. The monster though starts to copy Luka during battle, but that doesnt work as he goes for Gai this time. The team are trying to see who is the real one as they do a group change with Megaranger, but the monster doesnt have a key so he didnt transform into MegaSilver and was blasted. The team finish him off with the Galleon Buster as they fight him in the mechas.

In the mecha fight the monster hides as a building as it seems like its working pretty well as he got three hits on them because of it. Sadly though that plans fails soon because the scanners on the mechas shows his internal heat giving him away. The team finish him off with Triple Drill Dream and Hurricane Gokai-oh's Shuriken Chain. After the fight Luka gets back with Cain alone as he sees that Luka is fine here as her team makes her smile even more. Still the two keep their promise to make their dreams come true to help the kids in need as he leaves. So thats episode 34 and its a good filler episode with showing Luka's good side the most. Another episode was the GoGoV episode where we see that she lost her sister which was still very good, but this episode shows her true reasoning much better. I know her sister's death easily pushed that more as she went for money by trying to steal it from the zangyack. This episode shows why she joined the team though so that she can help the whole universe with the greatest treasure. Cain was an interesting character a rich man who hasnt been spoiled by all the money he has because of Luka's dream and words. The ending of this episode also shows a great bond with these two and I bet when every thing is over Luka will probably go back to Cain to help him. The fight was good nothing all that special, but that song was really good and this could mean other characters could have their own songs. Also I liked how the team use Furai Maru outside of a fight it shows that they really do have the powers of the past team. With an episode that was really strong with the writing and Luka's past I give it a B. Another good thing is that the actor Yuki Kimisawa could appear in moke toku as he was in Den-o, Double, and now Gokaiger. I really hope that is true because he is a good actor and his role of Kirihiko from Double really made him a fan favorite.

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