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Monday, October 17, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 7 Review: I'm The King

This episode starts off with another recap as we see a party is being thrown for the football club for their victory as Shun is being seen as the star. Miu is not around though as she is with the Kamen Rider Club trying new switches. Shun calls and hears all the sounds in the background as the Spike switch goes out of control and the same goes for the Smoke switch. Shun's father talks to him though about his issues with Miu and the Kamen Rider Club. His father says that he is king and should do what he want because that is what a star is. After the switch chaos Miu wants the club to meet next Sunday, but Gen, Yuki, and Kengo can't join because of a sunday study hall. Jake freaks out because the sunday study hall is known as the study hell! The group get to the classroom where they see Tomoko saying "Welcome to the gates of hell" it ends up she was just listening to music on her ipad though as Shun shows up. Gen tries to act friendly with him, but that doesnt work at all as the teacher shows up. He is mostly used when students are not doing that good and could be out of control, he mostly picks on Gen for being a bad boy (every time he said that I laughed). Miu and Jake are the only ones in the Rabbit Hutch as a zodiart has shown up in the city.

The gang have to continue to write reflection for 1000 times, but Gen has to do it with a calligraphy brush as the teacher said his bad boy has shown up again and now its 2000 times. He leaves for a while though as Gentaro tries to act friendly again with Shun, but he just ignores him. Yuki asks Tomoko why she is in the sunday study hall, mostly she had to delete the school data because of one picture of her wasnt perfect enough. Gentaro keeps trying to talk with Shun as he wants to know why he is around as well, but he gets up and throws his work away as Gen draws a moustache on his face. Miu and Jake find the zodiart and Miu tries to yell at him to stop doing this (points for effort) as the monster starts to chase them. Kengo gets a call from Miu as Gen tries to leave, but he is tackled by Shun, but Kengo gets out. Kengo comes with the Power Dizer and tries to fight off the zodiart, but his body cannot keep this up as he is defeated by the zodiart and then he goes away. Kengo gets back to the study hall, but the teacher finds out and Shun forgot about his moustache. Shun brings up that to leave they must get at least a 50% on a test. Shun then makes a new idea that anyone that doesnt get 50 or higher should keep coming. The teacher is completely fine with that as he leaves again, but leaves Gen with another challenge as he has to read a book while being upside down. Yuki helps him out as Kengo talks down at Shun about how he is acting like a dictator because of his father's words. Jake finds out who the guy is and tries to look him up more as he runs into him and is chased down.

Kengo gets a call from Jake as Gen dodges Shun's tackle this time and leaves, but Shun got Kengo this time. Gen transforms with different switches in the belt for this first time as he fights the zodiart with the new switches. Smoke is mostly used for distraction purposes, Spike is a close range left leg weapon that will stab monsters with spikes of course. Also a switch for the left switch called Winch as its a wire crane that can catch monsters and hurl Fourze at them. He uses the Elek switch and tries to finish the zodiart off, but Shun gets in the way and hits the switch turning it off with a football (good toss). Shun keeps talking about how he is the king of the school and he will get rid of anything he doesnt approve. Gen doesnt pay much attention though as he tries to chase down the monster with the Rocket switch, but Shun gets onto him as he goes up with him. The zodiart then attacks Gen as Shun is in the crossfire. So thats episode 7 and again the characters are really doing better than I thought. Miu is really acting like the president of the club and it seems she is having more courage. Jake is being very useful with all of his sources reminds me of Double when Shotaro gets his info. I like the fact that Shun is thinking of himself as a king mostly because of his father because he only wants good things from Shun. The fight was nice as the new switches were very nice out of the three I like Spike the most it easily did the most damage, but Winch is a nice stragey weapon. Also the humor was good mostly with the teachers like the bad boy thing and in the beginning one of the teachers is reminded of his high school life as he only had one girl talk to him in school (welcome to the lonely club my friend). Well with that this episode gets a B+ because the fight wasnt as big as other ones, but really good writing and character plot for Shun.

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