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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Thoughts On Kamen Rider Fourze So Far (Update)

With the new year coming and the character of Ryuusei is coming next week in Fourze. I think it will be good to say my thoughts on the series so far as secondary riders mostly bring a lot of change to a series in story. First is the main rider himself, now there are a lot of people that hate his design. All that hate is only for his head because of how big it is, but overall he is a good looking rider. There are much worse designs in the 2000's like Den-o for example the only great design on Den-o was Wing Form and Linear Form IMO. The only issue I have with Fourze is his belt as it is really bulky compared to other riders recently. For me I like the overall design as it shows a great space motif and a nice reference to a past toku hero. The Astro Switches are very great powers to have as they use a common theme in Toku right now, but it doesn't have countless of forms that Double and OOO had. The switches also bring some really great creativity like the recent Pen switch and each can be used differently with other switches so fights can stay fresh. Sadly though that isn't happening as much and I'm hoping that more switches will have a limit break other than Rocket and Drill. Then there is the character Gentaro who is a good right now. He is hyper and doesn't look like the smartest guy around, but he is a good person who knows more than you think. Gentaro has proven his strengths with the switches adapting to him and how he helps other people.
Overall a B+ for the main character, an okay design with a good personality.
Next is the other cast of characters the Kamen Rider Club! At first I was expecting some cliche character traits from these characters, but they only shown that in the first episodes they were in. The arcs they had were very good as they developed each character perfectly showing their weaknesses. Miu was getting too much popularity and that was corrupting her mind, but she sees inspires herself and she wants people to do the same. She thought that people were only trying to get some light off of her. Jake was a man who didn't really believe in friendship as he saw people for playing certain tasks if it is information or to shield him. This of course bites him back when someone with a grudge attacks him with the powers of the Zodiarts. Jake was seeing that no one would actually help him when a true crisis occurs and thanks to Gen he shown him that friendship is more powerful than he thought. Shun was a boy who only wanted to impress his father, but his father's expectations were very high. This pushed Shun a lot and a lot of his actions are done by his father mostly. Shun wanted to do what he wanted and when he joins the club he can finally get a reward that he wants, it will not be known to many, but it will be very important to him. Tomoko was a goth who felt like she didn't fit in anywhere and she wanted to change. When the opportunity came she took it even with a risk, but again Gentaro helps her to get through it by saying that she is fine the way she is. Yuuki who became a member when the club was first made is a very hyper girl who loves space. She is a funny character, but also helps the team out a lot with encouragement. Its too bad the recent episodes she had to stick with the Glee club. Lastly there is Kengo who starts out like an ass and he saw no purpose in the club. He thought everyone was just messing around, but in reality they were fighting to help accomplish his dreams. Overall the supporting cast is the best thing so far and could be in the same level as Kiva in that category. Each character has big differences and help out in their own ways.
A+ for the supporting cast!
Next are the villains and for right now we don't know much about the Horoscopes as they were just mentioned recently in the series. So far we just see how the powers of their switches work out as each person pushes their limits for their desires. The Zodiarts so far are very good monsters as their designs are great again that could challenge Kiva in design. Each monster has a motif on a constellation and are original for the franchise. Each monster get their own arcs as well and we see their issues. The students in the school have been getting switches from the Horoscopes as they want to find new members. Each students have issues and its their emotions that push those powers. Recently we say the character Motoyama going past the Last One and it shows that the powers of the Zodiarts increase greatly. For the main villains all we know that their leader is the reason all of this is happening as he trapped Kengo's father on the moon. The Horoscopes are teachers so far and I would think that the four that are around are all teachers. If new ones do appear they will probably be students unless the two we haven't seen yet have different ways of doing things. Overall the villains are good as they keep a good mystery and have great designs.
B- for villains
Now I'm going to talk about the overall show and how it feels. Main character is really solid right now as I love his attitude and how pumped he can be. The supporting cast is a lot of fun as they have a lot of interaction. For right now I like Tomoko the most she is a great character who just wanted to change at first and a lot of people can relate to that. She is also a funny character as her attitude is much different than everyone and can act all spooky at times. This also affects her point of interest and she could like the most unusual things. Zodiarts are very fun villains and so far I liked the most recent one because of his desire turning into self greed and the look of the suit and powers were great. The last thing to talk about is the comedy in the show along with the writing and acting. They both work very well as the comedy is very straight forward at times and it doesn't go to the lowest parts of comedy. There are good jokes like with Gentaro saying he was like medicine and people need a dose of him. There are some little dumb moments, but remember its still a kids show, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't put it down because of that. The writing then works greatly as I said about the comedy before as there are great jokes. Along with that, the dialogue is also very good and I wouldn't expect less with a great writer. Everyone has good lines and it doesn't feel choppy at all and sometimes reminds me of my school life at times. With good writing though there has to be good acting to boost it up and this is why I prefer the Japanese toku series because they actually get some great actors for the shows and this show is no exception. Each actor plays their characters greatly as they play off their moods very well. Again this is why Tomoko is a favorite of mine because when she acts spooky at times and her acting gives off that vibe perfectly. Overall the show is doing great right now with strong characters, comedy and writing. There is actually one part I forgot and should talk about and this affects any show greatly. The action so far its going good, but even with many switches some are not being used at all. Like I said before Rocket and Drill are being used too much and I would like to see different Limit Breaks. So far there was the Fire combo with Luancher and Gatling, but that's mostly it. Fourze is shockingly not keep all the fights as fresh I thought it would be.
Its a great show so far, a B+


  1. Nice post dude.

    For me, Fourze has come off as rather average. I liked the first 10 eps best when Gen was gathering the main cast together. They were fun. But the last 6 eps have been rather bleh imo. It feels like the story is STILL starting up. Which honestly, I'm starting to get pretty tired of. It's not as engaging as Agito or W. With W, we already had the whole Sonozaki thing going on. Fourze doesn't seem to have much plot going on for itself. Also, I find the 2 ep arc story structure not nearly as fun to watch compared to W. W had these mysteries set up for itself, which made them fun. Fourze just feels a bit too predictable.

    The cast has been great so far. The only ones I don't care much for are Kengo and Yuuki. I feel like they're pretty cliche as far as Rider characters go. I hope the supporting cast can have more spotlight and character development. They haven't really had any in the last 6 eps. I like Gen. But his need for so many friends kinda gets a little creepy imo. The only time I don't like Gen is when he starts crying or when he gets scared (which is way too often). Kinda hurts the mood imo.

    The designs are not very good imo. The switches concept comes off as rather unimaginative to me. Luckily, the show is much better than the designs. I also personally think the big focus on the school setting kinda limits it's stories. Especially compared to Turboranger and Megaranger. As for fight scenes, well, I don't find them very creative. They don't feel very action-packed and they feel rather choppy at times. Especially compared to the fight scenes from Kuuga.

    Overall, Fourze isn't a bad show. But it's far from being great imo.

  2. Well I'm just liking it a little more because I am just having fun with it. The fights are good imo and I love the switches they are very useful powers. I'm liking the designs for the monsters they all have a motif which is nice to see. Sure the main hero doesn't look the best, but the monsters and Meteor look great. Overall I'm really happy about the series right now its better than I expected to be. Maybe that's a reason why I am loving it a little more. With fun characters though and some smart writing its a good series right now. For me the story is kinda hidden, but we are still in the beginning of the show mostly as the secondary riders will start a plot point.